Friday, September 28, 2012

This was seen in a field in Ohio!
You go OHIO, you need to elect 
them, the next President &
V. P. of  the USA, as do the rest
of us!.....If you did not see my 
last post, scroll on down and click
on the link to see what is 
happening, behind the scenes
in this country.  YOU might be
shocked! It is very important,
please check it out!

America is in need of a little 
R & R!
Bear Hugs~Karen

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hey everyone, I intended on 
posting about some goodies I 
have found, but thought I would
show you what I am working on.
I got accepted in the Big Fall 
Festival at Beavers Bend State
Park! It is one hard show to get
into, since there is only so much
room, plus it is juried. These are 
the pictures that I sent in to be
looked at....As you can see, I did
not tea stain the dolls and dresses,
since I don't know if anyone, 
around here, would like them done
that way. I do plan on having both.

 I made these pumpkins from a
chenille bedspread.

I made these santas from a pattern 
from Sandy of the Old Country Cupboard,
the doll pattern is a freebie from her, also.

The Raggedy Andy is my 2nd project 
at rug hooking, not sure if I am going
to make him into a pocket, purse or a
pillow, yet. All 3 of my projects are of
my own design.....He ended up being
finished after my 2nd ruglet, though.

As some of you may know, the ruglet
on the left is my first project....I may
have you confused, I was working on the
ruglet on the right at the same time as
the Andy face......I still need to put a
binding on them and they will be finished.
I have been ironing material and cutting 
out aprons this afternoon and I can tell
ya that I am too slow! It is a good thing 
that the festival is not until November!
I think it is late for a Fall festival, but
some of the trees still have their color 
and it is beautiful in the park!  
Well, I need to get back to work and
get something done!
Thanks for stopping by and a special
thank you to those who took the time
to tell me that they missed me, I really
do appreciate it, so much!
Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Even though we probably didn't know
anyone, who died on September 11th,
we shall always remember.....My hubby
 wears a flag on his shirt to work, every
day in memory of those who lost their
lives on that awful morning. 
I will be back to posting some things 
I am working on and some treasures.
Did anybody miss me?
Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen