Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Hello, Bear Lovers....

It is time to meet another bear...
The bear for this week is,
Violet Lefleur....She is 12" tall and
and she has gold mix, fur and blue eyes.  
She is a Boyd's bear, of course.  She is
wearing a white romper with flowers
and lavender trim....She has a cute
lavender sweater, that matches the trim
on her romper and a bow that matches
the print, on it.....I have her little sister,
that I will show ya, next Monday...

I am not the only one doing "Meet a
Bear Monday".....If you just happened
across my blog and would like to see the
other bears for today, click here to go
to see Carolyn's bear on her blog,
Simple Primitive Devotion......You can
also see Carol's bear for the week, at
Chocolate, Crafts and Bears, Oh My,
by clicking here.  If anyone else would
like to join in on the fun, just e-mail me,
or leave a comment on my blog and I
will get back to you...

I hope you all have a great week!

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Swap Goodies From Beryl

We are having swaps on Prim Pals
Forum, and let me tell ya that I got
some awesome goodies from Beryl of
Southern Blessings!!!  She sent me the
cutest pumpkins, a scarecrow, a doll
with her own crow and an angel with
grapevine wings!  I just love it all!
I was wanting some of these pumpkins!

These pumpkins in the bag, have
cinnamon sticks for their stems, and
boy do all these things smell good!

Here is where I put the doll...Is think she
looks good on the child's chair I got awhile
back.....I had these sunflowers in a crock
that I put on the base of the hutch....The
drawers are open a little because the paint
is still sticky, believe it or not....

I don't know where I am going to put
the pumpkins in the bag, yet.....But I am
in the mood for decorating for Fall!  I got
bunch of orange sunflowers, yellow ones,
and a garland for over the front door...I
want to put up some grapevine first, then
tie the flowers on it, along with pinecones
and leaves....I think I will wait a couple
weeks, before I decorate outside....I don't
like to get mums too early, I have a hard
time remembering to water them....

Thanks so much, Beryl....I love it all, and
thank you to you all, that stop by my blog!

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Antique Mall Finds

I thought I would show you all some
of the treasures I got at a couple 
antique malls...

I got all this, in front of the flowers,
plus two bread boxes to paint on and
a quilt, that I will show on another
post....The wash pan is in excellent
condition!  I love the red/white checked
apron, it has a lot of X's done on it, in

I love this patriotic milk bottle, I
haven't seen one like it, before.
It is a reproduction, limited edition
from 1998 from Promised Land Dairy,
Floresville, TX....Sorry, this isn't a
very good picture....I have some plain
milk bottles around, another with red
 writing that has my maiden name,
spelled a little differently. I also
have an old one that is a cream top
one with a baby face on it....
Times sure have changed on what
you get your milk in....

I loved this kitchen scale because
of the red around the face of it, I am
going to get it cleaned up and put the
strawberries, I got from Gina on it.

I spent too much time waiting on my
hubby in Books A Million, I came across
this black cat and had to get him ;)

If you squeeze the pumpkin on his tail,
he meows and then goes on and one and
sounds like he is ready to fight!  Chum
doesn't care for him, I wonder why?

Well, that is all for today, my friends, I
will show you all the ladder on a later
post, we have it up, but I want to put more
hooks on it and hang more things, plus I
want to paint the light box cover, the same
color as the ladder, this weekend. I was
thinking that chicken wire across the light
box would look neat.

Until next time....

Bear Hugs~Karen

Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Hello Bear Lovers...

I am going to try to set up my bear
posts on Sunday nights, so it will
post on Monday mornings, instead
of posting late on Monday, like I have
been doing.  Also, a couple other ladies
have expressed that they would like to
join in on it, so you will be able to go
to their blogs to see what bear they have
decided to share with you all!  My bear
for you tonight is Lil' Miss Muffin....

