Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where I Put The Box and Chumlee

Hello, Blogging Buddies!

I hope you all are having a great
week.  I am not getting much done,
but I know I am going to do better,
tomorrow.....I hope anyway!  I said
I would share with you all where I
put the box I got last week. I put it
by the snack bar, in the dining room,
under another box, and a little tool
carrier, that I already had sitting there.

I also got a couple pics of Chumlee
today, getting into things, like normal
kitties do!

Here he is in a cheese box under
the sewing table....

Here he is in a hat, in the basket, that 
hubby keeps a couple of his hats, his
cell phone and his little tool pouch in,
when not in use.....Ken said he had seen
him trying to fit his butt in the hat,
yesterday......He is over twice the
size he was when he came to live with
us, in June.  He sure is growing fast
and he sure runs fast!  You can see him
in one room and turn your head and
he is in the other room! Some times I
swear, we must have two black kittens
in the house!

He is so spoiled, he wants me to hold
all the time, like a little kid!  He is so
much fun, though.

Thanks to all of you who leave me
comments and take time to read  my
blog, I really appreciate it!  Welcome
to my new followers, I am glad you
signed on.

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm Late For Meet A Bear Monday

Good Evening....
I didn't get to post a bear last night,
because we had one doozy of a storm! 
I don't think I have heard such loud
thunder in a long time!  Chum sure
wondered what ta heck was going on!

Well, on to this week's bear....His name
is Lincoln B. Bearington, and he is one
the mohair collection, that they named
after the presidents....He, of course was
named after President Abraham Lincoln.

He is about 16" tall and is wearing
just a blue satin tie with bear paw prints
on it.

I bought the chair, he is sitting on,
at the fleamarket, over a week ago,
for the whopping price of $2....It could
use a paint job, and the seat sanded
and stained....Here it is without him....

I even got a cast iron corn bread
pan with the shapes of ears of
corn in it for $1....I have gotten some
good stuff at this fleamarket....I wish it
wasn't so hot, I didn't go into any of 
the buildings, this last time, because of
the heat.  It was a little cooler here,
today, but it is going to be back up to
97 or 98 degrees
again on Friday and Saturday.
Nothing like wishing your life away,
but come on October!!!

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wooden Box I Found

Good Afternoon, Friends...
I hope you all are staying cool
enough in this heat.  I guess we
are going to have a few days of
cooler weather, next week, and
that sure is better than the 95-97
degrees we have been having.  I
am one of those that likes Autumn,
although, I refer to it as Fall. 
Anyway, here is a box I found at a
resale shop, yesterday.  It is not
old, but I liked it and you can't
beat the price of $3....I will show
ya later where I decide to put it.

I found some beadboard for my
hutch and I finally was able to get
some paint mixed for it.
(Only took 5 trips to the store)
So, I plan on painting it tomorrow.

Well, that is it for today....

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Christmas in July Swap

Good Evening, friends....I have to tell
ya that we are having swaps
over on the Prim Pals Forum, and
they are a lot of fun!  Besides getting
to know our friends a little better, we
are getting some fantastic things in the
mail!  This month we did a "Christmas
in July" swap, and I received a box full
of wonderful goodies from Donna of

First of all, she wrote me a poem about
Santa arriving on a jet ski, one hot night
in July....It is such a cute card, I did take
a close up picture of it, but the print was
a little fuzzy and I used the last picture in
the camera.

She sent me this wonderful, prim Santa,
that a friend of her's made....I just love
him!  Also, in the box, there was a
red/green checked garland, that Donna
made, along with a wooden bowl of
gingerbread men that she made and
dipped in vanilla scented wax...
Oh my, they smell
soooo delish....and I can tell ya the
candle that she included, smells even
better!  It's from
"Our Own Candle Company" and
is "Holiday Wreath"......And
it is made in the USA!  She had to
send some chocolate, too.....So, she
sent a little tin full of Tootsie Rolls.....
.....mmmm...Several are missing from
the tin....  ;)    I have been having  so 
much fun getting to know the gals on
Prim Pals Forum!  And Donna is one of
 my favorites....A big Thank you, Donna,
I love, love, love it all!

