Sunday, October 31, 2010

Early Morning Texas Pictures

Hello everyone!  I can't 
believe it has been a week since
I last posted, but I have been 
pretty busy...I have been making 
20 ornies for our swap on Prim
Pals Forum, making a Halloween
costume for my husband to wear
for the costume judging at his job,
plus we went to the flea market
on Saturday....I am almost done,
the ornies need to be mailed out,
tomorrow.  Since I can't show you
any pictures of the ornies, I thought
I would show you a few pictures of
Texas in the early morning...Yes, I 
can get up early, (for those of you, 
that know I am not a morning person)
if I have to!  

This one might have been taken while 
in Oklahoma, yet....I love the mist 
hovering just above the ground!

This field had just a tiny bit of frost on
it and you can see, what looks like a 
gray cloud, in the distance.  It's not a 
cloud, it is mist rising off of water. There
are a lot of ponds a long this route. Texans
refer to them as tanks!  Well, they don't 
look like my idea of a tank, I don't see any
army green vehicles!...LOL

Here's another one of a misty lake.
Maybe I should go some place early,
more often!

That's it for tonight, thanks for stopping
by....I will try to get some pics of the 
Fall decorating, soon....Things have had
to come first.  

I would like to welcome my newest 
followers, I am so glad you signed on!

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen

Monday, October 25, 2010

Treasure Hunting

Well, I hope you all are well and
safe!  There were tornadoes and
warnings in TX and our part of 
Oklahoma, yesterday!  The alarm
went off for a tornado warning, for
the southeastern part, of our county.
We got the edge of the storm, but I
don't think one touched down. I saw
one on the news last night, that went
across the freeway and the guy 
filming, it was right on the edge of it!
He is lucky he didn't get hurt.

Enough of tornadoes, I wanted to show
you all the things I got over the last two

We went to a few garage sales and I got
most of this stuff at them. I got the Three
Crows Coffee sign and the little shelf made 
from a measuring stick from an antique 
mall.  I thought I would repaint the blocks
and make some pantry cakes with the molds.
I have quite a few molds, now....The can 
opener is really old and still  has the screws
to hang it on the cupboard, or wall. The 
little firkin doesn't have a lid, but I don't 
care, I  got it for 25 cents!....It's my first
real one.

It needs a good cleaning, then I will make 
room on my hutch for it.

I got this big crock at the fleamarket, 
last weekend, along with the quilt rack
and the corner shelf.  I think the crock is
a 6 gallon, although it doesn't have a 
number on it. It used to have wire and 
wooden handles on it, but they are gone,
now. I do have one that is larger and it is 
an 8 gallon, so that is why I think this 
one is a 6 gallon. The crock is outside, 
waiting for a good scrubbing.
I am hoping that the quilt rack will fit 
at the beginning of the hall, I will have 
to do some measuring to see, yet. I think 
I will paint it, black with red over top.  
I have some craft projects to finish and 
then I will pick a nice day and paint 
all the things I want to get painted....
I have several things to make over and
furniture that I want to move.

I got this chair at an estate sale, last 
Sunday.  It has several layers of paint
on it, but I am going to sand it and paint
it black.  

I like the shape of it, especially the
back.  It is really heavy compared to
the other chair they had, so I think 
it might be oak.....I am wanting to find
some bow back chairs, I think my big
brother is on the look out for some for
me.  He is going to change a table I 
have, to a harvest/farm table, one
of these days. 

Well, that is it for me today, I hope 
you all have a great week! 

Until next time....

Bear Hugs~Karen


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Welcome Sign

Hello everyone, I forgot to show
you my welcome sign, that I hung
out when I did the decorating, on
the outside of the house....I painted
this last year and forgot I had it... 

I saw a really cute scarecrow,
down town that I liked, so maybe
I will paint me a couple full sized
scarecrows for next year.  

I have been working on ornaments
for our Christmas ornament swap,
on the Prim Pals Forum, so I haven't
put my bittersweet around the house.  
The way my cat gets into everything,
I don't know if I dare!  They say it is
poisonous to children and pets.
Well, that is all for tonight, I need to
get back to my ornaments, or load 
the dish washer....

