Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Time For My 2nd Anniversary Giveaway!

Update on giveaway....I forgot
something!  My hubby reminded
me that I was going to give all 
the ones that commented on my
"Just Checking" post on the 18th
 2 extra chances in the giveaway! 
So, if you are one of the
34, you will get the 2 extra added 
to what you earn!  I am glad 
that he remembered, I bet you
are, too! 

Hey Blogging Buddies, it's time
for my GIVEAWAY!!!  I know 
you all have been waiting on pins
and needles, just for this!

Here is what the lucky winner 
will receive.....

*An old grungy kitchen scale, for display
purposes only, it does not work.

*An old kitchen grater.

*A fruit jar in holder with handle.

*And a wooden bowl that I painted,
stained and gave my prim touch to, for 
Fall, filled with a candle that I 
grunged and some dried rose hips, 
cinnamon sticks and pudka pods!
(whew, that was a long sentence)

Now for the rules....

1. You must be a follower of my blog.
You get 1 chance!
New ones are welcome! Tell me if
you are a new follower and you get
2 chances for signing on!

2. You must live in the USA, sorry 
everyone, but the postage for this 
package, would be too much to mail
out of the country. No entry for this
one, you are already lucky for living
in the USA!

3. You must sign up on this post, only.
The last time I did a giveaway, I had
sign ups on more than one post and 
it was too much trouble.

You don't have to have a blog to
enter, if you don't, please leave me
your email address in your 
comment, or e-mail it to me, so I 
can contact you if you win.

These are simple rules, right?

Now ways to earn extra entries,
(for you that want to.) Please tell 
me in your comment, which ones
you did, so I can give you the 
extra chances.

 If you go over to my shop and
  come back and tell me what your 
favorite thing is, in the shop so far, 
that earns you
2 extra chances!
If you post this on your sidebar,
and link it back to this post, that's
2 extra chances!

If you write a post about this 
giveaway and mention my shop,
The Prim Bear's Cupboard and
link back to my shop, that
= 3 more chances!

So, it is possible that you can
have 9 chances to win!

Let's see, when do I want to have
the drawing? hmmmm....Let me
check my calendar....

I am going to leave this open for
entries until noon, August 16th and  
announce the winner on August 17th.

Good luck to you all!!!  I will remind
you all, from time to time, and I will 
post it on my sidebar, also.

I want to thank you all for making 
blogging so much fun!  It has been
great making friends, all over this
great country and meeting some in 
I appreciate you all
taking the time to let me know you
are reading my blog, thanks so 
much!  I don't expect you to 
comment, every time you come by,
I know it is hard to keep up with
reading so many and commenting
on all of them is impossible, but 
I know you are reading, so that 
makes me happy!

Until next time!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Big Thanks and Anniversaries!

 Thank you, to all of you kind
ladies that took time to let know
you are reading my blog.  I was
thinking of closing my blog, but
I am going to keep with it! That
is why I asked if anyone was 
reading it...Also, my blogiversary
is coming up, I did my first post 
on the 27th of July, so I am going
to have a giveaway to celebrate!
All of you ladies, that left me a 
comment, before this post, will
get 2 extra entries when you enter 
the giveaway!  I want you all to 
know how much I appreciate you
all!  Stay tuned, the next post 
will have the giveaway goodies!

Not only is my blog having an
anniversary, but today is our 
wedding anniversary.  We got 
married 42 years ago, no wait, 
that can't be right, I can't be
old enough to be married this
long!!!  Happy Anniversary,
to my darlin'  and thanks for 
putting up with me all these 
years!  And here's to a lot 
more years together!

You all have a great day!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Monday, July 18, 2011

Just Checking

Hey everyone, I am just popping
in for a bit.  I was just wondering
who all's reading my blog.  If you
are reading my blog, please leave
me a comment. Some times I get
a few comments and other times
a lot more....I have been thinking
about something and I will tell 
you all, later.

