Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope you all are having a great day! I
thought I would post these Valentine's from
my hubby's Kindergarten & some from
1st grade.These are from the mid to late 50's..
I am kinda tellin' how old he is, don't tell him
I am posting this!....LOL....I see that I even got
a birthday card in with them. I don't have any
thing, like this, from when I was a kid....Heck,
I sold my dolls after I got married and they are
worth something today.....I even had the first
Barbie....Sure wish I had kept all those dolls. I
had some bigger dolls that were ladies, I would
call them, with jointed arms and fancy dresses....
One of my dolls, was about as tall as me when I
got her; I can't remember her name, but she was
about 3 ft tall with dark hair....I could probably
find some pictures of her around here if I look
through all the old photos I have stashed away.
Well, the snow melted and now today, it is
snowing again....It sure has been a cold winter....
I guess I had better get to work on packing some of
this stuff in the computer room, I need to get it out
of the way, so I have room for the sewing table I am
going to go pick up, tomorrow....
Well, I hope all you ladies got some flowers or candy
from your sweeties....I didn't want the candy since
I am trying to lose weight and I said I didn't want any
flowers because I am going to be gone and I won't be
here to enjoy them....I will just buy some Spring
flowers,one of these days and hope that Spring is not
far behind!
Don't forget "Meet a Bear Monday"....I hope to set the
post up before I go, or maybe tonight....I also got a package
from my sweet friend, Gina....I will post what she sent me,
Until next time~
Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. This brings back memories.I used to get very sad when I was little because my older sister always got far more Valentines than I did. :D
    It's awesome so many of your husband's survived all these years.
    Thanks so much for the comment in my blog, you are such a nice lady and I appreciate your concern very much!

  2. love those cards....they are certainly a treasure.:)

  3. Thanks for the memories!!! I saved all of the cards from my kids school parties when they started school, I should give them to them now...but not sure they will appreciate those cute cards right now.

    Thanks for stopping by to visit me, it means alot!

  4. Oh Wow!! He's got a small fortune there, does he realize that? Lol! They are hard to find anymore and when you do, they are so expensive! That is a very impressive collection!! Love it!


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