Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hello friends.....

I thought I would share another
picture with you, that I have taken.
I went out to take a picture of my
gardenia, that I got from my Mom's
place.  It has only bloomed twice for
me now, and I have had it 5 or 6 years. 
Last year it only had two or three
blooms and this year it had seven or
eight!  I noticed when I was coming
back in the house that the glass on
the screen was steamed up and so I wiped
 it off.  I didn't think about the lens, at
the time.  The picture looked a little
hazy, when I looked at it later in the
day....I went out to take another and
the flower was alot different, it was
not near as pretty....So, I decided to
keep this one and spotlight it and this
is how it turned out.  It looks like it was
taken on a misty morning!  What do you
think?  The blooms are so fragrant, just
one can make a room smell wonderful!

On my next post, I will post my
Americana bedroom....It's like the
4th of July in there, every day! 

Until next time~


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Give Away Winner!

And the winner is...

Donna, One Simple Country
Girl!  Congratulations, Donna!
Your package will be on the way,

Thank you to all those who
entered.  Have a great week.

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen

Monday, June 28, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Hello Bear Lovers...
I was working on the numbers
numbers for those who have signed
up for the give away.  So, I am
finally getting around to showing
you a bear for  
"Meet A Bear Monday"

She is another Boyd's Bear,
16" tall and wearing a navy blue
dress with stars and a bright red
sweater.  She is also wearing her
favorite straw hat with red
carnations.  I don't have the tag
for her, but I think her name is
"Gloria Bearsevelte"....One of the
upper crust, ya know....I still have
patriot bears, but I will just show
one next Monday, then I will
change to some others.

Tomorrow morning is the drawing,
for the give away, so be sure to sign
up, before 10:00 am, if you want to
be included in the drawing.

Thanks for stopping by.....And a big
thanks to my new followers for signing
on and all those who have signed up
 for the give away.

Bear Hugs~Karen

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Americana Give Away

Just want to remind you all
to sign up for my give away if
you haven't done so....I added
more to it, but I am not going to
show you what it is, it's a secret,
although it is Americana...Better
hurry, the drawing is Tuesday
morning. Scroll down to the post 
below this one to sign up.

Bear Hugs~Karen

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ist Blogiversary, Americana Give Away!

My First Blogiversary~
Americana Give Away!

Hello Blogging Buddies, I want
to celebrate my blog anniversary, by
giving away some Americana things!
I love patriotic things and I have a bed
room decorated in the red, white and
blue.....So, I thought I would give away
Americana items for someone to decorate
with, for the 4th of July....So, are you
ready to see what some lucky winner
will receive?

You will receive the patriotic items
in front of the stack boxes and the
set of stack boxes, also.

A closer view of the stack boxes....
I painted these and then I put an acrylic

This patriotic pin cushion on a zinc
fruit jar lid....

These patriotic star cookie cutters...

This metal star and flag ring...

Also, this little Uncle Sam, shelf sitter...

Between now and the drawing, there
might just be more added to the box!

There are just a few rules....

I am sorry, but this is only open to
residents of the USA.  Not many
would want these Americana things,
in other countries, but I thought I had
better mention that.

I would like to thank my followers for
hanging in there with me and also, a
big Welcome, to my new followers, that
have signed on recently.

Chance # 1
You must be a follower of my blog....
So, sign on, what ya waiting for?
You will get an entry for becoming
a new follower.

Chance # 2
You don't have to have a blog, but if
you do, and post this on your side bar,
you will get an extra entry. If you don't
have one, leave me an e-mail address
on your comment, or e-mail me your e-mail
address, so I have a way to notify you if
you are the winner.

Chance # 3
Leave me a comment telling me that
you are a follower and if you posted it,
so I will know.

Chance # 4
Tell me about your favorite 4th of July,
either when you were growing up, or
a more recent one, in your comment.
Did you have a family get together, or
go to a parade, shoot off fireworks at
home, or go to a big fireworks show?

You will have until the morning of
June 29th at 10:00 AM to sign up, and it
must be on this post, and this post only.  I
will mail the package to the winner, that
 day, so you will be sure to get it before
the 4th of July.

Good Luck to everyone!!!

Bear Hugs~Karen

Monday, June 21, 2010

Give Away Coming Soon~Meet a Bear Monday

Wow, it's Monday, again!

I'm having another give away!
I will have been blogging a year,
soon....I started the account in May,
then went on vacation, and I lolly
gagged around awhile, before I posted.
So, I decided to have the give away in
between.....Watch for it, it will be all
Americana items and I will get it
shipped to the winner, so they can have
it to decorate with, for the 4th of July.
If you didn't see it before, scroll down
a few posts to see the Americana stack
boxes that are going to be included.

Also, I have another patriotic bear to
show you for "Meet a Bear Monday"

Her name is Libby D. Beanford....
I have a different bear, that I thought
had this name. She is dressed in a
patriotic outfit, too.....I will have to
check it out.  Anyway, this one is 12"
tall and is wearing a navy blue romper
with tiny white stars with red sleeves
with gold stars.  She is also wearing a
cute hat to match her outfit.  As you
can probably tell,  by now, that I
bought a lot of the patriotic Boyd's

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Americana Swap Goodies From Melissa

Hello, Blogging Buddies....

I said on my next post that I would
show you all what I got from Melissa,
for our Americana Swap over at the
Prim Pals Forum.....We didn't swap
with each other, like last month, I  
sent a package to Sharon and Melissa
sent a package to me.  I got some
awesome things from her! 

She made the red, white and blue stars
and these cute little pillows!  I just love

I thought they would look good in this
trencher with the yummy candle that I
won in a give away.

She sure spoiled me, she made this blue
large blue star with pip berries and
stars and curlies...What a cute idea!
She does such good work!