She is a Boyd's bear, she is 8" tall
and she has two toned hair (what us gals
call highlighted)....Must be she went to
the beauty shop!
She is wearing her little muslin dress
with red/cream checked trim...On the 
top of her dress, under her chin, it says
"What's Cookin'?  She is already in the
kitchen, she has her hair pulled back with
a hair band sporting a bow, to match
her dress and she has her oven mitt on
her paw to get those cookies out of the 
oven as soon as the timer dings!  She says
to come on over for some milk and
chocolate chip cookies!  Sorry Amie Soto,
we are chocolate lovers, in this house, you
will have to settle for a bowl of ice cream,
vanilla, of course, for you....
If you would like to see Carol's bear, click
here  to go to her blog....
Chocolate, Crafts and Bears, Oh My
and Carolyn of Primitive~Devotion,
is going to get in on the fun, also....
I don't know if she is posting today,
or not, but you can check to see, by
clicking here to go to her blog.  I
think it is great that others
want to get in on the "Meet a Bear

We got the ladder up, it is the same color
as the hutch....I will show that in a few days.
I think I want to paint the box around the
light, the same color as the hutch....Also, I
want to get some more cup hooks for
hanging more things....I just hope it doesn't
come crashing down!  I got my chain
painted black for it, and for the tin punch
lamp, I want to hang up over the sink, so
they will be on the
list for next weekend's projects....I got my
back, back in place, after hubby rubbed it....
I am a tough cookie, I have a bruise on the
back of my arm, but that is all....If I hadn't
put that basket there, to take out and hose
down, I probably wouldn't have fallen into
the crock shelf, I think I would have caught
my balance, after I came off the stool. I want
to thank you all for your concern, I 
appreciate it so much!
That is why the painting is going to be done
on the weekend, hubby
doesn't want me up on a ladder, when he
isn't home.  I think that is probably a good
idea!  I need to hunt around and find some
more treasures to put on the ladder....I have
pictures of the goodies, I have gotten the last
two weekends, to share with you all, as well.

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hutch Make Over

I finally got the hutch done!
I worked and worked on it last,
week in that awful heat!  I came in
one morning after working on
it, and it was 97 degrees!  Way too
hot for me in the morning,
but I kept at it...We took off the luan
that was on the back and replaced
it with beadboard, I like the look of
it a lot better.  Well, here it is, how do
you like it? 

A closer view....

Here is the before picture!  If you
enlarge the picture you can see that
there are ribbons and flowers painted
on it, but I saw it's potential...I saw
one at an auction earlier this spring
that I liked because it was colonial, but
I had already been there for 5 hours
and it was going to be quite awhile
longer, so we left...Anyway, after 6 trips
to get the paint mixed, I finally got this
one mixed at Ace and it is called
Cherrywood....I can't tell ya what the
color I used on the beadboard, I found
it in the OOPS section, of the paints
in Walmart and they didn't put the name
of the color on the sticker....My next
project is to get the ladder hung up in
the kitchen, under the light....I am not
going to do it, because I was getting some
crock pitchers down from the shelf above
the french doors, and I lost my balance
and I stepped down on a big basket
(that I bought the other day) and then
fell against the shelf full of crocks....Ouch!
I hurt the back of my arm and knocked
my back out of whack, but I didn't break
a pitcher!!!  I will leave it to hubby to put
the stuff back on the shelf and to hang the
ladder!  I bought some black cup hooks
to put on it to hang things from....I might
even put some pip berries on it, too...
I still have to post the things I got over
the weekend, yet....

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Bear Hugs~Karen

Monday, August 16, 2010

Meet a Bear and Down Memory Lane

~Hello, Bear Lovers~

I almost forgot again, so I guess
I am getting old!  Anyway, tonight
I have a Boyd's bear, of course....
 His name is Elmer O. Bearroad and
you can see why, he is dressed in his
striped railroad hat and bibs!  And I
can't forget his red hankie around
his neck.

Below is a close up of him...

He is 12" tall and he has black pads
on his feet.....I bought this bear because
my son loved trains when he was little...
I had a picture of him in his bibs for his
3rd birthday, I don't know if I still have
it, or if he has it....Anyway, I made him
a birthday cake, that looked like a train,
because he loved them, so much....We
lived in a small town, which had train
tracks and the train would come every day
 and stop at the Carnation milk company
to pick up a load of milk....Whenever he
would hear the whistle, at a crossing a
mile away, he would get all excited!  I had
a bike with a seat for him on back of it, so
I would hurry and get him on the back and
off we would go to the tracks!  We did this
quite a bit, so one day, while the engineers
were switching tracks, they asked us if we
wanted to get on and ride!  We did, and we
got to sit in one of the windows and ride
back and forth for a little bit.....Tony still
remembers that and he was only two,
I believe.  It is funny how a bear can bring
back some wonderful memories and a few
tears, at the same time!  He is my only child
and I don't get to see him much....I think I
will look for that picture, one of these days
so I can put it with this bear!  We bought
him a model train when he was 6 years old
and he still has it, it is an HO scale, plus
he has his Dad's train, that he had when he
was little.  It is a bigger one and I think it
it's Lionel, if I am not mistaken.

