Monday, July 12, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Hello Bear Lovers...
It is late Monday night and
time to meet another bear. I
can't believe how fast Mondays
have been coming around!  It
won't be long and school will be
starting, here in the South.....Well,
on to the bear, this one is a Boyd's
 bear and his name is T. Dean

He is 10" tall and is dressed in
blue denims, with suspenders
and  a muslin, button up the front,
shirt....He is also wearing a blue
 and white bow tie to match his
suspenders.  His shirt and pants
have patches on them, a red and
white one on his shirt and a blue
and white one on his denims. I
can't remember who he was
named after, somebody on Wall
Street, I think, but I am not
sure........I used to be able to
look them up on the site, but
I don't think they have info going
back to the 90's,  anymore.  I have
lots more to show ya, if I can keep
Chumlee out of them!  He is
finding more things in the house,
since he is about twice the size he
 was a month ago, when I brought
him home.

On my next post, I will show you
all some goodies that I got, while out
and about. I have some I got awhile
back and didn't post, plus what I got
over the weekend.

Well, I decided on a different color
for the hutch, so I went to get the
color mixed.....You guessed it, they
 couldn't mix it....I think it has been
almost 2 wks, now, and 4 trips to
get it, so I guess the next time I will
 go to Ace and get it mixed
there.....Oh well, we need to get
the beadboard for the back, anyway. 
And another project will be in the
works, we are going to make a ladder
for hanging under the light, in the
kitchen....I hope the wood
is wide enough....I have lots of kitchen
gadgets to hang from it. I got some
more of those plastic drawers at the
store and I have been going through
boxes in my computer/craft room
and I am trying to organize it some. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope
 you all are staying cool.  I am, because
I am staying in the house most of the

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. have a great tuesday..can't wait to see the goodies you got and some recent photos of chumlee..;) have a great tuesday.:)

  2. Yes, we have less than a month now till school starts. It's been nice being lazy, but I'm a routine girl and really need that to function well. During the summer, our routines get thrown out the window. Oh well, at least we are enjoying our summer.

    See what happens when I get behind... I have to go find out what hutch you are talking about. I bet the hanging ladder in the kitchen for gadgets is gonna look great. Can't wait to see what you make!


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