Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Living Room Change

Hello, everyone....I think I have all
the problems with my computer all 
worked out.  I restored my computer
back to before I put IE8 on it, then a
tech, from McAfee, put it on again! My
virus protection wasn't working and
they blamed it in IE....I got the IE8 off 
again and I downloaded Firefox and 
everything is working, just fine!  I went
to McAfee and downloaded my virus 
protection, again....It was updating, but
it wouldn't do a scan.....Blogger gave me
fits, last week, too....I guess they were
working on it, because there is a different 
window, for posting pictures, now.
Now, for the living takes up what
was the original living room, plus what was
the garage, so it is pretty big and it is in an
L shape.

This is a before pic taken while standing in 
the old part of the living area, looking into 
the garage area, 

This one is before, looking around the 
corner, it wastaken while standing in 
front of the couch.

You can see that this is the side wall 
and the one behind the TV....They really 
needed some work on them....I still need
to do some more, when I repaint, but it 
isn't going to be right away....I would like
a different color, but....

Here you can see that there were a lot of
books to move!

More books, and this isn't all of them!

Now we have the cubbies together,
behind the couch on the wall where the
TV was.

Stitcheries on this wall, I took the Betsy
Ross from the hall, as an after thought, and
it really needs to be moved up. I think I 
will move it over to the right, on the top
row, where the two smaller ones are.

In the corner, next to the cubbies, we 
put the round oak table, that belonged
to hubby's great grandmother.  We don't
use this door, anyway....It was in front of
the picture window, but I put two windsor
chairs there....

This after pic, above was while standing 
behind the couch....I saw in this pic, that 
I needed to tighten up the blind.  I am 
going to take it down, when I find a way
to keep the shutters in place...I know
that hinges will not work. There are
windows behind them, and the sun would
bounce off the van, and make it hard to 
watch TV, when it was on the back wall. 
I have that black checked throw on the 
wing chair, because my big bear, Bubba
was sitting in it, and he has a red/black 
checked tie...I have a red chenille cover,
that I can put on it....

I had this on the mantel, then I got these
houses from Lorna....There are 3 houses,
but they wouldn't all fit.

I like the houses on the mantel, better.

This after pic was taken while standing
near the hutch.

This one is from the garage part, looking
into the original living room, toward the
hutch...I decided to move the table, after 
this picture.

This how it looks, now...I am wanting to
take a bunch of the bears, out of the living 
room, to make it look less cluttered.  I am
thinking of putting them on the top of the 
shelves in the spare bedroom....You can
see that there are too many bears in the
living room.  I am going to take that ugly
shade down, one of these days and make
some curtains to put up...I planned on 
putting handmade shutters, across the
bottom, with star cut outs.....Well, that 
hasn't happened, yet....I hope we can 
get them done, before it gets cold, 
because I would rather paint, outside.

You can see that I have a wardrobe in
my living room....We have our coats in it, 
because it will not go into the bedroom,
the hall is too narrow and it is too long,
to make it through the doorway. It is too
tall, also.

Well, that is the tour, for now...I will 
show you my Fall decorating, later.  I
have some bittersweet coming, from my
MIL and I won some Fall goodies in a
give away.....I bought a pumpkin and 
gourds, but the place where I get mums,
hasn't gotten them in, yet....I will be 
putting my scarecrow outside, after
I get some mums.  I am wanting to find
some grapevine to decorate around the 
front door, but so far, no luck....I wished
I had thought of it when I was in Texas, 
last time....I know of a place where it 
grows up a tree. I have really enjoyed 
seeing how you all have been decorating
your homes!  Like lots of you, this is my
favorite season!

I would like to welcome my new followers
and thank you all for hanging in there 
with me!

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen

Monday, September 27, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Morning, I hope you all had a great
weekend....We just hung around the
house...I have another Boyd's bear
to share with you, today....He is one
of their mohair line, named after a
president.  His name is Fitzgerald Q.
Bearington, he's 12' tall and his paw
pads are made of leather....I wanted
to get all of the mohair bears, but I
changed my mind, because I have so
many bears to take care of....they just
don't want to get up and shake off the
dust, every once in awhile...

Below, he is dressed in a romper
and hat....Cute outfit, but not very
fitting for a presidential bear to
be wearing!

Go on over to these other gal's blogs
to see what bear they have posted today:

If you have a bear collection, and
would like to join in on Meet a Bear
Monday, just e-mail one of us, we will
be glad for you too.

I hope you all have a great week...And
I would like to thank all of you that stop
by and leave me a comment, blogging
friends are just the best!

I will be posting the living room, on
my next post, if this thing will work
for me, I still have some internet issues
to take care of, and I have to add a new
toolbar, that does not want to download.

Until next time..

Bear Hugs~Karen

Friday, September 24, 2010


Hello, everyone, I can finally post!
I see the set up window has changed,
maybe Blogger was changing, I don't
what was going on, but
I couldn't post a picture, all week.
I have been having problems, I was
just on with a rep, on McAfee, they
tell my problem is with Internet
Explorer....I had put IE8 on here and
it gave me problems, so I restored my
computer back to before adding it and
the rep, put it back on here. Well, now
I can at least post.  I have to got to
contact Microsoft, next....What a pain! 
I thought I would at least take a moment
to post a picture of something, I will have
to post pictures of the living room later.
I thought you all might like see this
crock container.  I don't know if you
would call it a bowl, or what...I bought it
one time, in an antique mall, on the way 
home from Texas....The top
edge is smooth, it doesn't have a groove
for a lid, so I don't think it ever had one. 

It is about 8 1/2" across and 6 1/2" tall.
I just love it, and this is the first one of it's
kind, that I have seen...I have done a little
decorating for Fall, that I will show you
when I have the time to post all the pictures
of the living room....If this thing had been
working right, I would have posted them on
Tuesday....I have enjoyed seeing how every
one else has been decorating, though...

Have a great weekend!

Bear Hugs~Karen

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Computer Troubles!

I am still not able to put pictures on
here, so I guess I will keep taking
things out of my computer and putting
it on a flash drive.  I did a lot of it, this
afternoon....Tomorrow I will try to
post pictures of the change we did to
the living room....Chum might have
done something, he keeps reaching up
and hitting keys!  The little brat!

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things at the Antique Mall

Good Evening!

I thought I would show the pictures,
that I took in an antique mall, while
I was in TX, last time....

I really thought about buying this
chair. I don't really think it is old,

This trunk, with the stained glass, was in
the same booth....I can't believe I didn't
check the prices on them.

I liked this cat picture, but not the blue
mat, which could be changed out, but I
don't have anywhere to hang it, anyway.
I bet Gina would like it!


I took these next two pictures for Holli and
Donna, they like roosters....

I wish I had gotten this one on a better
angle, but I wanted to get a picture of the
rooster, on the red one, which I liked the
best. I think I have seen these in Country
Sampler....I now wish I had taken a few
more pictures for you all to see. Maybe
next time, I can get more....

My next post will probably be the big
change in the living room, I finally got
it all together....I did a little Fall
decorating, while I was at it...I think
I will wait until the first day of Fall,
to decorate outside, or maybe the first
of October...I am not very good at
remembering to water my mums, so
I don't want to kill them off, too soon!

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Monday, September 13, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Hello everyone, it is Monday again, so
it is time to meet another bear.  This
bear is a Boyd's bear and he is 12" tall,
with dark red, long, nappy fur.  His name
is Liberty Q. Spangler.  He is nekked,
except for his hat.  He has dark blue denim
paw pads, with white, embroidered stars,
that match this denim hat with stars. He
also has two buttons on his belly with stars, 
that have rope trim on the edges. 

He sits on a shelf in my patriotic bedroom,
keeping watch over the other bears in the

If you would like to see more bears, check
out  Carolyn's blog...Maybe, Carol has
posted one, today...If you collect bears,
and would like to join in, just let one of us
know, we will be glad to have you join us
for Meet a Bear Monday.

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering 9/11

Let's remember those who were
lost on this day, 9 years ago....

I know that this day, will be etched
in my memory forever, as I am sure
it will be in yours...Please pray for
those who lost loved ones, on that
horrible day and that nothing like
this, ever happens, again....

May we never forget! 

Fly your flag to show that we
are still united!

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hello everyone, I haven't kept up
 with posting a tip or a picture on
Thursday, so I thought I would post
one today....These morning glories
are on our chain link fence, facing the
side street....I just love them and I
thought you might enjoy seeing them,

In the next few days, I will post what
we did to the living room and some things
I saw in the shops, in Texas....

I hope you all are doing well....Thanks
for stopping by...

Bear Hugs~Karen

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Antique Mall Finds

Morning, Y'all....I hope you all
had a great weekend!  I was pretty
busy, like most holiday weekends.
We moved the furniture around in
the living room, so I decided to redo
some of the seams on the walls, who
ever did them, did a lousy job. This
is in the part of the LR, that used to
be a garage, my LR is L shaped. 
One wall was pretty uneven, so I did
a coat of mud on half of it and the
seams on another wall....I then
wet sanded it all and painted the two
walls.  I didn't have the largest mud
knife here, so I need to do another
coat when we change the paint color
in LR, DR and kitchen.  They are all
open to each other, so they need to
be painted the same color.  Although,
I have thought of painting some walls
a different color, just not the whole
room. We moved some heavy furniture
and hundreds of books!  I will show
some pictures soon, I still have to put
the bears in place, and put all my banks
up on the top of the cubbie shelves. I
haven't done anything yet, today....I did
the wet sanding and painting yesterday,
plus moved we the books, again and moved
the furniture.....I loaded the dishwasher,
ironed a shirt and took a shower before I
went to bed and I crashed!  I had things
hurting that I forgot I had!

Well, onto the antique mall treasures...

I bought some of this on the way down to
Texas, some of it in our town, and some
on the way back.  I wanted to stop at one
mall on the way back, because I had seen
something in it earlier, but of course, it
was gone...So, being the great hunter that
I am....LOL....I stopped in one that I hadn't
been to, for a long time.  I got the crock,
the wooden bowl and the little cheese box,
with the flowers and Amish children on it,

I didn't know this had a lining, until I got
home with it, and my hubby opened it. 

I love this garden tote, I got it, the little
churn and the grater on the way down.
The grater has openings that remind me
of a mouth with teeth, it was made in
England....I hung it up on the ladder in
the kitchen, already.  I got the box with
the cat on it, at GW on the way down, I
am going to paint it, one of these days...
I thought about painting the bowl with
the watermelon, but I like it and I have
some of them in the kitchen, right now,
so I will keep it the way it is, and use it
with my summer decor.  I am going to
be changing out my red flowers and
things for Fall flowers and decor, soon.

Well, I better get to work finishing up
the living room....My hubby got to sit
outside and read while I was mudding
and painting, he had to keep and eye on
Chum, he has gone over the fence, once.
I sure didn't want Chum to be my little
helper, on this project, I could just see
him tracking paint all over the carpet!
He has been in a grape vine basket, with
a round bottom, just rolling back and
forth!  He got under some of the papers
in it, with only his head and tail showing.
I got a picture of him, before I went to bed,
I guess he likes to rock and roll!

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Monday, September 6, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Morning Y'all....I meant to get this
bear posted last night, but I was just
too tired, I have been mudding seams
on the walls in part of my living room,
that was originally a garage. Whoever
did them before, did a lousy job! We
are changing things around, so this is
the time to redo them.....Enough of
that, and on to meeting a new bear. I
have the little sister to the one I showed
you last week, her name is "Jasmine
Lefleur" and she is 8" tall. She has on a
romper with the same print, as her sister
and her's has little ruffles on the sleeve
openings and a cute little purple rose on
the front.  She also has a matching bow.

I think these are the only ones that
I have in this family, but I do have more
of them dressed in purple, that I will
share with you all...If you would like to
see more bears, go to these other ladie's 

 I have some
more goodies to share with you all, that
I got in TX, I had to go down to do some
thing for my hubby, last week.

I hope everyone is having a great

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ladder Rack

Well, we finally got the ladder done
and up under the light and then I
didn't like the white light box
 with the red ladder, so I painted it
red, also....I do have to
do some touch ups on the ceiling.
We tried to get the box down, but
the guy who built it, put caulking,
or adhesive around it and it was stuck...

I am going to be on the lookout for some
mesh, with big holes, or some chicken wire
to put in the box, under the light....I think
it will make it look country.  I am sure that
I will be changing things around, but this
is the way it is for now....I have more
kitchen gadgets packed up around here,
some place.

We also got this old wooden box put up for
some of my spice tins. Someone, my hubby
works with, was throwing it away and my
DH just knew that I would want it...And he
was right!  We took down a Pepsi sign and
put it up, in it's place....I have more spice
tins packed with the kitchen gadgets, so I
will hunt for them, one of these days...

This is the scale I got the other day, I
cleaned it up and I put the strawberries
on it, that I got from Gina, which I had
on the mustard colored scale....I like
them on this one better, because of the
red around the face of it. One of these days
I will post a picture of this area, it was
open to the living room.... I put up some
material on spring rods, between the
tree posts, to close it off, because we put a
big piece of furniture on the other side and
I didn't want to see the back of it... I have
a hard time keeping Chum out of middle of
the material, he is always messing it up!  I
might have to shorten the material and just
make double sided curtains for it.
We have a lot of tall furniture and and
there isn't enough wall space in this house
for it all....We have lots of windows, or
doors in the way.

Thanks for stopping by!

Bear Hugs~Karen