Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Antique Mall Finds

Morning, Y'all....I hope you all
had a great weekend!  I was pretty
busy, like most holiday weekends.
We moved the furniture around in
the living room, so I decided to redo
some of the seams on the walls, who
ever did them, did a lousy job. This
is in the part of the LR, that used to
be a garage, my LR is L shaped. 
One wall was pretty uneven, so I did
a coat of mud on half of it and the
seams on another wall....I then
wet sanded it all and painted the two
walls.  I didn't have the largest mud
knife here, so I need to do another
coat when we change the paint color
in LR, DR and kitchen.  They are all
open to each other, so they need to
be painted the same color.  Although,
I have thought of painting some walls
a different color, just not the whole
room. We moved some heavy furniture
and hundreds of books!  I will show
some pictures soon, I still have to put
the bears in place, and put all my banks
up on the top of the cubbie shelves. I
haven't done anything yet, today....I did
the wet sanding and painting yesterday,
plus moved we the books, again and moved
the furniture.....I loaded the dishwasher,
ironed a shirt and took a shower before I
went to bed and I crashed!  I had things
hurting that I forgot I had!

Well, onto the antique mall treasures...

I bought some of this on the way down to
Texas, some of it in our town, and some
on the way back.  I wanted to stop at one
mall on the way back, because I had seen
something in it earlier, but of course, it
was gone...So, being the great hunter that
I am....LOL....I stopped in one that I hadn't
been to, for a long time.  I got the crock,
the wooden bowl and the little cheese box,
with the flowers and Amish children on it,

I didn't know this had a lining, until I got
home with it, and my hubby opened it. 

I love this garden tote, I got it, the little
churn and the grater on the way down.
The grater has openings that remind me
of a mouth with teeth, it was made in
England....I hung it up on the ladder in
the kitchen, already.  I got the box with
the cat on it, at GW on the way down, I
am going to paint it, one of these days...
I thought about painting the bowl with
the watermelon, but I like it and I have
some of them in the kitchen, right now,
so I will keep it the way it is, and use it
with my summer decor.  I am going to
be changing out my red flowers and
things for Fall flowers and decor, soon.

Well, I better get to work finishing up
the living room....My hubby got to sit
outside and read while I was mudding
and painting, he had to keep and eye on
Chum, he has gone over the fence, once.
I sure didn't want Chum to be my little
helper, on this project, I could just see
him tracking paint all over the carpet!
He has been in a grape vine basket, with
a round bottom, just rolling back and
forth!  He got under some of the papers
in it, with only his head and tail showing.
I got a picture of him, before I went to bed,
I guess he likes to rock and roll!

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Nice finds, Karen!

    Sounds like you worked veyr hsrd all weekend. It will pay off in the end. Want to come help me paint my house? I think every room needs it! UGH! One of these days, maybe I'll get motivated to get it all done.

    Have a great week!

  2. My word! That is a lot of hard work. I would be hurting, too!
    Love the covered crock. And the pitcher. Looks like we have similar tastes.
    Can't wait to see your hard work.


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