I hope you all are having a great 
week and thanks for stopping 

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some Fall Decorating

Well, I got around and took some 
more pictures of my decorating,
outside.......My pumpkin had been
sitting in the living room and it was
bad!  I saw a nick on it, so I took it
outside on the porch and the stem
came off in my hand and the pumpkin
hit the cement a cracked open.  It was
moldy...So, I put a basket in it's place
and put some gourds and Indian corn
in it. I worked on the outside of the house,
scrubbing bricks, washing the windows,
and doing some general cleaning, before
I put the scarecrow, mums, gourds, etc,
out on the porch, on Friday. I don't really
like him sitting in front of the window, but
the porch only goes from a little past the 
window, on the right, to just past the door,
to the left...

It's a pretty small porch, but it will
all be protected, unless there is a lot 
of wind and rain. I got the little red
wagon at the flea market, a couple 
weeks ago and the plain wooden one,
last weekend, at a garage sale.

I found this cute sign at the flea market,
yesterday....Since I don't really decorate
for Halloween, I thought I would get this
cute sign and put up some spider web, with
spiders on it, this year.

This here is my wheelbarrow, that my FIL
made me, I just love it, but it fell apart, last
year and was out laying on the ground, by 
the shed, which didn't do it any good...We 
did some work on it, replaced the bottom 
and put the barn wood, back on, but it will
probably only last this year, then will have
to be replaced.  

It is getting about time to take in my 
asparagus ferns in for the winter,
I have the big one, you see in the back
ground, and two on the patio....I don't 
know where I am going to put them, 
since we moved the furniture around. 
Well, that is all for the outside, I will post
pictures of my decorating on the inside,
soon....I need to find places for the 
bittersweet and the other dried flowers,
that my MIL sent.  I enjoy seeing how 
you all have been decorating for Fall.
We took a drive a little North of here, today
and it looks like it might have been too dry
this year, for the trees to turn pretty. Some
of them have lost half of their leaves and 
others are brown.  We haven't had a frost, 
yet....Peek around here is about the first 
week in November. We shall see....That is
one thing I miss about living up North,
the changing of the trees. We planted some
Maple trees in our yard, in Texas....They
were beautiful, last year.....
I got a quilt rack, a corner shelf and a big 
crock, at the flea market, over the 
weekend, plus a chair today....I will show
you them, on another post.

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen


Friday, October 15, 2010

Package In The Mail and Stack Boxes

Hello friends, I hope you all are 
doing well.  I got a package in the
mail today, from my MIL....Just 
look at what she sent me!

She sent all the bittersweet she had!
Plus, some lavender, pussy willows
and some yarrow!  So, I need to do
the rest of my Fall decorating!  I did 
put my wheelbarrow in the front yard
with a huge mum in it and I put my big
scarecrow out in front of the window...
I will show you all that this weekend.  
Also, I am painting stack boxes, if you 
would like a set, just let me know, I have
3 sets of ovals, I think and I have some 
round ones, that I can paint.  I will 
accept a check, if I know ya, otherwise,
I would prefer a money order.  You 
will find a set done in Fall colors, on
the side bar.....Just e-mail me if you 
would like a set.  

Well, I need to get back to work on 
some things...I hope you all have 
a great weekend!

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

I received an award!

I would like to tell you all that I have 
received "The Versatile Blogger Award"
from Michele over at A Bushel And 
A Peck!  Thank you Michele for 
choosing me, I am honored! I have had
a tag on my blog as 
an award free, tag free blog, but I 
forgot to put it back on, when I 
changed the background.  So, I will 
gladly accept this award! The rules are...
You thank the blogger who chose you,
with a link back to their blog...You
choose 15 other bloggers, to pass it on
to...And you let them know.

