Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hello everyone, I thought I would
try out the new blogger system, since
it changed me to the new one, I didn't
do it!  I have some things that I want
to post, but for tonight, I thought I 
would just post an old barn picture,
that I took in Texas a long time ago.
(If this thing will work for me, that is.)

I had been hearing complaints about
blogger changing, but this picture loaded
pretty fast and so I will leave you with
this barn with blue bonnets painted 
on it!  I have some things to share with
you all, but it will have to wait.  I have
been getting more things around to 
take to the antique mall, mostly things
that we brought back from Texas,
over the weekend. I am on a mission 
to get rid of a lot of stuff! I took a tote
and a box full of things on Tuesday 
when I had to work, it was my first 
day at running the mall. I guess I did
pretty good, the owner hasn't called
and said I made any mistakes, yet!

Until next time~Karen

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I've Been Busy!

I hope you all are having a great
week!  I have been really busy 
since I last posted. Weekend 
before last, we priced a lot of 
things and went to set up a booth
in an antique mall, then on 
Monday, I was going to go to Texas,
but I was too tired to drive that far. 
There were bad storms South of us, so 
I decided to go on Tuesday, not 
knowing there were going to be 16
tornadoes!  I was about and hour
and a half on the road and my hubby
called and said to turn the radio on,
there were tornadoes all over Dallas!
I called Lorna Bunger and she was
at Canton, not far from me, good 
thing, because she had been in Dallas
to see the doctor! I told her it was a
good thing she had gotten out of Dodge!
Anyway, she kept going East and I kept
going South and a couple of the towns
that we had gone thru, had tornadoes, 
after we had been through there! Whew!
But we made it and we got to meet

up on Wednesday! I had to laugh at
my hair, it looked good in the mirror!
It has a mind of it's own, I think. I am
in between hair cuts, trying to get it
grown out some, now if I would just
leave the scissors in the drawer!
Back to our get together, we met at
the antique mall, bought some goodies
and then we went to lunch and we 
had such a great time! Lorna's hubby
took several pictures of us and I kept
laughing, because he kept making 
faces while he was taking then and
I just kept cracking up! Now on the
other hand, the pics of Lorna were
all good! Thanks, David for for all
the laughs!
I guess I better show you what I 
bought at the antique mall!

I bought this corner cabinet! This is
in the dining room, which I still 
haven't finished, since working on
the kitchen, so I better get back
at it....The table, made from an old 
sewing machine, is Chum's perch
to look out on the patio. 
I have several things around here,
that I bought awhile back, so I will
post them, another time.  

I got back from TX, on Friday
afternoon, with a loaded van and
hubby and I marked and marked
things for the antique mall. We took
it over on Saturday and then had
to get ready for company on Monday.
Needless to say, I haven't done 
much of anything, since the company

There seems to be something about
things needing fixed or replaced
all at once!  My fridge in TX is a
gonner, had to get all new tires on 
my van, oil changed and the
front end lined up. Then the hot 
water started leaking and flooded
the laundry room! This makes 6
floods in this house in 5 yrs....Some
were from other things, but a mess,
just the same! When I got down to
the other house, I discovered that 
we have 10 dead trees in our yard,
from the drought, last summer! 
Someone told me that the tree 
cutting services, around there want
$1,000 a tree!  We have cut trees
ourselves, so I guess we will have
to do the ones that we can do.

Hubby came home with these 
mushrooms, last night. They were given 
to him and I was lucky to get a picture
before he got them all cut up to soak,
looking forward to have them with 
supper tonight. 

One last thing, Chum turned 2 yrs
old, last week. He is getting so big, he
weighs 15 lbs, already! He's Momma's
big boy.....

Well, I need to figure out what I want
to do for my next rug hooking project.
I want to get started on it, right away...
Oh, that reminds me, l got a stool on 
the way back home, with a hooked top
on it, which I will show you all later,
when I post some of the goodies I gotten, 
this past month or so.

I hope you all are having great 
weather, I have seen where some states
 have been getting snow, again!

Thanks for stopping by and I do 
appreciate all your comments.
Also, welcome
to my newest followers....

Until next time....

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen