Friday, January 29, 2010

My Granddaughter's Birthday

Hello blogging buddies, I just want to introduce
you to my granddaughter today, her name is
Morgan Brittany. She graduated from high school in
May, with honors, she earned an academic achievement
award, plus several scolarships, while taking 6 college
courses her senior year! Grandma is proud of her, can't
you tell? She works and is going to college right now...She
wants to become a registered nurse and wants to work
with children....That is not a surprise since she has helped
her mom with her daycare business.

"Happy Birthday, Brittany!"

You can probably guess that she also loves bears!

Until next time~ Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Happy B~Day to your Grandaughter Karen =0} She sure has her life in order. So nice to read about kids that are doing somethig with their future. You definitely have many reasons to be proud !!!
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  2. You have every reason to be proud! Beautiful young lady headed in the right direction! ~~Annie

  3. Happy Birthday to her and what a good heart she must have. You have good reason to be proud!!! Hope she had a wonderful day!!!

  4. Wow Karen, somehow I missed that you were of the age to have grandchildren! :D
    She's very lovely and she has such a nice smile too...oh and add smart and caring ( believe me, as a former nurse, we sure don't become one for the money ) you have so many reasons to be proud!

  5. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Granddaughter. A treasure sent from heaven to bless those who love her!!! I can't wait to have some grandchildren...with all these bears and tea sets and Barbie Dolls I have stashed....we will have a blast...LOL

    Bear Hugs,
    Carol :o}

  6. That is awesome! So much to be proud of! What she has accomplished is hard work!


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