I have made so many friends since
I started blogging!   I have had to live away
from my family, for a lot of years and let me
tell ya that it really helps to have lots of
friends, that you can count on!  I even had
to leave my friends in Texas, but I talk to
them and I get to see them, so that makes
it easier. 
Our next swap is a Autumn Harvest Swap
and I know it is going to be another great
one!  I have done 3 of them now, and I can
tell ya, I have been thrilled with
everything that I have gotten!  These gals
are so talented and creative!

I would also like to thank everyone that
stopped by, and took the time to
say, "Happy Anniversary".....It means
a lot to me, that you took the time to leave
me comments....Thanks so much!  I had
a great day and then went out to eat.

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Monday, July 19, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday and Our Anniversary

Hello friends....
I swear that Mondays are coming
 around so fast, that we must be
missing a day, here and there, out
 of the week!  I have another Boyd's
bear to show you, her name is
"Rosemarie Bearsley" and she is
about 12" tall.  She is wearing a
lavender gingham checked dress
and bloomers, along with a
matching hair ribbon.

Her dress has a satin ribbon along
the hem and at the waist, (which is
adorned with satin roses)....She has
a rose on her on her headband, also.

It is very hard to remember everything
about all the bears, I wish I had written
it all down....She has a "Boyds Bear
Country" and "Exclusive Edition" on
her right foot, so she must have been
sold at the Big Ol' Barn, only.  She also
has a lavender watering can on her left
foot, for what reason, I do not know.
I have several bears in the computer/
craft room, that are dressed in lavender.

Well, today is our anniversary, we got
married the weekend they walked on
the moon!  Tomorrow is the anniversary
for that event!  It sure doesn't seem like
it has been that long!  Time flies when
you are having fun!

On my next post, I will show you all
what I got for my Christmas in July
swap, from Donna of One Simple
Country Girl.....She sent me some
awesome stuff!  She won my give
away, so she got a box of goodies
from me, too....These swaps are so
much fun!

We went to a little fleamarket on
Saturday morning and I got a cute
little chair and stitchery....We didn't
stay long, it was HOT....It said that
the heat index was going to be 110
degrees, and I believe it was! Every
one has been complaining about the
heat, this summer.....It is like this
every summer for us in the South,
from May~September!  I hate it, I
would love to be in Oregon, right now,
my niece said it was in the 60's today
and it was 44 degrees around 3 AM,
this morning!  I think we all could use
a little of that cold air!  We can only
dream about it, for a few months!

I hope you all are having a great start
to your week....

Thanks for stopping by~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Friday, July 16, 2010

Treasure Hunting

Hello everyone....I have been
sorting, cleaning and organizing
 my craft room and closet.  I guess
I forgot just how much stuff I
stashed here and there!  I bought
some more of those plastic drawers.
I got a 3 drawer set like the wide
ones I already had and I snapped
them together to make it a 6 drawer
set.  I also got two sets of the pink ones
that they have on sale now, for college
students and I snapped them together.
I went through the boxes in the closet
and put a lot of it, in the drawers, so
maybe I can find something when I
want it!

I got a lot of treasures last weekend
and also about a month ago, that I
didn't get around to post, so I have
a few pictures to show ya.

I have really gotten into collecting
wood things lately, it seems. The big
bucket in the back was a sewing basket
at one time, it has holes where the legs
were taken off.  I got it at a sale, and a
couple other things there, and the rest
of it, I got in an antique mall in
Arkansas.  The little tea set in the box,
is from Boyds, so I got that.  I will paint
the hanging baskets and I want to start
cross stitching, so I bought all this floss
and aida cloth.


I got this chenille bedspread there, to
cut up and make things with.  It has a
couple holes in it, but that doesn't matter
when you are going to use it crafting.

A closer view of the flowers....

