Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hello, pussy cat lovers! 

Chumlee, here!  I came to live with a
new Mommy and Daddy and boy am
I having fun!  I have been getting into
all kinds of things!  Monday was a day
of being entertained!  Momma says she
forgot how much attention a little kitty
needs!  Yesterday, I got on some of the
things in Momma's computer/craft room,
and it tipped over on me. It is a wonder I
didn't get killed with that basket full of
goodies and a HUGE wooden bowl!  I
made a dash for the laundry room and
tried to stay out of trouble for awhile.

After that, I returned to the room to be
with my new Momma, and I was good for
hours, I just laid on the other chair on a
 pillow!  I napped and played with my new
fish.....I can be good, but it's more fun to
into all the goodies around here!  I will
keep ya posted on my adventures....

I know, my new Momma loves bears, but
she loves kitties, too!  She has missed her
big kitty, Bucky for over 2 years, since he
went missin'.......So, I must be special, since
she brought me home to live with her!

Ok, I think it is time for a nap....

Until next time~



  1. oh Chumlee you are the cutest little fuzz ball ever!!! you remind me of my Emma that I had..she was 3 weeks old when she came to live with us..sadly a dog bit her and she died right after her 1st birthday...broke my heart...but I have my 7 that keep me company and I have good thoughts of my Nem (as I used to call her)..I hope your mama is treating you good...take care and I look forward to more posts from you.:)

  2. You are such a sweet baby Chumlee! I have a kitty names Ajax who is the same color as you. I'll have to make you some cat toys to send to your Mom.

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  4. Chumlee is adorable!! I can see why he came home with you.


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