Friday, October 30, 2009

Costume Contest!

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to show you
all my hubby in his costume for the "Halloween
Costume Contest" at work. The competition was
tough, but he won 1st prize for "The Tin Woodsman"
costume! I painted it up and we both did the work
on the body.....They sure had some cute costumes,
witches, a joker, Lizzy Borden, etc. Last year we won
2nd place for a scarecrow....Do you get the connection?
Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Things I Got While On Vacation


I thought I would show you all what I got while
in Oregon....They don't have much in the way of
prim decor out there, it is mostly black bears and
the "lodge look"......I did get a little needle felted
pumpkin that didn't get in the picture. I went out
with a small suitcase and a cloth tote bag and I got
everything in it on the way back! I bought the
table runner, the candle stick and the mold and
hook at Buttermilk Junction....Now, I wish I had
bought more table runners, but I can order them
online. I know I live in the wrong place to get all
the prim stuff that I like, you can't find it around
the cities that I shop in, or at least I can't, anyway!
I hadn't bought any Boyd's Bears for over 3 yrs,
so I bought the one in the stocking and the moose
to put on the Christmas tree, this year. When I
put the big tree up, I usually have over 60 bears
on it! I have so much fun decorating the tree,
plus I try to come up with something different
for the fireplace mantle, every year....This
year, I want to prim it up!

That's about all for today, I need to get to work on
the house, paying bills and starting on my handmade
stuff for the Christmas swap.

Thanks for coming by~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Monday, October 26, 2009

More Oregon Vacation Pictures!

I want to say hope ya all are having a good Sunday,
but it is now Monday morning, so good morning to

I hope you all enjoy these pictures of Oregon and
if you get a chance to visit the state, all I can say is

This is a picture of Shahala Falls, which is farther
up in the mountains......I just love it out there!

The pictures below are taken close to my sister's.
Moss on the trees in the rain forest in Oregon....

Picture of the moss growing on the rocks and all
the lush greenery.....there were ferns and moss
growing every where, even on the trees!

This is a panaramic picture of Majestic
Falls in the rain forest near my sister's
home....This is from high up before we
worked our way down the stairs.....I
don't know why it looks smaller.

Another view of the falls....

I had a great vacation and I took lots of
pictures, but I couldn't post them all on here,
but you get an idea of the beauty of Oregon!

Next time I will post pictures of the things I
bought out there, so be watching for that post.
It will be a few days, for I am going to Texas

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Friday, October 23, 2009

Welcome, New Friends


I just want to say "Welcome" to my new followers,
but I would rather refer to you all as new friends!
Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend.

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Pictures of Oregon

Hello, Blogging Buddies~

I just love taking pictures although I am not really good at it, I do

manage to get some good shots. I thought I would share some more

pictures of the mountains of Oregon, one of my favorite states to

visit! I had a lot of fun with my family and I can tell ya that the time

went way too fast! They are so lucky to live where it is just beautiful

every where you look and I kept telling them that!

This is in the Belnap Crater, near Sisters, Oregon, which is all

lava rock! You can see a different mountain when you look

out the openings....This is just the neatest place to stop to

take pictures of the mountains of the Cascade mountain

range. This is along McKenzie Pass, which is closed in the

winter time because of so much snow.

Three Sisters Mountains, these are the highest peaks,
behind Mt. Hood, which is near Portland and Mt. Jefferson.

Black Butte Mountain

Lava Rock, every where! You can see Mt. Washington
with snow on it, in the distance....The brown one to the
left of that might be Hoo Doo, where everybody skis...
I can't remember which one the one on the left is!

I took some pictures of places that my sister and her
hubby walk in the Rain Forest, I will sort them and
post them later.....I have pictures of moss, water falls,
more mountain pictures and a lot more. It is so pretty
out there, I wish I could live there!

Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do~~~~

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back from Oregon

Hello, everyone! I wanted to show this picture to you all!

Mount Hood, taken from the plane....

(please do not copy)

I made it back from vacation, but not without trouble!
I flew in late and then my van quit on me and I couldn't
get it started so my hubby came to rescue me about
midnight on Wednesday.....We had to get the van fixed
on Thursday and drive about 4 hours home....I don't
want that to happen again, I can tell ya that! I don't
like having to be under the hood in the dark in the
middle of Dallas/Ft Worth! I was afraid that my van
would be hit in the rear while I was working on it....
Anyway, I got to a Jack in the Box and sat there until
my hubby arrived, so I would be safe. That was a long
day, I woke up before 5 am, before going to the airport,
then was up till about 12:30 the next morning! ....We got
a few hours sleep and then got the van in the garage and
I napped in the truck while they worked on it. We got
home Thursday, about supper time and I then got up to
Friday morning to clean house and company came that
morning, so I have been busy....I didn't get to the coast
this time, but had a lot of fun in the mountains taking pictures!
I have more of 3 Sisters Mountains, Mt. Washington and others,
also pictures of the Rain Forest near where my sister lives.
I didn't know they had one there, but I know that there is a
high desert in Oregon. I will post more pictures later, I need
to iron a shirt and go to bed! Thanks for stopping by and be
watching for more pictures of Oregon!

Until next time~~~


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Baskets and Fall Decorating

Hello, blogging buddies, I hope you all are having a
great weekend! I thought I would share my Fall
decorating with ya all today. It has been raining
here some and my corn stalks keep falling over from
the wind. I will have to tie it to the bench with some
jute. I usually put the scarecrow out in the yard
with my wooden wheelbarrow, but it needs repair
and this area is covered, so I put him here. You
can see he has a little crow on his arm! I love to
decorate for Fall, but I don't do Halloween....

I found these two baskets for a quarter each at the
festival, yesterday....The green one has a handle that
wasn't attached, but I can put a jute hanger on it and
fill it with flowers, sweet annie or something else and
hang it on a peg rack, it might ever stand....

Well, that is all I have for today, I have lots of work
to do, I am going to Texas on Monday, then flying
to Oregon on Wednesday to see my sister and family~
Whoo Hoo, vacation time! I will take lots of pictures
to share with you all when I get back.....The mountains,
the ocean, the prim shops, the stuff I bought.....I will
probably have to buy an extra suitcase to bring it all
back home, knowing me!!!! We are planning on going
to Buttermilk Junction, a prim shop I found on a blog.

Until next time~~~

Bear Hugs~Karen