Thanks for stopping by and 
leaving me a comment, I really 
do appreciate it!  I am 
thankful for all my followers
and all the friends I have made
the last 2 years. Bloggers are
the best!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Hey everyone, I know some of you
love old barns as much as I do, so
get you something to drink and 
settle in for a bit, because I have 
lots of pictures of barns on this 
post, so it is going to take awhile!
We flew to Louisville, KY and
rented a car, then we drove 
through  Indiana and met up with
my cousin and T. J. of Willow Bend
Primitives and then on to Michigan
to visit relatives.  Then we drove 
back and flew out of Louisville, so
I got to get lots of barn pictures,
some pictures of court houses and
some stone and brick houses. But,
today you only get to see barns.

The picture above, is the close up of 
the barn, below.....Which is my 
favorite of them all...

 The picture below, is the end of
the barn in the picture, above.

The barn, above is across the road 
from the barn in the first picture
on this post. 

These barns are all in the area where 
I grew up in Michigan. The first one
is just down the road from the little
town that I got married in.

I didn't get as many as I thought,
but I hope you enjoyed them!

Thanks for stopping by!  

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Treasured Friend and Treasures From My Trip

Hey everyone, I went a little over
board on my buying on the trip, last
month to our granddaughter's 
wedding ......I had to mail back two
boxes of stuff!  I like shopping in
different states, you can find some
great stuff!  I wish I had my van, but
we flew, so that limits you on what 
you can buy, that is for sure.
You can see a mustard colored 
cookie jar in the picture, above. I 
didn't get that on the trip, I got it
at that little flea market, that we go
to some weekends.  I got it for $2!  
I saw one on the trip for $35!
Like most cats, Chum has to lay on 
what ever is brought into the house,
so he took a nap in my wooden bowl.
The old sock dryer has it's original
price tag on it! I got a great deal on 
the Warren Kimble plates.
I hadn't bought any Boyd's bears in 
years, except for an ornie, so I came 
home with two of them, plus two others,
that aren't Boyd's. There are molds,
cookie cutters and patterns and pattern
I put the peeker bear, in the pear suit, 
in one of my big wooden bowls with 
some utensils on the hutch and I put
the two bears on the right up on the 
shelf, that we put up awhile back,
you can see that shelf, a couple posts
You can see part of a willow tree with
patriotic stars on it, it's up on that 
shelf, also.  The blue and white 
material, that you see, are panels 
that you can cut out and make 
pillows, throws or what ever you 
want with them. There is a throw 
underneath them, that I am 
thinking of cutting up to make 
things with....Probably won't
happen, we'll see.

Well, I saved the best for last!  I got to 
meet up with a dear blogging friend,
T. J. of Willow Bend Prims and
from Prim Pals!  We got to shops a
little, but the time went by too fast!
I had gotten my hair cut and permed
and it rained on us a little and boy 
did it frizz up! We were having so 
much fun, we couldn't quit smirking
and laughing long enough to get a
good picture...This is the best of the
bunch...The girls taking the pictures
were trying to get us to behave, but
that was impossible!  I found a lot
of the goodies I bought on the trip
in the Traderbakers Flea Market,
which we had just come out of....
Such fun, we will have to do it, again!
I didn't have a whole lot of time at 
any place, but I had a lot of fun, got
lots of goodies (lot of it is still in a box)
and hope we can do it, again!

It was great meeting you, T.J!!!!

I will be posting my giveaway, soon,
so be watching for that and thanks
for stopping by!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm Back With Wedding Pictures

Hey everyone, I'm finally back
with pictures from my 
granddaughter's wedding....I 
can't believe that she is old 
enough to be married, but she
sure is!  She has already finished
her 3rd year of college. I thought
I would share them with you all.

 This is Brittany and Adam at 

Almost ready! That's her sister,
Mallory, with her.

 The back of her beautiful dress!

Just married!

This is Brittany with her Dad,
my son.....One thing I have noticed
from these pictures, is that they are
a little fuzzy on the background, I 
do think it was because I had the 
red eye set on the camera.  I think
the next time I want to take pics,
I will leave the red eye off and just
get rid of it in my photo program.
I now wish I had taken them with
it on and with it off....I will be 
getting some from the photographer,
but he didn't take any of just the 
two of them posing.

Be on the look out for a post in a
few days for my 2nd anniversary
on my blog.  I will be having a prim
giveaway that I think you all will
like, at least I hope so!

I want to thank all of you that 
hung in there with me!

Until next time~

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen