Monday, October 11, 2010

Fleamarket and Garage Sale Finds

Hello, blogging buddies! 

First of all, I would like to say
"Welcome" to my new followers!
I am so glad you have decided to
join me in my blogging journey.

Well, I don't know what happened
to the day, but it just  zipped by!
 I did get the things out and pictures
taken of most of it....So, here goes....I 
loved this fleamarket that we hadn't 
been to before, I ran out of money, 
before I ran out of fleamarket to look at!
Which may have been a good thing.....
Well, I had to save money to eat on, too!

I got these cute pitchers at the larger FM,
they were a steal, I only paid $8 for the 3 
of them....I think they might have to be the
last of my pitcher collecting, I am running 
out of room...

I got these at the garage sale we stopped
at, I thought they were loose, but they are
on fishing line.  A dear friend of mine said
to put show polish on them to prim them 
up....I think that is a good idea!

Here is all the wooden stuff I got!  I 
even got a oval cutting board, it is under
the white boxes...I put it in the kitchen,
against the ugly back splash, along with
the pig, which is painted on both sides.
I got all of this stuff really cheap! I think
I will put candles in the little trencher 
with rose hips....The long painted board,
is going to get repainted, one of these days.

Some more goodies!  There are two 
different prints of material, both have 
pumpkins on them...I liked the cast iron
pan with the hearts, I am going to hang 
it on the side of the kitchen cabinet, by 
the sink. The little milk bottle is unusual.
I have been keeping my cookies in a plastic
bag, so now I will put them in the clear jar.
There are two mugs with the blue granite
coffee pot, I am going to make something,
using them. 

 I got these cute little pumpkin head dolls
at the fleamarket and little down the lane,
I got the quilted sheep and cat.

I just love the little wagon and the kid's
chair!  The chair is the same size as my
other one, but the spindles have a different
design.  Can you guess what I paid for them?
I paid $1 for the wagon at the garage sale,
where we got a lot of stuff!  I got the chair
at the fleamarket for $5....Woo Hoo!  I am
going to put the wagon out on the porch 
and put some pumpkins in it. I got a little
wagon a week ago, that I need to take a pic
of to show you....Are you getting tired of 
looking at pictures of goodies?

 I am showing a cropped picture, that I 
posted, yesterday, so you can see the 
cast iron pans that we got at the garage
sale....I got the little barrel shaped thing
at the fleamarket, I am going to paint it.
We also got a box of candles, that you can
see in the picture. Oh, I forgot to take a 
picture of a wicker chair that I got...
If you are still with me, I have some
thing else to show you, with a story...

Here we have a wanted poster for an
outlaw, Sam Bass...He went to Texas, from 
Indiana, and drove cattle to Kansas...Then
he got in with a bunch of outlaws, and they
robbed stagecoaches and trains....He is
famous in Texas, known as "the friendly
bandit," because he would give gold to 
those who helped him, or fed him.  
He was shot and killed by a Texas Ranger, 
and he died a couple days later, on his 
27th birthday.
You might wonder why I know all this and 
bought this sign, It is because he was my 
great grandma's, cousin!  

He is buried in Round Rock, Texas...
I believe. He lived hard and died, young....
His parents died, when he was young and
he lived with an uncle for several years, 
before he left home and headed down the 
wrong path.

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing all the 
goodies I got, over the weekend.  I do 
think I got carried away!  But then, it is
sooooo easy to do!

I was selected for a blog award, I will tell
you about it, soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Hey Karen, I love all the wonderful goodies you got and you got some great deals too..I say hang that little chair on a peg rail and that little wagon would look so cute with a little "chum" kitty in the last photo too..great story.;) have a wonderful week ahead.:)oh and I got that award times 2.;)I will be posting it tomorrow too:>)

  2. Wow Karen you been shopping!! Love all your goodies! Those little cast iron pans make good tart burners or even just to hold a candle. Great stuff!

  3. Hey Karen, what a great bunch of goodies!! You should be busy on projects for awhile. I loved the story of Sam Bass, being as I am in Texas I am familiar with the story. So if he is your great-grandma's cousin, does that mean you could have a little outlaw blood in your veins??? 8-)
    Have fun with your goodies!!

  4. Wow! Did you get a lot of goodies! It's neat that you found something that was family cool is that?



  6. WOW!! What treasures :-) favorite are those
    cute Pitchers,Have the same one(in the middle)
    of your photo mine has more of creamy biege
    color.. Thanks for Sharing


  7. got some great goodies!! Love the pitchers!! And the quilted sheep is adorable!! Two of my favorite things...sheep and pitchers!! I'm drooling right now!!

  8. Holy Moly girl! No wonder you ran out of $$! You picked up lots of great things. Great prices on the cute wagon and chair.

    What an awesome story about Sam Bass! I always thought there was a rebel in you, HAHA! Just kidding. That is a really neat piece of history.


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