I bought all this stuff about a month
ago....I bought the christmas material
at one sale and the rest at another sale.
All the cross stitch kits and aida cloth
was crammed in the plastic storage bag.
I got a lot at that sale!  I even bought a
sewing machine for $15.00!  Let me see
if I can find a picture of it, so you can
see it.  It's a Kenmore and she said that
she didn't have a book for it or any of
the attachments.  I bought it anyway,
thinking that I could use it if my other
one is in the shop.  Which I have had to
have fixed before.

I had a lot of other things that I had
been looking at and buying so I didn't
pay too close attention to it.  She said
she had never used it, her kids bought
it for her from someone.  Well, I got
it home and noticed that it was a free
arm on the front and it opened up....

And look what was inside!  Attachments,
needles, bobbins and more!  I got a great
deal on it, didn't I?  So, now that I am
organized, I have two sewing machines
and a place to sew and paint, I need to
get to crafting!  So, that is on the agenda
for next week.  Tomorrow I need to clean
house and do some laundry.  It's too hot
to do much outside, except water the
garden and the flowers.

We are doing swaps on Prim Pals Forum,
if any of you would like to come join in on
the fun!  We are doing a Christmas in July
and I will post what I get, probably in the
next few days.  I have met some wonderful
gals on the forum, I know they will be my
friends, forever more! Just click on the
PP Forum picture on the side bar and it
will take you there.

Well, that is all for tonight, I hope you
all have had a great week and thanks
for stopping by.

Until next time...

Bear Hugs

Monday, July 12, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Hello Bear Lovers...
It is late Monday night and
time to meet another bear. I
can't believe how fast Mondays
have been coming around!  It
won't be long and school will be
starting, here in the South.....Well,
on to the bear, this one is a Boyd's
 bear and his name is T. Dean

He is 10" tall and is dressed in
blue denims, with suspenders
and  a muslin, button up the front,
shirt....He is also wearing a blue
 and white bow tie to match his
suspenders.  His shirt and pants
have patches on them, a red and
white one on his shirt and a blue
and white one on his denims. I
can't remember who he was
named after, somebody on Wall
Street, I think, but I am not
sure........I used to be able to
look them up on the site, but
I don't think they have info going
back to the 90's,  anymore.  I have
lots more to show ya, if I can keep
Chumlee out of them!  He is
finding more things in the house,
since he is about twice the size he
 was a month ago, when I brought
him home.

On my next post, I will show you
all some goodies that I got, while out
and about. I have some I got awhile
back and didn't post, plus what I got
over the weekend.

Well, I decided on a different color
for the hutch, so I went to get the
color mixed.....You guessed it, they
 couldn't mix it....I think it has been
almost 2 wks, now, and 4 trips to
get it, so I guess the next time I will
 go to Ace and get it mixed
there.....Oh well, we need to get
the beadboard for the back, anyway. 
And another project will be in the
works, we are going to make a ladder
for hanging under the light, in the
kitchen....I hope the wood
is wide enough....I have lots of kitchen
gadgets to hang from it. I got some
more of those plastic drawers at the
store and I have been going through
boxes in my computer/craft room
and I am trying to organize it some. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope
 you all are staying cool.  I am, because
I am staying in the house most of the

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Belted Galloway

Hello Friends, I try to post a
picture or a tip on Thursday, but
some times I forget....So, tonight I
have some pictures of some cattle,
that are different from the black
and white ones, that I have seen.
Hubby says they are called "Belted
Galloways"....I looked them up to 
learn a bit about them.  Most of them
on this ranch are black and white,
but there were a few that were brown
and white. There were a lot of them,
that you couldn't see in the pictures.

Black and white.

I got out of the van to take the pictures
and I spooked this little one, he took off
running right after I got the picture.

I read that they are a rare beef breed
of cattle which originated from
Galloway, SW Scotland!  Pedigree
and data records are kept to preserve
the purity of this breed.

This is the only place I have ever seen
them....I thought they were
really cool and that you all might
like to see them, too.

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen