Friday, February 26, 2010

Goodies in the Mail

I wanted to show you all what my buddy, Gina sent me!
I got this in the mail, just before I left for Texas....As you
can see, there aren't any M n Ms, she sent a couple
packs and hubby and I shared them.....How sweet of her to
send me all this stuff!   She made me the candle mat with a
bear, you can see a close up picture of it, below. Thanks so
 much, Gina, I love it all!  Gina makes some wonderful
prims, if you haven't been on her blog, go check it out!  You
can find her at Cat Nap Inn Primitives and check out her
selling blog, while you are there for a visit!

I am trying to figure out this updated version of editor.....
I think I might have it figured out.....I think I'll try larger
font next time......Well, I hope you all have a great weekend.
Next time I will be posting some prints that I got in Texas!

Thanks for stopping by...

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tipsy Thursday

Hello friends, this thing isn't working right, but
I will try to post this tip....Tip for today: Hot
water kills yeast. One way to tell the correct
temperature is to pour the water over your forearm.
If you cannot feel either hot or cold, the temperature
is just right. I haven't tried this one, but I will.
Hope you are all having a great week!

Bear Hugs~Karen

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Treasures I Found

Hello every one, I thought I would make a
quick post to show you all some things I have
found on my hunts....I got these 3 graniteware
pie pans at a fleamarket in Michingan when I
was up there last summer. I tell ya I was finding
some stuff, cheap! I saw one of these in an antique
mall, last week, for $12.....I got the three of them
for $7.....One had $2.50 on it and I paid $2 and the
other two I got for $5.....They are in great shape, only
have some tiny chips and the brown on one of them
might come off with an SOS pad. I even got a big crock
that I wrapped in bubble wrap, then I put in a cloth
tote bag and carried it on the plane....I put it under
the seat in front of me, not overhead....I didn't want
it to fall out on my head! I love the little fleamarket
that we go to while there, trouble is I am always
finding things I want to get, but can't take on
the plane.....Oh well, guess I didn't need what ever
it was, anyway. I can't remember now, so I guess
it wasn't that important.

I found an old basket at a sale, up in a storage
building at a great price......25 cents! The metal
tin punch is open at the bottom, so I thought I would
paint it and make a hanging light for over my kitchen
sink.....I can't find my hanging light kit, so I will have
to buy another one.....I thought I would also add some
links to the chandelier, in the dining room, to make it
hang a little lower.
Well, I better get back to work on this room, I haven't
gotten much done, today....As soon as I get it done, I will
post some pictures....Then I will be able to paint and sew
and I won't have to take stuff out to the dining room to
Until next time~
Bear Hugs~Karen

Monday, February 22, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Hello everyone, it's time to meet another
bear....I don't think I posted a Bearheart
bear on the first Monday of the month and
I have two left, so you get to meet both of
of them today....The first one is Patricia P.
Bearheart, she is 12" tall & is wearing a navy
blue jumper with red trim and a cute little
heart on the bodice. Underneath she is wearing
red bloomers with blue trim and on her head
she has a red headband with a blue print bow.
She of course, has a star on her foot. Below is
her little sister, Maggie B. Bearheart.....

Maggie is a tomboy and loves to dress like a
boy! She is smaller at 10" tall and she is
wearing red denim bib overalls with a star
on her pocket. She has on underneath a navy
blue print blouse, like Jennifer's and a cute
red demim, floppy hat, also with a star. She
has two tiny hearts on her foot....Maggie was
a present from a friend who came down to help
me celebrate my birthday, several years ago...
...shhhhh.....Don't tell anyone, it was my 50th!

Well, I have been working on this computer/
craft room for 3 days now and I'm still not done!
I am sorting as I organize, so I can take some
more stuff to Texas to get it out of my way! It was
hard to get around in here, let alone find anything
I wanted....There are a lot of bloggers having give-
aways, so check them out and sign up for some of
the fantastic crafts and prims....
I hope you are all having a great week, stay warm.
Until next time~Thanks for stopping by!
Bear Hugs~Karen

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hello Blogging Buddies.....I just got back
from Texas, again.....I went down on Monday
and I got back Friday evening....I went down
to get a sewing table that I bought from one of
my neighbors.....I visited several of my friends
while I was down there & I had a good time! So,
now I need to get to work on this computer/craft
room today.....But, I wanted to take the time to
show you all some of the pictures I have been
taking.....This first one is of the snow we got on
Thursday, last week....I think it is the first snow
that we have gotten since I moved here, about
3 years ago.....Anyway, I was trying to be a little
different, so I took this one through the glass in
my front door, looking at the tree across the
street....I have some others of the house that
look like the house is chopped up like a puzzle.
I might post them another time, since I already
have the pictures of Texas, already below....

