Thursday, September 29, 2011

Goodies In The Mail

Hey everyone, I hope you all are
having a great week....It cooled off
some and then went back to the
mid 90's....

Well, I guess I better get on with
what I got on here to post about.
First of all, I was lucky enough to 
have won one of Cyndy's giveaways 
over at Crafty Stitchers! I won
this cute scarecrow, he is just
awesome! Cyndy does such great 
and I am happy to have one of  her
creations in my home! Thanks so 
much, Cyndy, I just love him!

I also received this cute little 
gingerbread guy from Dina of
The Country Primitive Shoppe,
she was giving away 5 ornies that
day and I was lucky enough to 
post a comment to receive one. I 
just love him, too! I decorate my 
kitchen with gingers for Christmas.

We are making head way on the
kitchen....We had to take a counter
top back, it had a flaw right down 
the middle of it, but we have it all
on, now.....just need to adjust and
hook down the last part.  We got the
kitchen sink back in, we went a 
week without one....I still have 
the lower doors and drawers to
do, yet.  I took a break, last week
from working on them and I 
haven't gotten back at it. I have
been trying to find the dining 
room table, it has been piled up
with all kinds of things from 
the kitchen. I have two boxes of
things, that I took off the table,
that are not going back into the
kitchen.....There was way too much
stuff on the counters.....I might 
post some of it on my selling blog.

I have been putting things back
on the counters and then changing
it to another place....Tweak, tweak, 
tweak.....I might get 
it where I like it all, soon....

This is going to be the 4th weekend
for working on the kitchen, plus
the 10 days on doors, knobs and the
hinges.....It will take another week
or more to do the doors, etc.....
I will post the pictures, after we
get it all done.....I need to make
curtains and do a couple other 
things for the kitchen, also....I 
swear that I am getting an arm 
like Popeye!  The muscle on my 
right arm is getting huge! I guess
it is from putting all the hinges 
back on....I did it all by hand, so 
I wouldn't scratch off the paint 
on the hinges....
Between the clogging
and working on the kitchen,
I am building lots of muscles!...
Better not mess with me...he he...

Well, I need to go back to work on
 the dining room and maybe mop,
the floor, too.....I think I will do my
outdoor decorating this weekend, 
since Saturday is October 1st.
I have enjoyed seeing what everyone
has been doing (that is when the 
internet has decided to work)....

You all have a great weekend!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Friday, September 23, 2011

Autumn Equinox

Happy Fall, Y'all!  I thought I 
would show you all my egg 
sitting on the counter top, this 
morning!  You should be able to
do this during the Spring equinox, 
also....The earth is not tilted on 
it's axis, today.....It is straight up 
and down, so the Eastern and 
Western hemispheres are getting
the same amount of sun....You 
can sit an egg on the counter, in 
the morning and it will just sit 

I couldn't get it to work on the new
counter top, but it worked on this 
section of the old one, that we have
left to replace....Now, I wish I had
picked out an green egg to try it with.
I even opened to drawer to get out a
spoon and it didn't fall over, I was
surprised! It has been sitting there,
since 8:02am CDT and it is now 
9:24am...How cool is that?

I took a break from working on
the cabinet doors for a few days,
but we will be back to work on 
the counter tops, tomorrow and
getting the sink back in...

I am so happy that Fall
has arrived, it is
my favorite time of the year! We 
probably won't have any pretty 
trees, this year, it has been way too
dry....It was 93 degrees on 
Wednesday, but only 73 degrees,
yesterday and we got some rain! 
That makes me HAPPY!

My hubby called me yesterday 
to let me know that the grocery
store in the town, where he works,
has gotten their huge mums in,
so I am heading over there to 
have lunch with him and get me
a bunch of mums!  Yippee!

Have a great weekend, I am 
hoping to get a lot done in the
kitchen and maybe get my 
scarecrow out and decorate

Until next time....

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm A Big Helper!

 Hey everyone, Chum here...I just
wanted to show you all what a big
helper I am in the make over of 
the kitchen....Here I am helping
my Daddy with the measuring.....

