Monday, March 1, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Hello Everyone!  I hope this finds you all doing
ok!  I am late posting this "Meet a Bear Monday"
post since I was gone this afternoon and tonight I
had a bad headache, that is just now letting up.....Well,
tonight's bear is not a Boyd's bear, it is a Steiff bear.
If you know anything about how the bear came to be,
it was named "Teddy Bear" because Teddy Roosevelt
was out bear hunting and when he came up on one, he
didn't shoot it, so the papers called it, "Teddy's Bear"...
(This is how I heard the story, anyway)
Steiff is a German company that started  in 1880  and
in 1902,  they started making teddy bears, which they are
still doing today, plus all kinds of other animals.

I bought this one in an antique mall in Texas several
years ago, all the owner of the shop could tell me about
 it was, that she was told that it was from the 1970's...

Steiff is known for the tag in the ear,  which this one
has....I believe he is made of mohair....I just checked
on the back of the tag, it says he is made of cotton &
wool......I would love togo to an "Antiques Roadshow"
to see what he is worth. I know he won't be worth what
the old ones are worth, but I would still like to find out....
Do any of you bear collectors out there, collect Steiff? 
This is the only one that I have...

Well, that is it for tonight...

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

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