Monday, April 25, 2011

Bad Weather

We have been having a lot of bad
weather, the last couple weeks,
lots of tornadoes.....Last night and
all day today, we had storms, 
tornadoes all over the place, too,
at one point, I got in the closet, 
because the sirens went off.  The
weather alert radio must have 
gone off at least 20 times, during 
the night and today.  Last week,
the South side of town got huge
hail stones.....Here are a couple
of pictures....

 I will be back with some more of 
the goodies I have bought, in the 
last month....

I hope you all pay close attention 
to the weather and stay safe!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen


  1. Karen, I just can't believe how bad the weather is all across the country! I pray for everyone's safety.
    Just watched the weather channel and we have friends that retired and moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas where 30 homes were damamged and we can't get ahold of them.
    Our weather here in Idaho is still cold and snow most every night but melts in the low areas. Many rivers are at flood stage and we haven't even warmed up yet! The mountains has lots of snow yet to melt.
    Will keep you in my prayers.

  2. I am amazed at how many tornados there were in such a short period of time..unreal..I am glad you are safe and sound..and those hail stones in the photos..are freaking huge...

  3. Hi Karen, I am glad you are safe and pray that you will continue to be. Bless your heart. Keep that weather radio close by and stay safe!!!

  4. Wow, that is some HUGE hail!!!! It's just terrible any more the way the weather is just going crazy, be safe!

  5. Last night was the first night we had bad storms all around us. We were lucky, we only had thunder storms here, but there were tornados in some of the little towns around us. We had 3 separate tornado warnings in Anderson County alone. We didn't have to take cover in our part of Anderson County, but it was close. We have to get ready for another round tonight. Stay safe!


  6. Stay safe Karen! The weather is so wicked in so many places, I feel for those effected...

    Blessings, Traci

  7. Oh my Karen, those hailstones are huge! I have been thinking of all my blogging friends in the Midwest as these horrible storms have been coming through...Hope you continue to be safe.

  8. Karen it is so frightening to have tornadoes close by. We had really strong winds yesterday and a hard rain. More predicted for today. Hope you stay safe. I couldn't believe the size of that hail!

  9. Keep your alert radio close. Hail that big can be destructive and very dangerous. Don't get caught in it! Hopefully, this season will pass. My thoughts are with you.


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