Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Decorating and Taking a Break

Hey everyone, I hope this finds you
all well.  I thought I would show ya
the shelf decorated....You may, or 
not remember this shelf, that I got
about a month ago. 

Anyway, we put it up and I put
three of the bonnets, that Lorna 
sent me, on it and some of the
other things she sent me in our 

I was thinking of putting some stack
boxes, where I put the game board, 
but I haven't gotten them painted, so 
this will work for now. When I get 
the boxes done, I will hang the game 
board in the hall, with my others.

I have some things coming up, that I 
am going to be doing, so I am going 
to take a break from blogging for a 
few weeks.  I have some projects, that
I want to work on and I will post all
about it, when I come back.....And I
will be having a giveaway to celebrate
2 years of blogging!  I can't believe 
that I have had something to 
blog about, for this long, but I guess
I have!  I want to thank you all for
hanging in there, with me. I sure do
appreciate all my followers and I 
think you all will like what I have in
mind for the giveaway!

See ya all in a few weeks!

Until then....

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Teddy Bear and Coffee Pots

Hello friends! I wanted to share with
you, pictures of my Mother's Day 
present from my son and family. She
is a Jim Shore bear, from  Boyd's. The 
title on her tag is "Blessed Garden"...

He bought me one of his, last year, too.
She is just so cute and I just love the 
front of her dress! Thanks, Tony, she
is beautiful!

Here are the coffee pots, that I got on 
the way to visit friends, in Texas....

I was going to put them on a shelf in 
the kitchen, but it isn't deep enough, 
so I might have to put them up over 
the French doors, where I have most 
of my crock pitchers.  I have too many
collections going on, but that doesn't
stop me from buying more!  lol..How 
may of you, out there have that same
problem?  Come on now, admit it!

I have more things to post about, but
I need to do some more hunting for 
just the right things, for the shelf we
hung up...... 

Until next time.....I hope you all
have a safe weekend.

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hey everyone, I have been gone  too long!  
I went to Texas for a few  days and I have been busy since, I   got back...I am asking my friends,  in blog land, for prayers....Not for  me, but for our friend, Lorna of  Live Oak Primitive Peddler.  She   has had problems with her shoulder,  since she fell and has been in a lot   of pain....She is seeing her doctor,  again to see what can be done.  Please pray for her to be healed.  She is a wonderful person and I know  she would appreciate it, so much!  I have several things to post about,  so I will start doing that, in the next   couple days. I hope you all missed me!  Until next time...  Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Found Treasure

Here are some of the goodies, 
that I got a couple weeks ago, that
I was going to post and I didn't...

 I got the old picnic basket at the
flea mart and the fall arrangement
and wall baskets at an estate sale.
I was thinking on spraying the
lanterns black....The pottery bottle,
I believe is the bottom of an old 
kerosene lamp.  I am going to be 
hunting for a burner to see if one
will fit it.
Thanks for the congrats on my win
at PAFA, I appreciate you all 
leaving me a comment...I am looking 
forward to finding a place for it, in the 

Until next time~

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Monday, May 9, 2011

I Won Over At PAFA

Hey everyone, I got a surprise
email saying that I won one of the
of the prizes given away at PAFA,
for Mother's Day!  I was so happy,
I had to go check it out, right away,
to see what I won.

This is what I won, this wonderful 
enamel ware lid hand painted by
Karen of Cedar Creek Primitives!
I just love it!  Thanks, Karen and
to all you generous ladies, over at
Primitives and Folk Artists!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I want to wish all my blogging
friends, Happy Mother's Day!
 I hope you have a great day, filled
with love, happiness and pampering!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Thursday, May 5, 2011

At The Auction

Hey everyone, I hope your week
has been a good one!  I thought I 
would show you all the pictures that
I took at the auction....This is a post
full of them! 

Most of the crocks went really
high....There were two big ones,
one to the right of the beige crock
was a 12 gallon and it went for over 
$100!  Behind the brown crock is
a little pitcher, it had 2 blue stripes
on it and it went for over $40.

Some of the people were dealers, they
bid pretty high for an auction...The 
wicker chair went for $65 to the same
lady that bought the paper racks.

I think these paper racks went for $45

Lots and lots of dishes, some were in
boxes under the tables. The Fiestaware
went high...

Toward the side fence, you only see
half of it in this picture and had 2 rows
of boxes, also.  There was a table full of
cast iron pans, that I didn't get a picture
of and a drive way full of stuff, plus the 
front yard had a lot! The people weren't
selling out their furniture, just getting 
rid of a lot of extra stuff, and boy did 
they have it!

The picture below is what I ended 
up with....I didn't bid high enough 
on the one basket that I wanted and
the other one, I didn't know they 
included in a group, so I missed out
on it.....I didn't bid high enough on 
quilt, but it was too good to cut up 
and I have several, anyway....Most 
of them, my Mom gave to me.

My hubby got some stuff and we even
got stuff, that we didn't want, because
we bid on a pile of things, or boxes.

I also got an old wash pan, with a 
red rim, full of junk and on closer
 inspection of the wash pan, later....I 
discovered that it had something on the 
bottom of it, to keep it from leaking,
I assume....So, it will not look good on 
the wall, so I might use it for a planter
or sit it on the washer with laundry 
things in it. I got another wash pan at
the other auction, that I didn't post,
so I will show you both of them and 
my laundry room, after I get in there
and get it cleaned....

I hope you enjoyed your day at the

I want to thank everyone for your
comments on my last post, most
of them came into my old email
account, so I couldn't reply back.

Until next time~

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Monday, May 2, 2011

Goodies In The Mail

Hello friends....I can't believe
it has been so long since I posted!
I have lots of things to post about,
this one is supposed to be about some 
of the treasures I have been
finding, but I got some goodies in
the mail, that I want to show you all,
on this post....I will show you
all the treasures that I got at an 
auction, over the weekend, later.
My buddy, Lorna of Live Oak 
Primitive Peddler and I did a swap
and we both got our packages in 
the mail, today!  I was so excited, 
that I forgot to take a picture, when
 I opened the box....

I was only expecting 2, but she sent me 
4 prairie bonnets! They are just awesome!

She made me this whale tale candle
board.....I love the red and now I 
need to get some more candles so I
can grunge them up to put on it! Oh,
and I need to find a place to hang it.

I love the game boards she sent, I am
going to hang them in my hall with the
other ones I already have there. I had
given her a quilt top when we met in 
February and so she made me some 
little pillow tucks with some of it....

Plus, she sent me this cute little pin
keep, that she made!  I just love it all
and I can't wait to get my shelf up to
display my bonnets and some other 
things!  Thanks so much, Lorna, you 
sure did spoil me and I love it all,
so much! You did a great job on every

I got a picture of the shelf, it
is not the best way to take a picture 
of a shelf, but here it is.

I got this shelf, a week ago and I was
hoping to get it painted the same color,
as the hutch, but we have had so much
rain.....I decided to just clean it up and
leave it the way at is.  Maybe my hubby
will help me get it hung up, tonight.
 It only has 3 pegs, so I will put one of 
the bonnets on the rack in the hallway.

I wish my hubby would hurry up and 
get home, I have a job for him!...he he

Well, I hope everyone is staying safe 
from all the bad weather, we have been
getting a lot of rain, and I know that 
 those in other states are getting a lot
and it is causing a lot of flooding. Please
be careful and don't drive into water.

Until next time....

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen