Friday, January 29, 2010

My Granddaughter's Birthday

Hello blogging buddies, I just want to introduce
you to my granddaughter today, her name is
Morgan Brittany. She graduated from high school in
May, with honors, she earned an academic achievement
award, plus several scolarships, while taking 6 college
courses her senior year! Grandma is proud of her, can't
you tell? She works and is going to college right now...She
wants to become a registered nurse and wants to work
with children....That is not a surprise since she has helped
her mom with her daycare business.

"Happy Birthday, Brittany!"

You can probably guess that she also loves bears!

Until next time~ Bear Hugs~Karen

Monday, January 25, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Hello Bear Lovers!
It is "Meet a Bear Monday"
This a Boyd's Bear by the name
of "Amy Quiltbeary"...
She is about 18" tall and is
wearing the cutest quilted jumper
over a navy blue dress...She has a little
flowerpot with flowers on the right
side and a flower on her foot. She is
one of the bears sitting on the shelf, above
my computer. Also, she is one of the many
cute bears that my son has sent me for
Mother's Day; isn't she cute? Like I have
said before, I quit buying a lot of them
because I ran out of room...

Well, I hope you all have a great week!
Bear Hugs~Karen

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hires Root Beer Mug

Hello Everyone, I hope everyone is having warmer
weather! I has warmed up here in Oklahoma to the
mid to high 60's.....I think it even got to 70 degrees,
yesterday! But, I bet we will pay for it, if you know
what I mean....I forgot to put this Hires mug with
the other crocks and pottery that I posted the other
day, so here it is.....This is my hubby's, he got it in
Texas on one of our recent hunts....I thought it was
unusual with the writing opposite the handle. Almost
all mugs have the writing where you can read it when
you pick it up.

It has a couple cracks, some crazing and probably
some dirt and grime on it but I think it was still
worth buying, since I have never seen one of these.
I have no idea how old it is, it could be pretty old.
It's just another thing to add to my collection of
crockery to dust......Oh well, I like it anyway!

I better get to work on cleaning, hope you all
have a great day! Thanks for stopping by...
Bear Hugs~Karen

Monday, January 18, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

It's time for Meet a Bear Monday for my blogging
friends that love bears.....I had a different bear all
photographed and loaded into the computer but I
thought I would rather introduce this one today....
So without further ado, this is "Victoria Crystalfrost"
She is about 16" tall, has a lavender velvet coat with
white fur trim over a purple velvet dress. On a
leash, she has her cute little poodle, "Fifi".....She
likes to show her off to all her friends!

Here is a close up of her cute face....

Here you can see her entire outfit, fancy enough
to fit in with the rich, don't you think???

Here's a closer look of Fifi....

I was going to do a bedroom in lavender, but I wanted
one done in red/white/blue, so I didn't do the lavender...
I have white lace curtains in the computer/craft room
with lavender flowers draped over the rod, so that will
have to do. I keep Victoria in here on the top of my old
computer.....I have other bears in lavender/purple in here
and a shelf above me, that is full of bears. My Mom loved
lavender and we had a poodle when I was young, so that
is why I had to get this set....I should have another shelf
up in here, but the only wall that I could put another
shelf on, has a rack full of Marilyn Monroe plates on it,
so that is out. All I can say is, it's a good thing I have a
big living room!

Well, that is it for today, thanks for coming by, I really
appreciate you all....

Until next time....

Bear Hugs~Karen

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Old Crock & Pottery

Good Afternoon Friends~~~~

I made a quick trip to Texas to drop off my big
Christmas tree and some greenery and to check
on my house. I wanted to make sure I didn't have
anything broken from the cold. It got down to 8 or
10 degrees and that is rare for Texas. Everything
was ok, thank goodness and so I spent one day
seeing some of my friends and neighbors and came
right back.
I stopped at one shop on the way down, that I like to
shop at, and a couple on the way back. I got a pottery
bottle on the way down for my hubby and a cute little
cross stitch at the one on the way back.....I can see
the thread on the back of the cross stitch so I took it
out of the frame and I painted the backing board
toffee, so will see how it looks when I get it back
together..... Anyway, here is a picture of the pottery
we have gotten on our last treks into Texas.....The
one with the leather around it is the one I just got.....
My DH has gotten into bottles, lately and I just
remembered a mug he got the other day.....I guess
I will go take a picture of it.....I'll post it later because
it really needs two views....
Well, I hope you all are having a great weekend!
Come back for Meet a Bear Monday.....
Bear Hugs~Karen

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shadows On The Wall

I was sitting in the living room this weekend
and I looked toward the hall and this is what
I saw....The dusty collection of kerosene lamps
on the top of the china cabinet were shadowed
by their image on the wall....I thought it was
worth sharing with you all today. One of the
things I need to put on my to do list is to take
all the lamps apart and wash them. It is a job
that doesn't get done often enough....Who
wants to be doing a job like that when you can
be reading about what everyone is making or
how they are decorating, or painting??? Not
me, but then I will have to do it sooner or
later....Well, I have some things to do before I
can get to it.....

Hope you are all having
a great week! I can tell
some of you are getting
tired of the cold, I know
I am......Spring can't come
soon enough! Stay warm!
Bear Hugs~Karen
Can anyone tell me why
this thing wants to print
on the side of the picture,
no matter what you do?
I put the print way down
away from the picture and
it does it anyway...Drives
me nuts!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Let's meet a bear~~~

It's late Monday night so it is time to meet another
bear in my collection....This is a special Bailey, this
one is "Bailey in England". She is all decked out in her
red coat with velvet trim and black hat. She is all
ready to meet the Queen! She came with a resin
ornament, but I guess it is packed up....I believe
they made at least 4 Baileys dressed for different
countries. However, this is the only one that I was
interested in, because I was going to go to England,
but I haven't gotten there, yet!
I have several Baileys and I will post her from time
to time and several Edmunds, Bailey's beau, but
I don't have them all in sets. I loved collecting these
bears, they are nice to have around, but they need
to learn to get up and dust themselves off once in
awhile! I hope you all have a great week, I will post
some more of the things I have gotten at antique
malls, late in the week.....Till then, stay safe and
warm....Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate
it, my friends....