Plus, you tell 7 things about yourself, that 
others probably don't know,
(whether you want to know them, or not!)
Here are my 15 choices, to receive the

  1. The Black Crow 
  2. Bumble Bee Lane Cottage
  3. Primlish
  4. Andy's Primitive Farmhouse
  5. Berry Homespun Primitives
  6. Deppen Homestead 1862
  7. Craftystitchers
  8. Loafer Mountain Primitives
  9. Friendship Crossing
  10. Live Oak Primitive Peddler 
  11. Soggibottom
  12. Seasons Of Thy Heart
  13.  White Sheep Farm
  14. One Simple Country Girl 
  15. Busy Bee

Now on to the 7 things about you that 
you probably don't know.

  1. I was born and raised in Michigan.
  2. My favorite color is red.
  3. I love movies that take place during the 1800's.
  4. I don't decorate for Halloween, but I do for Fall.
  5. My family lives all over the US.
  6. I love to give things to others.
  7.  I love to walk in the state park.   
 So, that is a little bit about me, I was 
told not to put I was crazy on the list
because you all know that already!

I am off to tell all these gals, that I 
have chosen them, for this award!

Thanks for stopping by!

Bear Hugs~Karen

    Monday, October 11, 2010

    Fleamarket and Garage Sale Finds

    Hello, blogging buddies! 

    First of all, I would like to say
    "Welcome" to my new followers!
    I am so glad you have decided to
    join me in my blogging journey.

    Well, I don't know what happened
    to the day, but it just  zipped by!
     I did get the things out and pictures
    taken of most of it....So, here goes....I 
    loved this fleamarket that we hadn't 
    been to before, I ran out of money, 
    before I ran out of fleamarket to look at!
    Which may have been a good thing.....
    Well, I had to save money to eat on, too!

    I got these cute pitchers at the larger FM,
    they were a steal, I only paid $8 for the 3 
    of them....I think they might have to be the
    last of my pitcher collecting, I am running 
    out of room...

    I got these at the garage sale we stopped
    at, I thought they were loose, but they are
    on fishing line.  A dear friend of mine said
    to put show polish on them to prim them 
    up....I think that is a good idea!

    Here is all the wooden stuff I got!  I 
    even got a oval cutting board, it is under
    the white boxes...I put it in the kitchen,
    against the ugly back splash, along with
    the pig, which is painted on both sides.
    I got all of this stuff really cheap! I think
    I will put candles in the little trencher 
    with rose hips....The long painted board,
    is going to get repainted, one of these days.

    Some more goodies!  There are two 
    different prints of material, both have 
    pumpkins on them...I liked the cast iron
    pan with the hearts, I am going to hang 
    it on the side of the kitchen cabinet, by 
    the sink. The little milk bottle is unusual.
    I have been keeping my cookies in a plastic
    bag, so now I will put them in the clear jar.
    There are two mugs with the blue granite
    coffee pot, I am going to make something,
    using them. 

     I got these cute little pumpkin head dolls
    at the fleamarket and little down the lane,
    I got the quilted sheep and cat.

    I just love the little wagon and the kid's
    chair!  The chair is the same size as my
    other one, but the spindles have a different
    design.  Can you guess what I paid for them?
    I paid $1 for the wagon at the garage sale,
    where we got a lot of stuff!  I got the chair
    at the fleamarket for $5....Woo Hoo!  I am
    going to put the wagon out on the porch 
    and put some pumpkins in it. I got a little
    wagon a week ago, that I need to take a pic
    of to show you....Are you getting tired of 
    looking at pictures of goodies?

     I am showing a cropped picture, that I 
    posted, yesterday, so you can see the 
    cast iron pans that we got at the garage
    sale....I got the little barrel shaped thing
    at the fleamarket, I am going to paint it.
    We also got a box of candles, that you can
    see in the picture. Oh, I forgot to take a 
    picture of a wicker chair that I got...
    If you are still with me, I have some
    thing else to show you, with a story...

