Monday, May 2, 2011

Goodies In The Mail

Hello friends....I can't believe
it has been so long since I posted!
I have lots of things to post about,
this one is supposed to be about some 
of the treasures I have been
finding, but I got some goodies in
the mail, that I want to show you all,
on this post....I will show you
all the treasures that I got at an 
auction, over the weekend, later.
My buddy, Lorna of Live Oak 
Primitive Peddler and I did a swap
and we both got our packages in 
the mail, today!  I was so excited, 
that I forgot to take a picture, when
 I opened the box....

I was only expecting 2, but she sent me 
4 prairie bonnets! They are just awesome!

She made me this whale tale candle
board.....I love the red and now I 
need to get some more candles so I
can grunge them up to put on it! Oh,
and I need to find a place to hang it.

I love the game boards she sent, I am
going to hang them in my hall with the
other ones I already have there. I had
given her a quilt top when we met in 
February and so she made me some 
little pillow tucks with some of it....

Plus, she sent me this cute little pin
keep, that she made!  I just love it all
and I can't wait to get my shelf up to
display my bonnets and some other 
things!  Thanks so much, Lorna, you 
sure did spoil me and I love it all,
so much! You did a great job on every

I got a picture of the shelf, it
is not the best way to take a picture 
of a shelf, but here it is.

I got this shelf, a week ago and I was
hoping to get it painted the same color,
as the hutch, but we have had so much
rain.....I decided to just clean it up and
leave it the way at is.  Maybe my hubby
will help me get it hung up, tonight.
 It only has 3 pegs, so I will put one of 
the bonnets on the rack in the hallway.

I wish my hubby would hurry up and 
get home, I have a job for him!...he he

Well, I hope everyone is staying safe 
from all the bad weather, we have been
getting a lot of rain, and I know that 
 those in other states are getting a lot
and it is causing a lot of flooding. Please
be careful and don't drive into water.

Until next time....

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen


  1. What wonderful goodies you got from Lorna! Love your shelf, too. :)


  2. Wow! I'm seeing more and more of those wonderful bonnets! Such wonderful items-let us know how you like your shelf! ~*~Lisa

  3. I love your bonnets and game boards and whale tail candle board.....I love it all! You did alright!

  4. Goodness Karen you really got some goodies. Can't wait to see your shelf hung!

  5. I love your bonnets,they are beautifu As you can tell, I have a bonnet obsession. He He Lorna really spoiled you, so many wonderful goodies. I love your shelf too. Hugs, Lecia

  6. Wow!
    Lorna sent so many fabulous goodies.
    Love them.

  7. Morning Karen - what a wonderful package of treasures...and so generous!


  8. Hi Karen... wow, look at all those wonderful Bonnets! I have one of Lorna's candle boards too, they are great, and mine is the same color as yours..

    Blessings, Traci

  9. HI, Karen~
    Beautiful prim bonnets from Lorna!!! The shelf is going to be so pretty~ post pics when you have it all done up!!

  10. Hey Karen, so glad you like all your goodies. I am equally happy with my stash. It was a fun swap!! Love the shelf, can't wait to see it all decorated.

  11. HI Karen, I LOVE everyhting you got! It is Christmas all over again!!
    You are a lucky gal!!!!!!!
    I am excited to see how you decorate with all you wonderful goodies. I will be waiting. Thanks for sharing. This was a great post with full of wonderful pictures!
    Spring Blessings,

  12. Wow, lucky you to get so many prairie bonnets and they are beautiful! The candle board is awesome too! Lots of great goodies you received!


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