Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm Late For Meet A Bear Monday

Good Evening....
I didn't get to post a bear last night,
because we had one doozy of a storm! 
I don't think I have heard such loud
thunder in a long time!  Chum sure
wondered what ta heck was going on!

Well, on to this week's bear....His name
is Lincoln B. Bearington, and he is one
the mohair collection, that they named
after the presidents....He, of course was
named after President Abraham Lincoln.

He is about 16" tall and is wearing
just a blue satin tie with bear paw prints
on it.

I bought the chair, he is sitting on,
at the fleamarket, over a week ago,
for the whopping price of $2....It could
use a paint job, and the seat sanded
and stained....Here it is without him....

I even got a cast iron corn bread
pan with the shapes of ears of
corn in it for $1....I have gotten some
good stuff at this fleamarket....I wish it
wasn't so hot, I didn't go into any of 
the buildings, this last time, because of
the heat.  It was a little cooler here,
today, but it is going to be back up to
97 or 98 degrees
again on Friday and Saturday.
Nothing like wishing your life away,
but come on October!!!

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Really cute bear and cute chair, hey I rhymed! LOL I'm getting goofy and need to go to bed.

    Have a great week, what's left of it!
    It's really HOT here too!


  2. I really Love your chair and it is a good one for the bear..I have chairs like that and they were my Mothers when she was young so I know they are from the 1920's..I can't wait to show pictures of my new house and some of my neat things...won't be able to do that until about November after we get moved the end of Oct..I hate to wish my life away too but will also be glad when Oct is here :)

  3. Hi Karen, just stopping by.. coming from Carey's blog American Girl Prim. Such a cute bear on the chair! I'm going to have a look around.

  4. Hi Karen!!

    Nice to meet you....thanks for joining my blog and entering my GIVEAWAY. Good Luck!

    Thank you for the wonderful comments on my home and I am glad that you had a good time looking around! Please come back again. Gonna go read about your adorable bears.

    P.S. I love that little chair


  5. Hiya Karen,
    First A Belated Happy Wedding Anniversary, I hope you and your husband had a lovely day.

    Second, what a fabulous chair for the very very expensive price of $2!!! I can't believe you got it for that price, what a bargain!!

    And finally, thankyou so much for stopping by my blog and entering the giveaway, I have decided what to make for the surprise, but am keeping "mum" and the winner will have to wait until they receive the parcel to find out what it is, I wish you heaps of luck in your entry!

    Have a fabulous weekend and if your wanting to cool off, hop on a plane across the pond to me as it has been dull, cloudy and drizzly now for 2 whole weeks, I am praying for the sun to return!

    Bear Hugs for you,

  6. I love bears too! I have Filmore M. Bearington that looks just like this one of your's, but he's wearing overalls & a sweater. Hubby got him for my birthday a few years ago.
    I used to collect Boyds bears, and also made bears too. Not so much anymore. I started giving them away to family a couple of years ago, but kept my most special ones. This was the beginning of my simplifying & pairing down.
    I will always love bears!
    I LOVE that little chair! I think it's awesome just like it is. Gotta love that chippy, worn look. It's already prim!


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Bear Hugs~Karen