Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some Fall Decorating

Well, I got around and took some 
more pictures of my decorating,
outside.......My pumpkin had been
sitting in the living room and it was
bad!  I saw a nick on it, so I took it
outside on the porch and the stem
came off in my hand and the pumpkin
hit the cement a cracked open.  It was
moldy...So, I put a basket in it's place
and put some gourds and Indian corn
in it. I worked on the outside of the house,
scrubbing bricks, washing the windows,
and doing some general cleaning, before
I put the scarecrow, mums, gourds, etc,
out on the porch, on Friday. I don't really
like him sitting in front of the window, but
the porch only goes from a little past the 
window, on the right, to just past the door,
to the left...

It's a pretty small porch, but it will
all be protected, unless there is a lot 
of wind and rain. I got the little red
wagon at the flea market, a couple 
weeks ago and the plain wooden one,
last weekend, at a garage sale.

I found this cute sign at the flea market,
yesterday....Since I don't really decorate
for Halloween, I thought I would get this
cute sign and put up some spider web, with
spiders on it, this year.

This here is my wheelbarrow, that my FIL
made me, I just love it, but it fell apart, last
year and was out laying on the ground, by 
the shed, which didn't do it any good...We 
did some work on it, replaced the bottom 
and put the barn wood, back on, but it will
probably only last this year, then will have
to be replaced.  

It is getting about time to take in my 
asparagus ferns in for the winter,
I have the big one, you see in the back
ground, and two on the patio....I don't 
know where I am going to put them, 
since we moved the furniture around. 
Well, that is all for the outside, I will post
pictures of my decorating on the inside,
soon....I need to find places for the 
bittersweet and the other dried flowers,
that my MIL sent.  I enjoy seeing how 
you all have been decorating for Fall.
We took a drive a little North of here, today
and it looks like it might have been too dry
this year, for the trees to turn pretty. Some
of them have lost half of their leaves and 
others are brown.  We haven't had a frost, 
yet....Peek around here is about the first 
week in November. We shall see....That is
one thing I miss about living up North,
the changing of the trees. We planted some
Maple trees in our yard, in Texas....They
were beautiful, last year.....
I got a quilt rack, a corner shelf and a big 
crock, at the flea market, over the 
weekend, plus a chair today....I will show
you them, on another post.

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen



  1. Karen I love the Old Barn Wood WheelBarrow
    what a great project to re-create.. It's Awesome ....

    Harvest Thyne Blessings

  2. love your fall decorating..and love that wheelbarrow your FIL that style..I hope you can save it..have wonderful week and can't wait to see more photos..;)

  3. Love the wheelbarrow. Too bad about the pumpkin. I hate when they do that...rotting from the inside out. I usually only sit mine on the porch. Then the squirrels try to eat them. The middle son said he saw a squirrel the other day trying to carry off a smaller pumpkin...that would have been a sight to see. Wonder if he was gonna bury it? Have a great day.


  4. i love your scarecrow ~ he is way to cute to 'scare' anything! LOL and your wagons are too!

    Your porch looks very fallish indeed!


  5. Oh Karen, I just LOVE your handsome scarecrow, and that wheelbarrow is adorable, glad you were able to save it:)

  6. Love your Fall decorating on your porch!! Cute scarecrow...and great wheelbarrow!!


  7. Everything looks great Karen!! I'm loving that wheelbarrow!! I think something else just got added to Hubby's list. Come on rainy winter so Hubby can be inside!!

  8. Your outdoor decorating is so cute! Love that wonderful big wheelbarrow, would love to have one! I've been pricing them and hope to get one this year. They are perfect to keep out year round and change out with the seasons.

  9. Oh my goodness! I found your site when I was searching google for fall decor ideas... these are adorable! I would love for you to join in on my Harvest Tour of Homes.... You can read more about it on my blog, here: Would be honored to have you!

    Your newest follower,


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