Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Helper and Tweeking

Hi everyone, I hate to say it, but I
have been slow in showing you some
of the things that I been buying at 
the flea market, lately....I was
doing some tweaking, that I want
to show you, but first I have to show
you my helper....He likes to help 
with every thing! We were cleaning
out the pantry and making room for
more food and, you guessed it, Chum
had to get in there, right after hubby
wiped the shelf off. Looks like he 
piled a lot on the shelf, above....

Is this for me to sit on?  He wasn't 
much help, but we got it all organized.
Chum likes to be in the middle of every
thing!  If you tell him NO, he gets mad.
He is spoiled.

I got this jar of lemons and strawberries
at a garage sale on the way to Texas...If 
you remember, I had one similar, full of
cookie cutters and I knocked it off the 
counter onto a large crock and broke it....
It is now full of cookie cutters.

I bought this bowl over the weekend,
thinking I would add it to my kitchen
decor, since I am slowly changing over
to sunflowers and crows, and the yellow
bowl would add to it. My hubby said 
he thought that the lemons and 
strawberries would look good in it....
I agree. So, here it is on the top of the

I had the cheese box up there, with 
the geraniums in it, so I added the daisies,
the sunflowers and a couple yellow mums
to it....The mums are on the ends.

Then I went to this....I added the coffee
grinder....It needs a couple screws in it
and a knob on the drawer front.

Then I changed the grinder for the 
old scale, I think I like it better, this
way....What do you think?

I have more in the works, I need to
make curtains and cover the seat on 
an old step stool....As you can see in
the pictures of the jar and bowl, I 
have a table runner, with sunflowers,
which I can't keep Chum off of.... 
For some reason, he thinks that  every
thing that comes in the house, is just
for him! Typical cat.....

Well, I have things to get done and 
the day is going by pretty fast!

We had tornadoes, again....They 
went North, South and East of us!
Severe thunder storms, last night
and this morning, too.  I hope you
all will get you a weather alert
radio.....They can save your life!

Take care and pay attention to
the weather, my friends.

Until next time...

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen


  1. I'm loving everything Karen. At one point in time, I was going to do my kitchen in Sunflowers. Purchased tons of stuff and then decided to go with roosters. Now everything is piled in the closet waiting for me to change my mind again.

    The weather in Ohio hasn't been that bad but it has been very wet. We have a flood watch until Saturday night. Hope nothing comes of it.

    Have a blessed Easter Karen,
    Hugs ~AMY~

  2. hi, Karen
    That looks familiar~ cleaning a shelf & getting help ~ yep right after it is cleaned they love it!!!!
    I really like the scale display!!! pretties Yes, pretties!
    Have a wonderful Easter~
    All keep safe!!

  3. Hi Karen,
    Great finds~ I like the display with the scale. Chum is so cute! I'm afraid to get a cat with having two dogs. My little Snoopy is like Chum when I tell him no his feelings get hurt too.
    Thanks for sharing and stay safe. We have sun today but calling for storms and a lot of rain this weekend here in VA.

  4. Karen ,
    Your helper may not have been very useful , but he sure is a cutie! I love the new goodies I like the display on the fridge the cheesebox and bowl of fruit go nicely together kudos to the hubby lol just dont tell him lol Ohio has been stormy and wet , but not violent thankfully ! Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter! hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  5. Love that cat! Isn't life more interesting with them?

  6. Lovely display Karen, I like the scale the best! Chum is a cutey, I laughed when you said he liked to be in the midst of everything and you are right, a typical cat! Stay safe with all of these terrible storms, hope it eases up soon,

  7. Love the flowers in the cheese box. I have a bunch of those.I'm going to put some flowers in one! Thanks for sharing! I also use them open side out as shelves for old spice tins!

  8. hey Karen, love the goodies you picked the look above your fridge too..and of course little chum is a little stinker..;) our cats help us too :)

  9. This looks great Karen, I love seeing yellow this time of year.

  10. Chum is darling! LOL on the helping part, at least he showed up at the job site. Love your new finds and how you used them, especially love the yellow bowl.

  11. I think the crows and sunflowers in your kitchen will look great! Yellow is such a pretty color, especially for a kitchen. Splashes of red like with the geraniums and strawberries will really pop and go well with what you are doing. I like it all... like the scale better than the grinder but they both look good.


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