I didn't think I was going to go down
memory lane tonight, but I guess that I am
wanting to write more, instead of just
posting new treasures that I have found,
you know, some times you need a change!
Doing the same things can get BORING!

We got the back on the hutch tonight and
tomorrow I am going to be loading it up,
if I can keep Chum off of it!  I had a towel
over the base of it, and for some reason, 
he thinks we brought it in the house for him
to sleep on......Ya gotta love kitties!  I gave
him a pipe cleaner and he has been playing
with it for hours....I love it, now I don't have
to hold him so much!

That is it for tonight, I need to iron a shirt
before I go to bed....

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Strawberries, Everyday!

Hello everyone, I thought would show
you all what I got from my good friend,
Gina of Catnap Inn Primitives....I
bought these strawberries in a carton
in her Etsy shop, and do
ever smell good!  She put a straw
berry scent on them!

If you like strawberries, or you
would just like to add some red to
your kitchen, click here to go to her
blog and check out her Etsy shop,
she has some great things for sale!

Tell her, Karen sent ya!

I have been painting and painting
on that hutch!  I have had to paint it
2 times, plus some touch ups, because
it was hard to see good on the covered
patio.  We have to put the backing on
it tomorrow night and it will be ready
for the big reveal, soon!  I got the little
ladder, to hang in the kitchen, painted,
too....I need to get some hooks to put on
it because the wood had some splits in
it and I don't think that it would hold
up if we put dowels in it, or pegs...I do
have some small ones around here, I
might give it a try....Well, wish me luck,
with my luck, it will probably split in

I got some great stuff this weekend, in
Texas, of course!  I got a really nice
quilt, so I will post that in a few days....

I hope you all had a great weekend!
Chum wants to thank you all for your
wonderful comments!

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Friday, August 13, 2010

Two Months At My New Home

Hello everyone, Chumlee here....
I just wanted to pop in a give you all
and update on me, living at my new
home!  Here I am sitting on my new
Mommy's lap on the first weekend...
Don't I have weird hair?  I know, I was
having a bad hair day, good thing that
my new Mommy liked my personality,
cause it sure wasn't my hair that made
her pick me to bring home!

I think I am about 2 months old in
this picture...

Here I am playing with the camera
strap while my Mommy is trying to take
a picture of me...

This one here was taken about a week
ago.....I got myself in a little pickle, I got
up in the only small tree in the back yard,
and I couldn't get down!  My Daddy had
to climb up in the tree, while Mommy
had to stand on a ladder to take me, after
 he got a hold of me....It had rained in the
night and the tree was slippery and he
almost fell out of the tree, trying to
rescue me....Mommy got the camera and
it kept steaming up when she tried to get
this picture of me....Momma said I had to
put my collar on after that adventure!

I get into anything that my Mommy
sits down for a minute!  She got these
out of the bottom of the china cabinet
and she was putting her candles in there,
so I thought it looked like a good place
to take a nap!

Momma was trying to tie the lid open
on this basket,  so I can sleep in it, but
I kept jumping on it and mashing it flat...
It is so much fun to help!

Here I am sitting with one of  my
Mommy's bears.  See how much I have
grown!  My Mommy tells me I am quite
handsome and that I look pretty dapper
in my new collar, what ever that means.

Well, I better go before she catches me
on here, at the moment she is very mad
at me, I jumped off a box onto her back
and I was hanging there, with my claws
dug into her back!  She hollered at me for
it.....then I jumped on her again from
her painting table onto her shoulder and
I dug in again!  Needless to say, I better
be a good boy for the next couple days!

That's all for now and I hope you liked
my post!