    Here we have a wanted poster for an
    outlaw, Sam Bass...He went to Texas, from 
    Indiana, and drove cattle to Kansas...Then
    he got in with a bunch of outlaws, and they
    robbed stagecoaches and trains....He is
    famous in Texas, known as "the friendly
    bandit," because he would give gold to 
    those who helped him, or fed him.  
    He was shot and killed by a Texas Ranger, 
    and he died a couple days later, on his 
    27th birthday.
    You might wonder why I know all this and 
    bought this sign, It is because he was my 
    great grandma's, cousin!  

    He is buried in Round Rock, Texas...
    I believe. He lived hard and died, young....
    His parents died, when he was young and
    he lived with an uncle for several years, 
    before he left home and headed down the 
    wrong path.

    Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing all the 
    goodies I got, over the weekend.  I do 
    think I got carried away!  But then, it is
    sooooo easy to do!

    I was selected for a blog award, I will tell
    you about it, soon!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Until next time...

    Bear Hugs~Karen

    Sunday, October 10, 2010

    Bargain Hunting!

    Hello, I hope you all are enjoying
    your weekend!  I have to show tell 
    you that I got lots of goodies, yesterday!
    Most of them are in bags....We went 
    to the fleamarket,that we went to 
    last weekend, a good garage sale 
    and another fleamarket, that was a 
    lot bigger, than last weeks.
    This one was a lot farther away, too.

    As you can see, we got lots of stuff! On 
    the other end of the picture is a wagon,
    that I got for $1, I couldn't believe the 
    price, it was at the garage sale, we also
    got all the cast iron pans there....I got 
    a wagon last weekend and a teddy bear
    tea light holder, that I will show you pics
    of tomorrow.....I have to go through all
    the bags, sort it out, yet....So, come back
    tomorrow to see all the goodies I got!  I
    know, I know....I have too much stuff now,
    but I don't care, this is different stuff!  I 
    can always sell what I don't want, anymore.

    I am going to take a break from "Meet A
    Bear Monday".......I will pick that back up
    when I want to show you all my Christmas 
    bears and angels.  I think I will show what 
    I find over the weekend, on Monday, for
    awhile.....So be looking for that, or what I 
    have already bought and made over.

    I will probably post the stack boxes on 
    my sidebar, tomorrow, also.

    Until next time...

    Bear Hugs~Karen

    Friday, October 8, 2010

    A Sign From Trish and Skippy!

    Good Morning, Y'all!  
    I thought I would show you the cute 
    little sign I received, from 
    Trish of Loafer Mountain Primitives, 
    for honorable mention for sending her 
    names for her new kitty!  I just love 
    it and I think I will put it with my bears!  
    I might be able to post it above my 
    followers, because I think of all you as 
    "Treasured Friends"......

    It was sure sweet of Trish and Skippy to
    send me this wonderful sign, thanks to you
    both!  I love it!

    I have been painting stack boxes, with
    Fall colors, so be on the lookout, I will 
    be selling them!  

    I need to get my Fall decorating done,
    so that is on the agenda for the weekend,
    plus checking out another fleamarket. 
    So, what are your plans for the weekend?
    What ever you do, I hope you have a 
    great one!
    Until next time....

    Bear Hugs~Karen

    Tuesday, October 5, 2010

    I Won a Give Away

    Good Morning!  

    I hope you all are enjoying the 
    cooler weather, I know I am!

    I won a give away at White Sheep
    Farm!  The first I have won in quite
    awhile and let me tell ya, I was 
    glad I won this one!

     I got 6 grungy candy corn, with rusty 
    wire and bells and a cute pinkeep! 
    She threw in the cute little Jack-0-
    Lanterns, on the wire, as and extra! 

    And here is a close up of the pinkeep! I
    just love it!  Teri did an amazing job on
    it all!  Thanks Teri, I love it!  If you 
    would like check out her website, click

    Well, that is it for today, I need to get
    to painting some stack boxes and start
    my ornies for the Prim Pals Christmas
    Ornie Swap....We are having a great time
    doing swaps, the ladies on the forum, are 
    so talented!  If you would like to join in
    on our swaps, come on over to Prim Pals
    Forum and become a member.  Just click 
    on the picture on my sidebar, and it will
    take you there.

    Until next time...

    Bear Hugs~Karen