Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Treasures I Found

Hello, Prim Pals.....I told one of
my buddies that I would post all
the great stuff I bought over the
last couple weekends, so here goes.
All the items in the first picture were
bought in antique malls, except for
the 4 things in the back of the picture,
they were found at a GW store.  The
wooden bowl has a winter scene, which
I am going to paint over.  I want my
hubby to make me a bowl rack, so I
should have plenty to put in it by the
time he makes it. I got the cute little
pineapple lamp for $2.99, plus the
shade was $1.99.....The magazine rack
on the right side of the picture was a
steal, at $1, I am going to paint it black
and hang it on the wall in the bath, below
the cabinet full of tins.  The candle stick,
next to it has a wonderul design on it, it's
not pewter, but looks like it is....

I got all the stuff in the picture, below at
one garage sale, except for the bread box!
The milking stool has a handle on it and it
was made in Yugoslavia, and has a nice
finish on it.

A close up pic of some of the tins, above.
You can see that I got them all cheap!

I couldn't find a date on this Nabisco
tin, but I think it is very old.

I found this cookie keeper, weekend
before last, at a fleamarket....I am going
to paint it, what color, I don't know...

I also got these at the same fleamarket...
I have a spoon rack for some of the spoons,
I didn't want only 2 or 3 of them and he said
take them all for $2....So, I did.  I am going
to make a shoo fly screen out of the strainer
and I put the pitcher with the bluebonnets,
on the shelf above the french doors.  I will
have to show you all a picture of that later
on. I decided that this is it for the summer
for hitting the antique malls, it is too hot in
them, this time of year.  I might go to the
little fleamarket, a couple times, but that
will be all....Can you have too much stuff???
Yes, you can, I have proof!  I don't go
gamble, bowling, play bingo or anything
like that, I like to go hunting for treasures!
I figure that I have something for my money
and I can sell it somewhere down the road,
if I get tired of dusting it!  That's my story,
and I am sticking to it!

Well, I need to figure out what I am going
to do with all this stuff, so that is it for
today.....I hope you all are staying cool!

Until next time....

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. My goodness!! You sure did find a lot of great goodies.
    I'm jealous. ;)
    I went to our GW today....
    And didnt find anything!! :(

  2. I like your theory! My kind of gal. You sure hit the big time with lots of new treasures and I'm thinking if you get tired of any of it you know there will be plenty of us who will help you out with taking some of it off your hands ;-)
    Looks like you had a fun time collecting.
    Love the bear header too!

  3. Love your new look Karen! Looks great! Love all those bears in your header!

    Looks like you made out like a bandit w/all your prim goodies!

    Have a fun week!

  4. you found some fun stuff and like you I don't gamble either..would rather search for some fun stuff..;) have a good sidetracked getting your package off tomorrow.:)have a great thursday:>)

  5. Hi Karen thanks for inviting me over to your blog - guess it was late last night when I posted and somehow missed your post.

    When your page opened my jaw dropped and I went 'WOW!' You were right! I LOVE what your done with your blog and all those bears in red, white and blue are fab!

    You've really done well in your search for bargains, too! You'll be so busy re-doing them you'll not miss the antique malls!

    Have fun!

  6. Wow! you got a lot of great stuff Karen and you are right you can never have too much stuff in your stash LOL.

  7. What great finds! Interesting...a lot of what your bought are the exact same things I look for when thrifting. My favorite by far is the Nabisco tin. One of my brothers worked his whole life at a Nabisco plant up in Chicago. Whenever we would visit he always took us through the plant. I still remember him pulling a few cookies from the conveyor belts as they passed buy. Still warm, they were delicious! ~~Annie

  8. Karen... your a star x x x :-)

  9. I'm with you girl... I just want to go hunting for treasures! And you got lots of treasures!! =]


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