These flag pillows are just the cutest,
I put one on the door knob of the French
doors and the other one on my little hutch.

This flag is awesome, she did a fantastic
job on it, and it smells so good!

It was like Christmas last week, opening
all the wrapped treasures, from Melissa
and Gina...They are both very talented
crafters. It sure made my week!

Thanks, dear friends, I will think of you
both when my eyes rest upon the
wonderful things you have sent me!
Blogging friends are just the best!

Don't forget, be watching for my
Americana give away!

Bear Hugs~Karen

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Swap Package From Gina

I forgot to add this picture of the
basket of salt dough ornies that
Gina made me....So, I am adding it to
the top of the post....Aren't I a lucky

Hello, Blogging Buddies....
I just wanted to show you all
the wonderful things that I got
in the mail from my dear friend
Gina, this week.  She has a great
blog called Cat Nap Inn
Primitives...Click here to check
out her blog.

I think this was the first thing I got
out of the box, after the card, and it
brought tears to my eyes!  She made me
this pillow with my blog name on it! 

I love, love, love it!

Next, are some cute cookie cutters, I
know she read that I collect them and
that I collect old fruit jars, so she sent
me some of the old zinc lids for them.
An old mold and, of course a card.

She made these for me, a penny rug with
a pineapple on it and a cute tea dyed dish
towel with bears on the top of it. 

She knows I like game boards and she
found this cute apple one for me.
I'm telling ya, I didn't think I was ever
going to get to the bottom of the box!!!
I think I said "Oh my word" almost every
time I opened something!

I couldn't believe all the stuff she sent!
She sent an old rolling pin and grater,
(I collect them), some note cards, a book,
and some cute hang tags that she made.
I like books that take place in the 1800's
and I am looking forward to reading this

She even sent me some sweaters and a
vest for my bears!  I think she said she
made the beige one.  My nekked bears
can be decked out in style, now!

Gina you spoiled me rotten!  I love it
all!  Thanks so much, I am glad I got
you for my partner on this swap.  We
are members of Prim Pals forum and
we are doing monthly swaps, so if you
would like to join us, we are doing a
Christmas in July swap.....I think it will
be fun.....On my next post, I will show
you what I got from my Americana swap
buddie, Melissa, so be watching for that.
And don't forget that I am having an
Americana give away, soon......So, check
back, so you won't miss out on signing
up for it.

I hope you all are having a great

Bear Hugs~Karen

Friday, June 18, 2010

Give Away Coming Soon!

Hello Blogging Buddies....
I just wanted to get on here to tell
ya all to be watching for my next
give away.  I started my account in
May, but I didn't post until near the
end of July, so I thought I would
celebrate my 1st Blogiversary, in

These stack boxes are going to be
included in it, along
with some other Americana items.
I painted them and put a stain over
top to prim them up....So, if you like
things red/white/blue....Check back
to sign up!

I did a set of these for a Prim Pals
Americana swap, but I put a clear
finish on them.  I like the stain, better.
I have gotten two boxes from my PP
swap partners, this week!  I will be
taking pictures of all the goodies I got,
and I will post them, soon.  I got some
wonderful stuff, and lots of it! 

Until next time....

Bear Hugs~Karen

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hello, pussy cat lovers! 

Chumlee, here!  I came to live with a
new Mommy and Daddy and boy am
I having fun!  I have been getting into
all kinds of things!  Monday was a day
of being entertained!  Momma says she
forgot how much attention a little kitty
needs!  Yesterday, I got on some of the
things in Momma's computer/craft room,
and it tipped over on me. It is a wonder I
didn't get killed with that basket full of
goodies and a HUGE wooden bowl!  I
made a dash for the laundry room and
tried to stay out of trouble for awhile.

After that, I returned to the room to be
with my new Momma, and I was good for
hours, I just laid on the other chair on a
 pillow!  I napped and played with my new
fish.....I can be good, but it's more fun to
into all the goodies around here!  I will
keep ya posted on my adventures....

I know, my new Momma loves bears, but
she loves kitties, too!  She has missed her
big kitty, Bucky for over 2 years, since he
went missin'.......So, I must be special, since
she brought me home to live with her!

Ok, I think it is time for a nap....

Until next time~


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Good Evening Bear Lovers!
I just about missed my "Meet
Bear Monday"....Well, by the time this
posted it was after midnight, so I did
miss it....Sorry, it is late!

Tonight I am sharing with you,
"Dolly M. Bearsevelt"...

She is a Boyd's bear and was an
exclusive to the Boyd's Bear Barn, so
you couldn't buy her from dealers.
Dolly is all dressed for the 4th of July
in her navy dress with white stars and
red trim.  She has her white sweater on,
with a flag and her straw hat adorned
with carnations. Also, she can't forget her
flag, every patriotic gal needs to make
sure she has one on the 4th, to show her

She is one of my larger bears at
16" tall.

Well, this has been quite a day, I have
been entertaining a new kitten we
 brought home from Texas, over the
weekend.  He was into things, running
here and there, meowing at the top of
his lungs, if you left him in a room alone!
He was having a party in my craft/sewing
room, getting into things, tipping things
over, stepping on the keyboard as I tried
to type e-mails, or chat!  I forgot how
much attention a little one needs! If he
wasn't in my face, he was on my shoulder,
licking my ear!  I'll show ya Chumlee,
some time this week.....He is a handful,
and fast!  I am used to an old cat that
doesn't bother anything!

I got a box full of wonderful stuff from
my good friend, Gina of Cat Nap Inn
Primitives, we did a swap.....I will show
you all that, soon.

I better get to bed so I can be ready for
another day of babysitting!

I would like to thank those that stop by
and leave nice comments on here....
 it makes my day!

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen