Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things at the Antique Mall

Good Evening!

I thought I would show the pictures,
that I took in an antique mall, while
I was in TX, last time....

I really thought about buying this
chair. I don't really think it is old,

This trunk, with the stained glass, was in
the same booth....I can't believe I didn't
check the prices on them.

I liked this cat picture, but not the blue
mat, which could be changed out, but I
don't have anywhere to hang it, anyway.
I bet Gina would like it!


I took these next two pictures for Holli and
Donna, they like roosters....

I wish I had gotten this one on a better
angle, but I wanted to get a picture of the
rooster, on the red one, which I liked the
best. I think I have seen these in Country
Sampler....I now wish I had taken a few
more pictures for you all to see. Maybe
next time, I can get more....

My next post will probably be the big
change in the living room, I finally got
it all together....I did a little Fall
decorating, while I was at it...I think
I will wait until the first day of Fall,
to decorate outside, or maybe the first
of October...I am not very good at
remembering to water my mums, so
I don't want to kill them off, too soon!

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Hi Karen,
    I like the kitty print and the red tin and the chair and oh oh the stained glass!!!!
    I like it ALL.....

  2. we have a nursery here with the rooster tins..and boy are they spendy here..I do like the cat print..but yeah it would need to be a different color for the mat.:) love that first chair too...:) have a great wednesday..;)

  3. Hey there Karen, great Rooster tins! Can't wait to see your finished room and decorating. Hope you are having a great week. :-)

  4. Hi Karen! Love your new header photo, and enjoyed the other photos too. I love that rooster bisket or tin, whatever it is. LOL!

    Looking forward to seeing your livingroom re-do. I'm waiting to decorate for Fall until the end of the month. It's still so dreadfully hot down here. UGH! I'm ready for Fall right now! LOL!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  5. Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by my blog! I LOVE those rooster tins too, very nice! I hope you have a wonderful day:)

  6. Have four similar chair with the spiders Karen :-) You will have to be brave..
    Best foot forward and up you go :-) :-)
    Lovely pics of roosters. x x x

  7. I love those canisters! Roosters are the best! lol


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Bear Hugs~Karen