Hurry up, Dad......How long do you
expect me to hold it in place??? 

Here I am holding down the 
newspapers, that Dad covered the 
stuff up with, before he ripped off
the old counter top.....Oh shoot, I
am out of order.... 

Shhhh, I bet I  shouldn't be showing
this much, so don't rat me out to Mom!
This is what the counter top looks like...
Isn't it purrrrrty?

 Mommy has been working hard for
days and days....It takes 2 or 3 times 
to fill in that ugly design that was in 
the doors, she has been sanding, 
filling in, sanding, filling in and 
sanding and fixing any spots 
and sanding and then painting the 
doors a couple times!!! 
And look, she has painted all the 
knobs, screws and hinges!  She has 
18 doors done, but she only has two 
back up to see how she likes them....
Actually, these
are lower doors and she put them on 
to keep me out of the cupboard, 
cause I am so curious, I want to snoop 
in everything! Yup, I think I should 
know everything that is going on in
my house!....he he....
She has to take off the other 7 doors 
and get them done, along with the 
hinges, plus help Dad with the rest of 
the counter tops, etc, tomorrow. Dad
has to move all the outlets and 
switches up some, too and I will be 
right there to help....More like 
supervise to make sure he is doing 
it all right!
She has really been busy, with all 
that work, plus she is learning to clog 
and has started back walking...I know
her legs were hurting the next day, 
from all that clogging....I think she 
is getting old, but don't tell her I said

Well, after all that work and this big
post, I think I will lay here on this 
door and take a nap!

Before I go, I want to say "Hello" 
to all my furry friends and to 
Skippy.....Where are you?

Until next time.....I hope you all
like what I showed you, of the

Big hugs and squeezes~Chum

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Paying Tribute

Paying tribute to those who lost their
lives, 10 years ago, today....
God bless our great nation....

Until next time...

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Haven't Fallen Off The Map!

 Hey everyone, I know it has been a 
couple weeks since I posted, but I 
have been having problems with my
internet. They had to adjust it for 
the extreme heat and then they had
to come back the next week to adjust 
it, again.  I didn't want them to have
to come every week, and I knew it 
was gonna cool off eventually! It has
cooled off this week, but it is going 
to be back to almost 100, next
week.....The internet would work 
about a half hour a day, so I wasn't
able to blog much, 
which can be a good thing, if you
are wanting to get things done. 

I am taking advantage of the cooler
temps and I am working on my 
kitchen make over.....Here are some
pictures of what it looked like when 
I started....

Beautiful wavy trim...NOT! Hubby
banged it up, trying to see if we could
get the facing off and it just didn't 
want to come off.....Had to go to 
plan B...We would have to take a
lot of the front of the cabinets off,
to get rid of all the places, that it
has been routered....We had two 
other ideas for the cabinets....

 I am not too fond of the routered 
design on the doors...

 Or this beautiful formica.....he he...

Getting started, getting the OLD 
stove out....This was the pits to 
cook on.....It didn't work too well 
and it only had one large burner. 

This is the dining room side, you
can see that we have taken the trim 
off the top, already....That is bead
board at the back of the stove....
I am trying to decide whether or 
not I want to paint the cabinets
a different color....I am not good
at making decisions on things like
this, it takes me forever....I wanted
to get new counter tops, then the 
lumber yard didn't get the ones 
that are already miter cut, so I had
decided to paint them black with 
Caromal Colours paint, then I 
thought I might like to tile them 
and I priced the tile....Then I went
back to painting them....THEN, 
we went to another town and they
have the miter cut counter tops 
and I found one that I just love,
so.....I am going to get them and
we will go pick them up on 
Saturday....I can't wait to get it
done!  When we bought this house,
we planned on selling our house
in Texas, but changed our mind.
I was going to get all new 
cabinets, when we sold it....So, 
that is out....Anyway, I think
I will like it when we get it all

More to come!

Thanks for stopping by....

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen