Friday, July 16, 2010

Treasure Hunting

Hello everyone....I have been
sorting, cleaning and organizing
 my craft room and closet.  I guess
I forgot just how much stuff I
stashed here and there!  I bought
some more of those plastic drawers.
I got a 3 drawer set like the wide
ones I already had and I snapped
them together to make it a 6 drawer
set.  I also got two sets of the pink ones
that they have on sale now, for college
students and I snapped them together.
I went through the boxes in the closet
and put a lot of it, in the drawers, so
maybe I can find something when I
want it!

I got a lot of treasures last weekend
and also about a month ago, that I
didn't get around to post, so I have
a few pictures to show ya.

I have really gotten into collecting
wood things lately, it seems. The big
bucket in the back was a sewing basket
at one time, it has holes where the legs
were taken off.  I got it at a sale, and a
couple other things there, and the rest
of it, I got in an antique mall in
Arkansas.  The little tea set in the box,
is from Boyds, so I got that.  I will paint
the hanging baskets and I want to start
cross stitching, so I bought all this floss
and aida cloth.


I got this chenille bedspread there, to
cut up and make things with.  It has a
couple holes in it, but that doesn't matter
when you are going to use it crafting.

A closer view of the flowers....

I bought all this stuff about a month
ago....I bought the christmas material
at one sale and the rest at another sale.
All the cross stitch kits and aida cloth
was crammed in the plastic storage bag.
I got a lot at that sale!  I even bought a
sewing machine for $15.00!  Let me see
if I can find a picture of it, so you can
see it.  It's a Kenmore and she said that
she didn't have a book for it or any of
the attachments.  I bought it anyway,
thinking that I could use it if my other
one is in the shop.  Which I have had to
have fixed before.

I had a lot of other things that I had
been looking at and buying so I didn't
pay too close attention to it.  She said
she had never used it, her kids bought
it for her from someone.  Well, I got
it home and noticed that it was a free
arm on the front and it opened up....

And look what was inside!  Attachments,
needles, bobbins and more!  I got a great
deal on it, didn't I?  So, now that I am
organized, I have two sewing machines
and a place to sew and paint, I need to
get to crafting!  So, that is on the agenda
for next week.  Tomorrow I need to clean
house and do some laundry.  It's too hot
to do much outside, except water the
garden and the flowers.

We are doing swaps on Prim Pals Forum,
if any of you would like to come join in on
the fun!  We are doing a Christmas in July
and I will post what I get, probably in the
next few days.  I have met some wonderful
gals on the forum, I know they will be my
friends, forever more! Just click on the
PP Forum picture on the side bar and it
will take you there.

Well, that is all for tonight, I hope you
all have had a great week and thanks
for stopping by.

Until next time...

Bear Hugs


  1. Hi Karen,
    You scored! The sewing machine is great!
    I love the buckets too...
    I just redid my sewing/craft room, painted it yellow so I always have a sunny place to be!
    Happy craftin!

  2. Karen,

    Lots of goodies you found! You've inspired me to get out in my craft barn and re-do a few things.
    Great deal on the sewing machine!

    Can't wait for you to show us what you make!

  3. Oh, great finds.... I always love a bargin.
    x x x

  4. wow you found some wonderful treasures and some great things to help you get week I am going to straighten up my craft room...getting to where I can't get in it any more..should have done this a while back and sold off some of my stuff.but I can always do it on line I got an awesome deal on that machine..nice to have a back up.;)

  5. A girl can never have too many wood things! Hehe! The buckets are wonderful and will look great with a re-do.

    I've been organizing in my craft area too. It hadn't even been touched since last October and all this time I've been tossing things in there. Then I became overwhelmed and didn't know where to begin. So you can imagine the huge mess I have in there. It will be worth it in the end though, right?

    How awesome to come across such a great deal on the sewing machine! It looks like you found lots of great cross stitch items too.

    Even though I find myself a little jealous, I always enjoy checking out your great deals Karen! =] Have a great week!


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