Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hires Root Beer Mug

Hello Everyone, I hope everyone is having warmer
weather! I has warmed up here in Oklahoma to the
mid to high 60's.....I think it even got to 70 degrees,
yesterday! But, I bet we will pay for it, if you know
what I mean....I forgot to put this Hires mug with
the other crocks and pottery that I posted the other
day, so here it is.....This is my hubby's, he got it in
Texas on one of our recent hunts....I thought it was
unusual with the writing opposite the handle. Almost
all mugs have the writing where you can read it when
you pick it up.

It has a couple cracks, some crazing and probably
some dirt and grime on it but I think it was still
worth buying, since I have never seen one of these.
I have no idea how old it is, it could be pretty old.
It's just another thing to add to my collection of
crockery to dust......Oh well, I like it anyway!

I better get to work on cleaning, hope you all
have a great day! Thanks for stopping by...
Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. what an unusual mug.i've never seen one like that either. nice find.

  2. Hi Karen!

    Thanks for finding me and following my blog, now I'm following yours. I've been collecting teddy bears since I was a little girl. About 7-8 years ago I had to go through and weed them out because they were taking over my house! I have lots of ceramic ones my mom painted, those stayed in my collection of course! Where in OK are you living?! I'm so excited to find a fellow Okie!! YAH!!

    Looking forward to following your blog. Have a delightful day~

  3. You are a long way from Tulsa! Oh well, at least I found another Okie, so I'm happy with that! =] Yes, maybe one of these days we can meet up.

  4. This Hires root beer mug is very interesting. I remember as a kid drinking "Hires" This actually brought back memories of my Mom and Grandma making root beer. They had a big crock they used to mix it in and then bottle. They had this big red machine made of metal you used to put the caps on. About 7 years ago, my oldest son had to do a science project-we made root was so much fun but the teacher hated the project. We taste tested every root beer on the market and had a wonderful display. She gave him a B because she wanted him to graft a tree Oh well, we had the best time, it was worth it!!!

    Bear Hugs,
    Carol :o}

  5. That is unusual! See, now I want to research why the logo is in the front ...always a pupil..;)
    That's warm, I hope those temps hang around for a while.
    Have a great weekend!!!!!


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