Monday, October 4, 2010

Meet A Bear Monday

Hello, everyone, I hope you all had
a great weekend!  We went to the 
fleamarket......I did get a few things, 
that I will post another time, for
it is time to meet another bear. Today,
I have a Boyd's  bear, named "Billy, 
and Friends"....

As you can see, he has some puppies
to give away to a good home! I think
they are just the cutest!

Here is a closer look at the puppies...

 A closer look at his cute face.  Billy is
14" tall and he is wearing red and white
striped bibs and on his foot, is "Bear of
the Month" and "Limited Edition"...You
could only buy this bear, for one month. 
He was a present from my son, for 
Mother's Day.  I took pictures of a couple
other bears, this morning, so they will be
ready to post on the next two Monday's...

Also, I won a give away over on White
Sheep Farm, so I have my goodies to show
you and also, what I got at the fleamarket.

Well, I hope you  all have a great week!
Until next time...

Bear Hugs, Karen


  1. He's so cute, but I esp. LOVE those puppies!


  2. oh so cute and luv them puppies too.have a great day.blessings michelle

  3. Oh my word! He is adorable and so are those sweet little puppies!! How sweet of your son to get you this adorable bear!


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