I took the pictures below, on the way
back home.

The is an old oil well pump and it is still
working....I saw several of them, but I was
almost past them when I saw them and I was
in a hurry to get home before hubby, so I didn't
want to turn around....I will get more pictures
of Texas after it greens up.....Wait till you see
the wildflowers that bloom in the Spring, it is

This old windmill is at the edge of town in Quitman,
home of Sissy Spacek, the actress.

This is the Red River, it is the border between
Texas and Oklahoma....

Well, I guess I had better get to work....

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Bear Hugs~Karen

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tipsy Thursday

Hello everyone, it is Thursday already and time

for "Tipsy Thursday''....Today's tip....

When boiling corn, add a little sugar to it,

instead of salt, salt makes it tough. The sugar

will make it taste more like it is fresh out of the


Well, that is the tip for today, hope it helps!

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen

Monday, February 15, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Good Morning Friends....I hope you all
had a great weekend! I went shopping
on Saturday, in Texas and got some thing
at Hobby Lobby and Home Depot. I could
go nuts in Home Depot! I love looking at
all the tile and flooring....Trouble is, if I have
more than two things to choose from, I have
a hard time making up my mind.....My hubby
says "If you were a horse between two hay
stacks, you would starve to death before you
made up your mind".......And he is probably
right!!!.....LOL....Oh well, what can I say????
I guess I had better introduce you to the next
bear in the Bearheart family, so here she is....
This is "Becca Bearheart".....She is about 16"
tall, wearing a red denim dress with navy
trim and the two hearts, like the rest of the
family has. She is wearing red bloomers with
navy trim, a navy denim hat with red hearts and
two hearts on her left foot.She could go to any
Valentine party in this cute little outfit.

And her close up shot...

I hope you all enjoy meeting Becca today...She is a
Boyd's bear, with the cutest face! I love the bears all over
the house, but they need to get up and shake the dust off,
every once in a while...
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have
a great week!
Until next time~
Bear Hugs~Karen

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope you all are having a great day! I
thought I would post these Valentine's from
my hubby's Kindergarten & some from
1st grade.These are from the mid to late 50's..
I am kinda tellin' how old he is, don't tell him
I am posting this!....LOL....I see that I even got
a birthday card in with them. I don't have any
thing, like this, from when I was a kid....Heck,
I sold my dolls after I got married and they are
worth something today.....I even had the first
Barbie....Sure wish I had kept all those dolls. I
had some bigger dolls that were ladies, I would
call them, with jointed arms and fancy dresses....
One of my dolls, was about as tall as me when I
got her; I can't remember her name, but she was
about 3 ft tall with dark hair....I could probably
find some pictures of her around here if I look
through all the old photos I have stashed away.
Well, the snow melted and now today, it is
snowing again....It sure has been a cold winter....
I guess I had better get to work on packing some of
this stuff in the computer room, I need to get it out
of the way, so I have room for the sewing table I am
going to go pick up, tomorrow....
Well, I hope all you ladies got some flowers or candy
from your sweeties....I didn't want the candy since
I am trying to lose weight and I said I didn't want any
flowers because I am going to be gone and I won't be
here to enjoy them....I will just buy some Spring
flowers,one of these days and hope that Spring is not
far behind!
Don't forget "Meet a Bear Monday"....I hope to set the
post up before I go, or maybe tonight....I also got a package
from my sweet friend, Gina....I will post what she sent me,
Until next time~
Bear Hugs~Karen

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Tipsy Thursday"

Hello, everyone....It is late and I am still
up, so I thought I would go ahead and post
you a tip for my first "Tipsy Thursday!"
This post will not have a picture, because
it really doesn't require one. ....
Tip for today...
Do you know how to tell if your eggs are still good?
You can test the freshness of eggs by placing
them in a large bowl or pan of cold water; if
they float, do not use them. Never use cracked
eggs because they may contain bacteria.
Well, I hope this gives you a little info. that
you might not have already known.
Thanks for taking the time to stop by!
Until next time, stay warm!
Bear Hugs~Karen

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Something I Painted

Hello Blogging Buddies! Now don't go into
shock because I am posting two days in a row!
I have been sorting things around here, lately
and I came across this painting I did, back in
1994...It's Noah's Ark on a chalkboard....I do
remember that it took me a long time to paint
over that dark color of the slate. Around the
frame, it says..."If Noah had been very wise, he
would have swatted those two flies" I had trouble
getting a good picture of it, I hung it in the hall and
there wasn't much room for the flash, so here it is
with the flash on.....

