Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm A Big Helper!

 Hey everyone, Chum here...I just
wanted to show you all what a big
helper I am in the make over of 
the kitchen....Here I am helping
my Daddy with the measuring.....

Hurry up, Dad......How long do you
expect me to hold it in place??? 

Here I am holding down the 
newspapers, that Dad covered the 
stuff up with, before he ripped off
the old counter top.....Oh shoot, I
am out of order.... 

Shhhh, I bet I  shouldn't be showing
this much, so don't rat me out to Mom!
This is what the counter top looks like...
Isn't it purrrrrty?

 Mommy has been working hard for
days and days....It takes 2 or 3 times 
to fill in that ugly design that was in 
the doors, she has been sanding, 
filling in, sanding, filling in and 
sanding and fixing any spots 
and sanding and then painting the 
doors a couple times!!! 
And look, she has painted all the 
knobs, screws and hinges!  She has 
18 doors done, but she only has two 
back up to see how she likes them....
Actually, these
are lower doors and she put them on 
to keep me out of the cupboard, 
cause I am so curious, I want to snoop 
in everything! Yup, I think I should 
know everything that is going on in
my house!....he he....
She has to take off the other 7 doors 
and get them done, along with the 
hinges, plus help Dad with the rest of 
the counter tops, etc, tomorrow. Dad
has to move all the outlets and 
switches up some, too and I will be 
right there to help....More like 
supervise to make sure he is doing 
it all right!
She has really been busy, with all 
that work, plus she is learning to clog 
and has started back walking...I know
her legs were hurting the next day, 
from all that clogging....I think she 
is getting old, but don't tell her I said

Well, after all that work and this big
post, I think I will lay here on this 
door and take a nap!

Before I go, I want to say "Hello" 
to all my furry friends and to 
Skippy.....Where are you?

Until next time.....I hope you all
like what I showed you, of the

Big hugs and squeezes~Chum


  1. LOL, you are a FANTASTIC helper Chum! I love the sneak peek at that counter top, bet it will be beautiful!!!!!

  2. Chum, Make sure you really help tomorrow. Don't let your mom and dad forget that you are the center of their attention - not a silly old kitchen. I've found it's best if you run through like your tail is on fire - do this several times and they will give you the attention you deserve. Your Gray furry Friend ~Shadow

    P.S. All my brother Frito ever does is lie around and sleep - not really my approved method of attention seeking.

  3. What a cute post Karen. The kitchen is going to be beautiful.

  4. Hi Chum, great post kitty! LOL, Karen, sounds like you have been busy. love the pics of Chum holding the tape measure, too cute..

    Clogging, that sounds like fun..


  5. Thanks for the morning giggle... sounds like Chum is a great supervisor and helper..Just like my Tasha who must help with everything..
    You have been one busy lady but things look great won't be long till you & Chum can enjoy that new Kitchen..

    I used to clog... great exersise but does a # on thelegs till they get used to it..

    Have a great weekend!!


  6. Well, Chum~ you are such a helpful kitty cat~ so pretty also~ Wow, your Mommy is busy~ working hard~ bet them doors will be beautiful when she gets done~And she is clogging~ oh, what fun~ bet her legs do hurt~ make sure you rub them with your tail~
    Wonderful post~giggles~

  7. LOL, thoroughly enjoyable....THANK YOU.
    We have two kitties and it's so cute what they manage to do - you also made it enjoyable with the story.

  8. Chum... dude... love the narration and your supervision is flawless. Good kitty:o) Tell your mum she is inspiring me to redo my kitchen cabinets now.

  9. Well Chum after all that hard work I think you deserve a well earned rest and a nice lie down, be sure to let your mum know that you would also like your favortie meal for tea too!

  10. LOL!! Way too cute! Chum is just like having a little kid around... always getting into things, getting in the way, but just too darn cute to get in trouble. =]

    I've taken a big break over the summer and now it's catch up time! I didn't know you guys were remodeling the kitchen. Awesome! It's looking great so far in what I can see.

    Way to go on learning to clog. It's hard, hard work. My bother is in a bluegrass band, so I know how much those cloggers practice. Have fun with it!

    Missed you girl, so glad to be back in blogland.

  11. well chum you are a big helper..I have 9 of which helps me exercise everyday while I am on the treadmill..Margaret loves to be petted while I the new counter top..can't wait to see it all done and spiffy..have fun supervising..and mama is going to have great legs and get into shape fast with all that clogging.;)


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