Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shadows On The Wall

I was sitting in the living room this weekend
and I looked toward the hall and this is what
I saw....The dusty collection of kerosene lamps
on the top of the china cabinet were shadowed
by their image on the wall....I thought it was
worth sharing with you all today. One of the
things I need to put on my to do list is to take
all the lamps apart and wash them. It is a job
that doesn't get done often enough....Who
wants to be doing a job like that when you can
be reading about what everyone is making or
how they are decorating, or painting??? Not
me, but then I will have to do it sooner or
later....Well, I have some things to do before I
can get to it.....

Hope you are all having
a great week! I can tell
some of you are getting
tired of the cold, I know
I am......Spring can't come
soon enough! Stay warm!
Bear Hugs~Karen
Can anyone tell me why
this thing wants to print
on the side of the picture,
no matter what you do?
I put the print way down
away from the picture and
it does it anyway...Drives
me nuts!!!


  1. Thats a neat picture Karen!!! It drives me crazy to look around the house and see yet another thing needing cleaning....its never ending...LOL..Cinderella chores I call them...! And yes I would rather be blogging or painting!

  2. Fascinating!
    I know, this is one of the downsides of collecting.
    Thanks for the comment you left on my blog, you're so sweet!
    I'm not sure if you have done everything you could. Isn't there a feature where it asks where you want your photos,to the center or to the side? I still have so much to learn about all this...and yet I comment about it. ;)

  3. Love the picture Karen. You might need to select the position of your picture when you upload it..other than that not sure..
    Hope you are having a good trip. I'll email ya soon!!


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Bear Hugs~Karen