And with the flash off....

I painted a lot, years back and I think the only
things that I still have left, are this chalkboard,
a sawblade that I painted my hubby, and the first
thing I painted, which was a couple eggs on a table.
I have been seeing what everyone is painting and I
am getting in the mood again! So, when I get this
room all cleaned out, organized and I make room
for a big sewing table I bought, I am going to be
crafting again. What I did over the summer, did
not sell in the shop, I had it in....I will have to sell
online, this is just not the area to sell crafts in, except
the big show that I couldn't get into. They just have
the same people there, over and over and don't let
others in. I quit crafting for years and now I wish
I hadn't....Blogging has gotten me wanting to craft, I
need to dosomething besides reading every interesting
blog that I come across! I hope you all will come back
to see what I have been doing.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget that I am
starting, "Tipsy Thursday" this week...

I hope you are all having a great week!

Until next time, my friends~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Monday, February 8, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Hello everyone, my how time flies, I can't believe
it is Monday already & time for "Meet a Bear Monday"...
Since it is close to Valentine's Day, I thought I would
introduce you to one of the "Bearheart" family....She
is "Jennifer B. Bearheart" and she is 16" tall. She is
wearing one of her favorite blue denim jumpers, with
hearts sewn on it. Underneath, she is wearing a navy
blue print blouse and red denim bloomers....She won't
leave the house without a matching bow in her hair. Ya
know a girl has to look her best when she is out shopping;
you never know who you might run into! Next week, you
will meet another one of the family, there are several.....

Well, I hope you all are safe & warm and didn't

get too much of the white stuff! Where we live, here in

Oklahoma, the ice and snow always misses us, we keep

getting rain, rain & more rain! I guess the rain is ok, at

least, we don't have over 30 inchesof snow, like a friend

of mine has! I hope you all have a great week! I will

start my "Tipsy Thursday" this week, so don't forget to

come by for that. If you haven't read about it, I will be

posting a helpful hint for around the house, or for in the

kitchen; cooking, etc....So, please come stop by for that

and thank you for visiting my blog, I so enjoy your comments.

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Old Spice Tins and Ideas

Hello Blogging Buddies!
I decided to get out of the house, yesterday to go
to one of my favorite antique malls and look what
I found! I got all these spice tins for $1.25 each!
I couldn't believe the price when I picked up
the first one....The nutmeg tin is a reproduction,
but I liked it anyway....I got the berry stems to put
in a crock....I love to stay home, but I have to get
out of the house about once a week.....And when I
do, I don't like to shop, unless it is at an antique
mall, or a fleamarket.... :) I think we are going to
head down to a fleamarket this weekend to find
goodies, that I don't need!

Oh, something else I wanted to say is, next week, I
am going to start having "Tipsy Thursday"......No,
I will not be getting sloshed, I will be posting a helpful
household hint, for things around the house, or for cooking.
Not that I love to cook, but I thought I would share with
you all some hints, that you might be able to use.
I will still be having "Meet a Bear Monday".......I will
be posting in between, also......So, please come back, I
appreciate all of my new blogging friends!
Until next time, stay warm!
Bear Hugs~Karen

Monday, February 1, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Hello, Bear Lovers!
It is Monday again and time to meet anotherbear....
This is "Kristen T. Beansley" and she is aBoyd's bear.
She is stuffed with beans or pellets,I don't know which....
She has "Gold Edition" on one of her feet. Only "Gold"
dealers could sell her....There were different labels for
dealers, gold, platinum,silver and I don't know what else.
I don't know what all the labels are for, maybe it was by how
many they stocked, or ordered, or sold. For those of you
that don't know anything about Boyd's, they have a huge
barn full of bears and friends for sale in Gettysburg,
Pennsylvania! It is quite the place to see! They built one
in Tennessee, but I guess they closed it about a year, or so,
after they opened it.
Here she is laying on her wicker lounge yearning
for summer and a cool glass of lemonade!
She says it is getting a little warm in here, will
someone bring me a glass of lemonade, please???

Well, it's not going to be me! I have to let the
cat in and out all the time, I draw the line on
waiting on the bears!!! I wouldn't have any time
for blogging if I had to wait on all the bears around
here.....Geeze, you have to have some priorities,
don't you???

Well, I guess I better get something done around here!
Also, I would like to thank those who left such nice
compliments about my granddaughter! I forgot to tell
you all that she also has a job, so she is very busy, between
the job and studying!

I hope you all have a great week and thanks for stopping by
and making my blog a part of your day, whether you leave
a comment or not. I so appreciate all of my new friends that
have signed on to read my blog; a big thank you to all!

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen