Monday, February 15, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Good Morning Friends....I hope you all
had a great weekend! I went shopping
on Saturday, in Texas and got some thing
at Hobby Lobby and Home Depot. I could
go nuts in Home Depot! I love looking at
all the tile and flooring....Trouble is, if I have
more than two things to choose from, I have
a hard time making up my mind.....My hubby
says "If you were a horse between two hay
stacks, you would starve to death before you
made up your mind".......And he is probably
right!!!.....LOL....Oh well, what can I say????
I guess I had better introduce you to the next
bear in the Bearheart family, so here she is....
This is "Becca Bearheart".....She is about 16"
tall, wearing a red denim dress with navy
trim and the two hearts, like the rest of the
family has. She is wearing red bloomers with
navy trim, a navy denim hat with red hearts and
two hearts on her left foot.She could go to any
Valentine party in this cute little outfit.

And her close up shot...

I hope you all enjoy meeting Becca today...She is a
Boyd's bear, with the cutest face! I love the bears all over
the house, but they need to get up and shake the dust off,
every once in a while...
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have
a great week!
Until next time~
Bear Hugs~Karen

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  1. I love, love, love Hobby Lobby.
    I have a hard time deciding like you do too. I'm glad your husband can tease you about it, that's great!
    When I was reading your description of Becca's clothing, I suddenly pictured her coming down a runway at a fashion show! :D
    She's sweet!!


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