Thursday, September 29, 2011

Goodies In The Mail

Hey everyone, I hope you all are
having a great week....It cooled off
some and then went back to the
mid 90's....

Well, I guess I better get on with
what I got on here to post about.
First of all, I was lucky enough to 
have won one of Cyndy's giveaways 
over at Crafty Stitchers! I won
this cute scarecrow, he is just
awesome! Cyndy does such great 
and I am happy to have one of  her
creations in my home! Thanks so 
much, Cyndy, I just love him!

I also received this cute little 
gingerbread guy from Dina of
The Country Primitive Shoppe,
she was giving away 5 ornies that
day and I was lucky enough to 
post a comment to receive one. I 
just love him, too! I decorate my 
kitchen with gingers for Christmas.

We are making head way on the
kitchen....We had to take a counter
top back, it had a flaw right down 
the middle of it, but we have it all
on, now.....just need to adjust and
hook down the last part.  We got the
kitchen sink back in, we went a 
week without one....I still have 
the lower doors and drawers to
do, yet.  I took a break, last week
from working on them and I 
haven't gotten back at it. I have
been trying to find the dining 
room table, it has been piled up
with all kinds of things from 
the kitchen. I have two boxes of
things, that I took off the table,
that are not going back into the
kitchen.....There was way too much
stuff on the counters.....I might 
post some of it on my selling blog.

I have been putting things back
on the counters and then changing
it to another place....Tweak, tweak, 
tweak.....I might get 
it where I like it all, soon....

This is going to be the 4th weekend
for working on the kitchen, plus
the 10 days on doors, knobs and the
hinges.....It will take another week
or more to do the doors, etc.....
I will post the pictures, after we
get it all done.....I need to make
curtains and do a couple other 
things for the kitchen, also....I 
swear that I am getting an arm 
like Popeye!  The muscle on my 
right arm is getting huge! I guess
it is from putting all the hinges 
back on....I did it all by hand, so 
I wouldn't scratch off the paint 
on the hinges....
Between the clogging
and working on the kitchen,
I am building lots of muscles!...
Better not mess with me...he he...

Well, I need to go back to work on
 the dining room and maybe mop,
the floor, too.....I think I will do my
outdoor decorating this weekend, 
since Saturday is October 1st.
I have enjoyed seeing what everyone
has been doing (that is when the 
internet has decided to work)....

You all have a great weekend!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen


  1. Karen
    Cute scarecrow~ looking forward to your kitchen redo~
    have a great week~

  2. Hi Karen - congrats on your wins!
    I'm still working on my kitchen too, lol. Picked out new border on Sat. and it arrived today. I primed 5 cabinet doors, waiting for them to completely dry so I can paint them. After they are hung I have 2 more cabinets to do and one door and 4 drawers...........are we CRAZY or what?????

  3. Darling little scarecrow!
    Hang in there with your kitchen redo. Can't wait to see the end result.

  4. I think the scarecrow looks very happy in his new home. I remember our kitchen remodel, seemed to take forever, but well worth it in the end. Have a great weekend!

  5. That is a darling scarecrow~ how stinkin' cute is he!!
    Of course, I LOVE anything GINGERBREAD!! LOL

    Hang in there on the remodel, it is gonna be wonderful when you're finished!!


  6. Congrats on your giveaway wins! The scarecrow and ginger are just as cute as can be. Can't wait to see your new kitchen!!! Your countertop looks very similar to mine:)


  7. I will remember never to mess with you popeye..:) I can't wait to see your new your little scarecrow and gingerbread man..and looking forward to seeing your halloween decor..mine is just about done..will be done today..and will share photos tomorrow.;)

  8. Can't wait to see your kitchen pics! The scarecrow is awesome, what a great win! And the ornie is cute, I have an obsession with gingerbread. :D

  9. Cute scarecrow! Can't wait to see pictures of your kitchen. I can't imagine what you have to do, I have unloaded stuff from one cupboard to another and I am shocked at all the stuff. I think its declutter time again, here.
    Have a great week end.

  10. Hey Karen that scarecrow is pretty awesome.
    Hope you can share pics of your kitchen.


  11. Congratulations on winning your scarecrow from Cyndy, doesn't Cyndy do awesome work. I can't wait to see your kitchen re-do. Hugs Lecia


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