Bear Hugs~Karen

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mountain with Snow

Hello Blogging Buddies....I thought I would post this
picture today to show my newest followers, Mt. Hood....
Some are complaining about the snow, while others enjoy
it. I like it for Christmas, but hardly ever get to have a
white Christmas. Anyway, I just wanted you all to see
just how beautiful this mountain is when it has snow
on it! I think snow adds to the beauty of it, don't you?
If you would like to see more of my pictures of Oregon,
check out my archives for October, maybe there are
some in November....I didn't check before I started
typing this....There are more of mountains, a rain
forest & nature trails....So, check them out while you
are passing the time and trying to stay warm...
Go fix yourself a cup of hot chocolate or tea and go
hunting.....I hope you enjoy them....I need to remember
to take my camera with me at all times. I always see
something I wish I could take a picture of, when I don't
have it with me.

I hope the ground hog tells us that we are going to

have an early Spring! BBBBrrrrr!

Have a great weekend!

Bear Hugs~Karen

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wooden Treasures

Hello Blogging Friends!....Most of you are probably
in bed now, but I am a night person and usually
stay up late. I thought I would show you all the
treasures I got over the weekend. I got the little
wooden tool carriers for $11 for both of them....I
don't know why I think I need to start a collection
of them, but I started....I have another one with
a little hanging shelf in it and I have old utensils
and molds in it. I posted it before, quite awhile
ago. I got the sign and the hanging rack with the
nails in an antique mall, they are actually darker
than in the picture. The trencher I got earlier and
I put the big jingle bell in it that I got in Texas,
if you remember it....I filled it with candy canes
and greenery and such, for the holidays.

I had it on the little hutch, but the picture of it didn't
show it very well, so I put it on the table, in the
living room, for a better shot. You can see a crock in
the picture, also....I got that in TX and I will show it
with the other crocks I bought on another post. The
sugar bucket I got awhile back and was going to paint,
but I decided that I liked it they way it is....I looks
good on the crock bench among the big crocks.
I hope you are all staying warm, it sure looks like it is
going to be a bad winter.....Maybe it will fly by, just like
Fall did, and Spring will be here before we know it!

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Monday, January 4, 2010

Thanks for Birthday Wishes & Meet a Bear Monday

Hello Friends....First, I would like to thank
those of you that took the time to comment
and wish me "Happy Birthday"....I sure do
appreciate it! It is hard for me to believe
that I am this old, already! My son told me
today that I am old, old, old! Yes, there
were 3 of them on there! My girlfriend
said she can't believe I have a kid her
age, so I guess I will go with her version,
I am not that old....That makes me feel
better! :)

Well, it is Monday night and time to
Meet A Bear. This bear is a Boyd's
as you can see and her name is Louisa
and the little one is Janie. My son
sent her to me for Mother's Day, last
year. It is easier for him to pick one
out now, that I don't have, he can just
pick one that has come out in the last
3 years....But when I was buying them
a lot, he could go in the store and get
me 3 of them ( he said it would take
him an hour to decide) and not get me
one that I already had. Only once has
he done that......I had gotten the bear
in that store while visiting and he forgot.
I don't know how he does it, but he can
sure pick out the bears! I love every one
that he sends me.

I didn't do anything special
for my birthday, but we were
gone to antique shops on
Saturday and I bought some
things that I will post later in
the week.....I still have some
other things that I have had
for awhile that I haven't
posted, either.
Well, I guess I will go to bed
early for a change.....All the
talking I did on the phone with
people calling me for my birthday,
must have wore me out!..LOL

Hope you all have a great week!

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

A New Year & Another Birthday

It's my birthday!

Hello Friends....

Well another year has come and another
birthday for me! Geeze, they seem to be
coming faster all the time! I am not sure
that there was really a year in between the
last one and this one! I am supposed to go
buy an exercise bike, but I guess it can wait
a few days. My hubby's birthday is this week
too....We don't usually have birthday cakes
since we usually have eaten so much fudge
and such during December.

I need to craft a lot more this year and not read
the blogs as much. Also, I need to exercise a
lot and lose weight. I want to see a new me in
the mirror... LOL....You know what happens
when you keep gaining weight in the middle?
You get shaped like a football, smaller on both
ends and big in the middle! LOL...It's ok for
a football, but I don't want to be shaped like

Well, it took two days to get all the Christmas
decor packed back up. I sorted it as I got it
out and then whenI packed it up. I put all
the lights for inside and out in a big tub and
ornies for the small trees in one box. So, if
I don't want to put the big tree up, next year,
I only need to get out one tub and one box
for the trees. And one or two for what ever
I want to decorate the fireplace with. You
can sure collect a lot of stuff! I decided it
took too long to do it all, so next year it is
going to be different!

It looks like everyone is having a lot of
snow or cold, or both! I know it is colder
here and the temps just keep going down.
Well, I hope you all have a great year and
are able to accomplish everything you set
out to do....

So, with that said, I think I will go finish
reading a friend's post and get something
done today.

Stay warm & thanks for coming by....
Meet a Bear Monday is tonight...I need to
go find one to post.

Bear Hugs~Karen