Monday, January 4, 2010

Thanks for Birthday Wishes & Meet a Bear Monday

Hello Friends....First, I would like to thank
those of you that took the time to comment
and wish me "Happy Birthday"....I sure do
appreciate it! It is hard for me to believe
that I am this old, already! My son told me
today that I am old, old, old! Yes, there
were 3 of them on there! My girlfriend
said she can't believe I have a kid her
age, so I guess I will go with her version,
I am not that old....That makes me feel
better! :)

Well, it is Monday night and time to
Meet A Bear. This bear is a Boyd's
as you can see and her name is Louisa
and the little one is Janie. My son
sent her to me for Mother's Day, last
year. It is easier for him to pick one
out now, that I don't have, he can just
pick one that has come out in the last
3 years....But when I was buying them
a lot, he could go in the store and get
me 3 of them ( he said it would take
him an hour to decide) and not get me
one that I already had. Only once has
he done that......I had gotten the bear
in that store while visiting and he forgot.
I don't know how he does it, but he can
sure pick out the bears! I love every one
that he sends me.

I didn't do anything special
for my birthday, but we were
gone to antique shops on
Saturday and I bought some
things that I will post later in
the week.....I still have some
other things that I have had
for awhile that I haven't
posted, either.
Well, I guess I will go to bed
early for a change.....All the
talking I did on the phone with
people calling me for my birthday,
must have wore me out!..LOL

Hope you all have a great week!

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen


I love reading your comments, it makes my day!
Please stop by often.

Bear Hugs~Karen