Saturday, April 16, 2011

Great Place For Treasure Hunting

Hey everyone, I hope you all are 
safe from the tornadoes, we had
one near here, the other night
and one took part of the roof off
of a house, Sunday night!  It looks
like it might be a bad Spring! We 
are lucky, though....I feel for those
that have lost loved ones. I would 
like to suggest that you all go out
and buy you a weather alert radio, 
they come with a battery back up
for about $30 and it could save 
your life!  Mine went off 3, or
4 times, the other night. It scares
ya, but it will let you know when 
there is a severe thunderstorm
watch or warning, tornado watch
or warning, even floods. I know
that I do not want to be laying in
bed asleep when a tornado is 
coming!  So, go buy yourself one,
I am glad I did!

Well, the reason that I got on here,
was to show you the pictures of the 
place that we went to, a couple weeks
ago....I intended on posting the 
pictures, before this, but I forgot.

These pictures were taken in just 
one small area of kitchen items.

This one is of just one direction in 
the toy area.  The place was huge!
You had to weave in and out 
between china cabinets, when you
first walked in the door!  I got a 
few spice tins at this place and I
am going to go back, that is for sure!

I will show you on another post the 
things that I have gotten at the flea
market and other places, soon.

Check out the picture with the toys,
see the doll on the left, with the 
maroon dress and the white hat? 
I got that same doll for Christmas
one year, I wish I still had her. I 
didn't even see her, until I looked
at the picture, on the computer.
Next time I go in, if she is still there,
I am going to see how much they 
are asking for her, I am not going
to buy her, I am just curious. You 
would not believe all the stuff in 
that place, you could be in there 
for a long time, checking it out!

We were going to go to the flea
market this weekend, but it was
cold this morning and a little windy,
so we decided to stay home.  We 
did walk to a little one, near our 
house and I got a white platter and
a yellow bowl.....I will show you 
what I did with the bowl on my 
next post.

Until next time....

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. That looks like a fun place to explore, lots of treasures there! I spotted the Pillsbury dough boy and I had one of the soft plastic ones when I was young, it was from a promotional thing you sent in box tops or something to get it, wish I still had him!

  2. LOVE to explore stores like that! What fun!

  3. Looks like a place I would love to go snooping around in. OH what fun!
    Prim Blessings

  4. it reminds me of my summer kitchen--before spring clean-up. I purged a lot of stuff but there is still a ton of things I can't let go of. lol

  5. I love to dig....looks like my kind of place! You never know where the rainbow leads you to! I hope you had a great time!

  6. Hey Karen, I would love to go digging through that shop!!
    Glad the tornado missed you. The devastation was terrrible that we saw on the news last night where they did get hit.
    Stay safe!!

  7. Wow that place is awesome good thing I can't go there i would be in big trouble and broke..hehe

    thanks for stoping by my Blog... question you said you have been to South Bass island but Not kelley's Island.. did you vacation in Ohio or are you from here..cause Oaklahoma is a long ways form Ohio and my little Island..

    Yes it is fun in the summer and I still love boating and Island Life!

    Have a great week!


  8. I could lose myself for days in a place like that!

  9. That doll looked like a Saucy Walker doll. Was It? What a great shope. I love going into places like that cause you feel like a real American Picker sorta. So much to see in one visit you have to go back many times to see it all and then it changes too.
    Have a great Easter.

  10. Living just north of you in tornado alley, I think we need one of those weather alert radios. It would be a great investment I'm sure!

    That looks like my kind of place and one that I could get lost in for hours!!

  11. where did you find this cool place? looks awesome


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