Momma says Bear Hugs, but I will just

Give me a squeeze please~Chum

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Treasures

Good Morning!

I completely forgot to post a bear this
week, so I will just wait
until next week to post one...I want
to show you all this neat chair I got
over the weekend.  They lady I got it
from, said it was made when Oklahoma
was still Indian Territory.  It was made
by, or for the postmaster in Eagletown.

She had 3 of them and I only bought one
and now I wish I had at least gotten
a pair of them.  They were set up on
a parking lot, so I can't go back to see
if she sold them all...

I got this huge basket there, too...It might
become a bed for my little Chum...I will
have to figure out how to keep the lid on
one side up so he can get in and out of it.
I have been working on the hutch, it is
going to take another couple days......
I have painted two coats on the top of it,
and one coat on the bottom.....I will have
to paint the bottom another coat, do two
coats on the drawers and stain the bead
board.  It is so hot, that I only work on it
about and hour or so....The humidity was
terrible this morning, so it is taking a lot
of time.....I just don't do well in the heat!
Plus, I have to work around rain, too,
since it is out on a covered patio, not in
a garage....

On my next post, I will show you what I
bought from Gina at Cat Nap Inn
Primitives, I just love it...

That is it for today, I need to make
something for my swap buddy, for
 the Autumn Harvest Swap that we
are doing,over on Prim Pals Forum.
Come on over and join in the fun!

Thanks for stopping by and try to
stay cool!

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quilt Show


Welcome to my quilt show!

I have a few quilts that I thought
I would show you all and I need
some advice on cleaning them...
Three out of four of these were my
Mom's...Do any of you know what
the design is called on this one? What
is the best way to clean them?  Some
one told me I could put them in a big
spin washer at the laundry mat, but
I am afraid to try that....Anybody have
any suggestions?

A closer view of the edges...I love the
zig zag on the sides of this one.

This one really needs a good
cleaning, you can see along the
front of the chair where there is
a dirty streak from being
displayed the same way for way to

More of the same quilt with my
little helper with his new collar on,
and believe me he didn't like getting
it put on!


I am not sure, but I think I bought
this one at a garage sale....

This one above and below is my all time
favorite....I will tell ya why.....It was made
in "1936" and my Mom worked a block
on this one when she was 15 years old,
with some family and friends of the family. 

This one was made and signed by a
lady named Edna Mae Sauer,
who was one of my grandpa's sisters...

This one above, was done by my grandma,
Bertha Spradling...

This one was done with the same cloth,
but done opposite, it looks like and was
done by my Mom, Frances Spradling.

And here it is spread out on the table.
I noticed that my mom's and a couple
other's blocks were put in side ways,
while the ones on the left were put in
the same as the center ones.....Like I
said, she worked on this when she was
15 years old and they surprised her and
gave it to her for her 16th birthday!  I
do wish that I had talked to her more
about this quilt, to find out just who all
the others, who's names I didn't know,
were.   I can just imagine all of them
sitting around, talking and sewing on
this quilt, way back when...I am not sure
if my Mom was living in the country in
Missouri then, or not.....I assume she
was....She married my Dad when she 19,
I believe and they got married while he
was stationed at Ft. Leonardwood, before
he went to England during WWII....It
sounds like a long, long time ago, but
when you think about it, our lives are
really short in time, like a second in time,
compared to how long earth has been
here...I used to think that 50 years seemed
like a long time, but when you think about
your own life and how fast it has gone, it
really seems like it has gone by so fast!  Life
goes on, first you are the youngest and then
before you know it, you are the next
generation to die.....So, go do all you can,
see all you can see, because TIME waits
for no one!

Well, I hope I haven't depressed anyone!
Like the Mama's and Papa's song...
You gotta go, go where you wanna go,
do what you wanna do, baby wherever
you are.....Or something like that!

I didn't get my hutch painted, because
rained....Then I can't paint out on the
patio, when my hubby is mowing, so I
hope I can get it done, tomorrow...I got
a neat chair at a yard sale this weekend
that they said was made when Oklahoma
was still Indian territory, by the post
master of Eagletown.  I should go take a
picture of a trail marker that marks the
Trail of Tears, it came close to here.

I hope you all had a great weekend..

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen