Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm Still Around!

Hey everyone, I haven't fallen off the 
map, I have just been busy. I have 
been to Texas, to our house a few times 
and I keep bringing back more 
things to sell at the antique mall. 
I am on a mission to get rid of a lot 
of stuff! Sorting, cleaning and pricing, 
has kept me 
busy, plus I work at the antique mall, 
besides taking care of the booth. I don't 
remember if I said, that we had a lot of 
dead trees in our yard, from the drought, 
last summer. Of course, we couldn't tell 
until the leaves started coming on. 
Well, we had 11, just on 
the half acre the house is sitting on 
and I don't have any idea how many on the 
acre of woods, behind the house. They don't 
really matter, though. We are not the 
only ones with a lot of dead trees.
Well, I went down and a tree service cut 
7 of them and we will do the rest 
of them..........fun, fun, fun....

I have gotten some goodies while out and 
about and I thought you might like to see 
some of them.

 I got the old bonnet in an antique mall
some place, can't remember where. I got
the old wooden bowl in a store that had
been closed up and it was open one 
weekend. You couldn't even get around
in the store, there was a path down the
middle and that was it! The creamer, 
plate and cups go to the set of blue and
 white dishes, I have been collecting. 
Here's the plate, they are "Historical
Ports of England" and the plates, bowls, 
bread plates, saucers have different 
scenes for the different ports.

 This one doesn't go with the set, but
I had to have it. This is the "Mayflower"
and it goes well with my other dishes.

I found this hooked foot stool, in a
 little town, on the way back home on
one of the trips.


I won this cute bunny and it came some 
time, last month. I am amiss for not posting 
this wonderful win, sooner! I now have two
bunnies in the house. :) Not much for 
decorating, huh?  Anyway, I won it from
Darlene of Three D Style, she makes some 
wonderful things, so click here to go 
check out her blog and get entered for 
her May giveaway!  I just loved this 
bunny the moment I saw it! Thanks
again, Darlene! 

 I will leave you with a couple pictures
of my big boy posing.... I even got one
of him yawning, guess he was getting 
bored with me taking pictures of him!
He is sitting on a table made from an 
old treadle sewing machine, which is
his perch to look out the windows of
the French doors to see what is 
happening on the patio and in the 
back yard.

Oh, before I forget, I was lucky to 
receive a wonderful new magazine 
called"Romantic Prairie Style" 
from Brenda of Pine Tree Prims, 
just by being the first one 
to say I would like to have it!
Thanks again,  Brenda, I love it! If 
you see it at the store, check it out!

That's it for tonight, hope you all 
missed me!...lol...

I have a plan to decorate my yard and all
for the Summer, so I will try to get that 
done, soon. Then I will share pictures of
it all with you.

Thanks for stopping by and for those 
of you that take the time to leave me 
a comment, I really appreciate it and
love hearing from you all.

Until next time, I hope you all have
a safe holiday weekend!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen