Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where I Put The Box and Chumlee

Hello, Blogging Buddies!

I hope you all are having a great
week.  I am not getting much done,
but I know I am going to do better,
tomorrow.....I hope anyway!  I said
I would share with you all where I
put the box I got last week. I put it
by the snack bar, in the dining room,
under another box, and a little tool
carrier, that I already had sitting there.

I also got a couple pics of Chumlee
today, getting into things, like normal
kitties do!

Here he is in a cheese box under
the sewing table....

Here he is in a hat, in the basket, that 
hubby keeps a couple of his hats, his
cell phone and his little tool pouch in,
when not in use.....Ken said he had seen
him trying to fit his butt in the hat,
yesterday......He is over twice the
size he was when he came to live with
us, in June.  He sure is growing fast
and he sure runs fast!  You can see him
in one room and turn your head and
he is in the other room! Some times I
swear, we must have two black kittens
in the house!

He is so spoiled, he wants me to hold
all the time, like a little kid!  He is so
much fun, though.

Thanks to all of you who leave me
comments and take time to read  my
blog, I really appreciate it!  Welcome
to my new followers, I am glad you
signed on.

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. the box looks amazing karen.and chumlee is so cute.i bet he has all kinds of fun playing in your baskets .have a great weekend sweetie blessings michelle

  2. okay that is one cute little kitty..and I love that he squeezed his little bottom into the hat..that is way too funny...Hey besure to leave me feedback on your etsy purchase..Thank you sooooo much..and show us a photo of those strawberries..I too am finally sitting down to sew for the first time in a feels good..;) have a good one sista..:)hey don't forget to sign up for my giveaway..if its up your alley.;)

  3. Hey girlie! Chumlee is so stinkin' cute!!! LOL!
    I love what you've done with that box ~ it looks awesome! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. He is beyond cute!!! so glad i stumbled upon your blog love it

  5. Your Kitty is just toooo cute. Pets are amazing aren't they and it has been said we will live longer if we have pets. I LOVE the boxes..some more great ideas for me for some day soon :)

  6. 工作,是愛的具體化~~~~努力吧!........................................

  7. Love the box Karen and kitty is adorable! Harley is 4 years old now and still runs like that!

  8. I've been a lazy blogger lately, how could I have missed this little guy. He looks like Frank when Frank was a kitten. I carried Frank everywhere. Now he is so large I have a job to lift him. Think this is another lucky little guy that has fell on his paws. Hope to see more of him. :-) x x x An apron, WITH A LARGE POCKET HELPS :-)


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