Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Decorating and Taking a Break

Hey everyone, I hope this finds you
all well.  I thought I would show ya
the shelf decorated....You may, or 
not remember this shelf, that I got
about a month ago. 

Anyway, we put it up and I put
three of the bonnets, that Lorna 
sent me, on it and some of the
other things she sent me in our 

I was thinking of putting some stack
boxes, where I put the game board, 
but I haven't gotten them painted, so 
this will work for now. When I get 
the boxes done, I will hang the game 
board in the hall, with my others.

I have some things coming up, that I 
am going to be doing, so I am going 
to take a break from blogging for a 
few weeks.  I have some projects, that
I want to work on and I will post all
about it, when I come back.....And I
will be having a giveaway to celebrate
2 years of blogging!  I can't believe 
that I have had something to 
blog about, for this long, but I guess
I have!  I want to thank you all for
hanging in there, with me. I sure do
appreciate all my followers and I 
think you all will like what I have in
mind for the giveaway!

See ya all in a few weeks!

Until then....

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen


  1. Karen,
    the shelf looks great! Enjoy your time off hope it is productive. See ya when you return. hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  2. I like the shelf, lots of great areas to decorate in it. Love the bonnets. Have fun with your projects, look forward to you returning to blogging. I have been a little behind reading blogs since my grandson was born 3 months early. Take care. Vicky

  3. Karen~
    Have some fun~ enjoy your projects~ will be thinking of you~

  4. Hi, Karen -

    Love how you've decorated the shelf. Looks great with all your goodies.

    Have a fun time off. :)

    Tracy Screaming Sardine

  5. Your shelf turned out great! Love your patriotic bear header too! ~*~Lisa

  6. Will miss you, but enjoy your self. Life is short I say, eat dessert first. Have fun and I love your bonnets on your shelf.

  7. Oh, I love the tiny firken with the flowers! The shelf looks great, lots of spaces for displaying treasures.
    Love the patriotic header!
    I think everyone deserves to take time away. Hope you get what you are looking for in your time off. I'll be waiting for you to return!

  8. Hi Karen,
    Your new shelf and goodies make for a great display! Enjoy your time away, we'll miss ya...


  9. I'm still waiting on a visit from you, haha! Just kidding, but I do miss you!

    Your shelf looks great! I love the bonnets hanging from the pegs and of course the old bobbins are wonderful! Mine are kinda all over... I need to get them in a group like yours, it's much more appealing that way.

    Well, with you taking a break from your blog maybe I can get caught up on it again. Hope to see you back in blogland soon and see what all you have been up to!

  10. Hi Karen ,love the shelf and the goodies you have on it .That itsy bitsy firkin is gorgeous!!Great bonnets and the spools look great .Have a wonderful time working on your projects.Hugs,Jen


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Bear Hugs~Karen