Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back from Oregon

Hello, everyone! I wanted to show this picture to you all!

Mount Hood, taken from the plane....

(please do not copy)

I made it back from vacation, but not without trouble!
I flew in late and then my van quit on me and I couldn't
get it started so my hubby came to rescue me about
midnight on Wednesday.....We had to get the van fixed
on Thursday and drive about 4 hours home....I don't
want that to happen again, I can tell ya that! I don't
like having to be under the hood in the dark in the
middle of Dallas/Ft Worth! I was afraid that my van
would be hit in the rear while I was working on it....
Anyway, I got to a Jack in the Box and sat there until
my hubby arrived, so I would be safe. That was a long
day, I woke up before 5 am, before going to the airport,
then was up till about 12:30 the next morning! ....We got
a few hours sleep and then got the van in the garage and
I napped in the truck while they worked on it. We got
home Thursday, about supper time and I then got up to
Friday morning to clean house and company came that
morning, so I have been busy....I didn't get to the coast
this time, but had a lot of fun in the mountains taking pictures!
I have more of 3 Sisters Mountains, Mt. Washington and others,
also pictures of the Rain Forest near where my sister lives.
I didn't know they had one there, but I know that there is a
high desert in Oregon. I will post more pictures later, I need
to iron a shirt and go to bed! Thanks for stopping by and be
watching for more pictures of Oregon!

Until next time~~~



  1. I'm glad you are home and safe.
    That was some scary adventure towards the end, under the hood in the dark!!!
    I'm impressed you know what things are in there.
    You've been very busy..please remember to make some You time. *hug*
    Lovely photo, thanks for sharing it!

  2. Hi Karen,
    Welcome back! Thanks for stopping by!!! Sorry you trip back was soooooooooooooooo long but glad you made it safely. You'll have to post a new picture with your haircut! I hate to have my picture taken.
    Talk soon

  3. Thanks, buddies, I am glad I am home safe,
    too! I'm like you Lynn I don't like mine taken, I don't usually like how they turn out! I will have my hubby take one so I can
    post it...I go from long to short to long
    to shoulder length all the time. I am not
    one to keep it the same year after year and
    it grows fast!
    Thanks for stopping by...

    Bear Hugs~Karen


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