Monday, February 22, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Hello everyone, it's time to meet another
bear....I don't think I posted a Bearheart
bear on the first Monday of the month and
I have two left, so you get to meet both of
of them today....The first one is Patricia P.
Bearheart, she is 12" tall & is wearing a navy
blue jumper with red trim and a cute little
heart on the bodice. Underneath she is wearing
red bloomers with blue trim and on her head
she has a red headband with a blue print bow.
She of course, has a star on her foot. Below is
her little sister, Maggie B. Bearheart.....

Maggie is a tomboy and loves to dress like a
boy! She is smaller at 10" tall and she is
wearing red denim bib overalls with a star
on her pocket. She has on underneath a navy
blue print blouse, like Jennifer's and a cute
red demim, floppy hat, also with a star. She
has two tiny hearts on her foot....Maggie was
a present from a friend who came down to help
me celebrate my birthday, several years ago...
...shhhhh.....Don't tell anyone, it was my 50th!

Well, I have been working on this computer/
craft room for 3 days now and I'm still not done!
I am sorting as I organize, so I can take some
more stuff to Texas to get it out of my way! It was
hard to get around in here, let alone find anything
I wanted....There are a lot of bloggers having give-
aways, so check them out and sign up for some of
the fantastic crafts and prims....
I hope you are all having a great week, stay warm.
Until next time~Thanks for stopping by!
Bear Hugs~Karen

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