Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Update On Our Blogging Friend, Lorna!

This is the 4th time I have 
attempted to post this about
Lorna, I don't know what is
going on, but I am trying it
again, without her picture.

I got to looking on someone's 
blog and it did not show this 
post in their blog roll, it was 
still showing the rug hooking 
post....I have noticed that in
my dashboard, it will show a
new post from a blogger and 
when I click on it, it will 
say that it does not exist, Have
any of you had that problem?
Let's see if this works!

Hey everyone, I just want to let
you all know that I just talked 
to Lorna, of Live Oak Primitive
Peddler.  She saw the specialist
in Dallas, yesterday and he did
surgery on her shoulder this
 morning and she is doing great!
She had about 80% range of 
motion in her arm, while she 
was in surgery....I forgot what 
joint it was, that he said was 
probably the problem, anyway
he said most doctors over look it.
She is waiting for him to come
by to talk to her since the surgery.
She will either get out of the 
hospital, later today or tomorrow
morning.....She is grateful for 
all your prayers and she will 
let you all know the details when
she gets home....I am so happy
for her, I was hoping to get to see
her this week, but she will be
heading back home, soon...I had
so much fun with her when we got 
to meet up for a bit, last February...
"To know her is to love her"
that is what I say!

I want to thank you all for praying
for her, also...She is one sweet lady!

Blessings to you all~Karen

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm a Hooker!

Hey everyone, I guess I got side
tracked, again!  I apologize to
 those of you, that have been 
waiting on me to post some 
more things for sale. I don't
know why I didn't post more,
I just didn't.  I will do that
soon, though....I need to go
through some more boxes of
things, first....NOW, for the 
 rest of this post....
I have started something I have
wanted to do for a long time, 
and that is learning to become
a HOOKER, a rug hooker, that is!

I bought some wool from Margie of
Hungry Hook Primitives and some 
online, I read her tutorials, (which 
are great) and I started....I want to
thank Margie for her help, she is so
nice and helpful! I know 
that I was making my loops too 
short and too close together, when 
I first started, but with more 
practice, I got better at it....
I know the hook I have is short, 
which makes it hard for me to get 
the woolies through, without 
twisting them. It is taking me, what 
seems like forever, but I am not 
going to give up! Working with the
big hoop, is not easy, either.
Here is what I've gotten done, 
so far.....I am not too sure I like
real dark in the hearts, will see
how it looks when I get the 
black done....I was thinking
on making this a chair pad, but
I think I will just make it a 
candle mat.

 So, that is what I have been up to,
lately....I see this is going to be an
obsession! I might be slow at it, but 
I love it!

I have some goodies to show you 
all, that I found and I won a 
couple giveaways, so I want to 
share those with you.

I would also like to welcome
my newest followers! I appreciate
you all and love your comments!
Thanks for stopping by, hope you
all are having a great day!
Until next time~

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Goods For Sale Post 2

  Hey everyone, this is the 2nd post
of goods for sale, so if you missed 
the 1st one, please scroll on down
to the previous post to see what 
you missed....

Wash board, soap & towel..
Asking price $10 

Black wrought iron kerosene lamp 
holder, for hanging on the wall...
  asking $15

Courting Candle Holder w/ grubby
candle, asking $5

Tin candle mold/holder,
asking $5 Sold, thank you.

Long wooden, primitive candle 
holder 24" tall, asking, $8

Old Clabber Girl recipe book,
dated 1931....Asking $4

Old Baker's chocolate box, more 
pictures available, asking $15

Bread box, asking $10

George Washington bottle, asking $4

Very old rubber toys, asking $3 each

Candle holder w/ hearts,
asking $5

Set of 4 old glasses w/ chickens,
asking $8

 Cast iron Amish buggy, 
asking $12.50~Sold, thank you!

Stained glass candle holder, 
w/ votive candle, asking $8
Sold, thank you.

Sugar, creamer & vinegar set,
asking $5 

Metal star on stand, still in the box,
asking $3~Sold, thank you.

All items will be shipped Priority or 
Parcel Post and you will be charged 
the actual shipping, plus delivery
confirmation.  I accept Paypal and
Money Orders. If you have any 
questions, feel free to e-mail me.

I will be doing another post, right
away, so be watching! Thanks for
taking a look!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Thursday, February 2, 2012

First Post of Things For Sale

If anyone sees anything they want
posted here, just email me....I will
sell things less, if you buy more 
than one item....You can make
an offer, I won't be offended!

More items will 
be posted, soon....Also, more prim
items for the prim at heart! 


Hey everyone, here is the first 
post of things that I am selling.

Three hearts, made from quilt, they
are approx. 9 1/2" across and have 
muslin on the back. I did not make 
these, I bought them awhile back 
and have been in a bag...There may
be some spots or little tears in the
quilting.....Asking $5 ea. or $13 for
the three of them.
These are sold, thank you. 

Heart swags....I have another one
with 5 hearts, that I found, after I
took the picture....Made from a quilt, 
asking $4 for the 5 hearts and $2 ea. for
the 3 heart strands. You could take 
them apart and use them as bowl 
fillers....I will take a picture of the
other strand, upon request. The 5 
are approx. 16" across.
The 5 heart swag is Sold, thank you.

The cat above is made from quilt and
in excellent shape. I bought it for my bed
and I think I had it on there one day, is 
all....It is a good size at 11" x 15"....I 
am asking $8 per cat, or $14 for both,
see below.

This cat is also made from quilt and
is about 14" tall by 16-17" wide.

If you like old tins and jars, then you
can start your collection, or add to it,
with these.  Asking $3 each.

These old tins, above are $5 each.

This old platter has a beautiful design
around the edge of it. It has a few little
brown spots on it and it's approx. 8"x 11" 
Asking $5 for it.

This old planter is in the art
deco style, I believe. It is 6" tall.
Asking $6...

I took these out of my collection,
only because I don't have room for
them, after putting all those pink 
dishes in their place, in the china 
cabinet....I am asking $4.50 each for
these, the tallest is 5" and the one
with the green stripe, is 3 3/4" tall.

I missed this picture above and I'm
putting it in, later....Asking $4 for the
larger creamer and $3 ea. for the 
smaller, older ones.

I love these little flowered pitchers, 
but they have to go...These range from
4 1/4" to 3 3/4"....Asking $3.50 each.
All the above are sold, thank you!

These little cuties range from 3 1/2"
down to 2 1/2" for the small pitcher.
I am asking $2.50 each....
All the above are sold, thank you!
If you find something you want, just
e-mail me, I am sure we can make a deal, 
 and I am open to offers!
I will only charge actual
shipping, so I will have to get it packed
and weighed....I accept payment by
Paypal or Postal money orders.

Check out my selling blog, I am 
posting things on there, also! 

Be watching for post # 2, coming 
soon to a blog near you, oh I 
mean on here!

Thanks for looking!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen