Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bargain Hunting!

Hello, I hope you all are enjoying
your weekend!  I have to show tell 
you that I got lots of goodies, yesterday!
Most of them are in bags....We went 
to the fleamarket,that we went to 
last weekend, a good garage sale 
and another fleamarket, that was a 
lot bigger, than last weeks.
This one was a lot farther away, too.

As you can see, we got lots of stuff! On 
the other end of the picture is a wagon,
that I got for $1, I couldn't believe the 
price, it was at the garage sale, we also
got all the cast iron pans there....I got 
a wagon last weekend and a teddy bear
tea light holder, that I will show you pics
of tomorrow.....I have to go through all
the bags, sort it out, yet....So, come back
tomorrow to see all the goodies I got!  I
know, I know....I have too much stuff now,
but I don't care, this is different stuff!  I 
can always sell what I don't want, anymore.

I am going to take a break from "Meet A
Bear Monday".......I will pick that back up
when I want to show you all my Christmas 
bears and angels.  I think I will show what 
I find over the weekend, on Monday, for
awhile.....So be looking for that, or what I 
have already bought and made over.

I will probably post the stack boxes on 
my sidebar, tomorrow, also.

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Yeah for great finds ~ can't wait to see everything tomorrow!

  2. Wow, what a haul! You hit the mother lode, Karen! lol!

  3. can't wait to see what you have been up got alot of great stuff.:)


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