Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ladder Rack

Well, we finally got the ladder done
and up under the light and then I
didn't like the white light box
 with the red ladder, so I painted it
red, also....I do have to
do some touch ups on the ceiling.
We tried to get the box down, but
the guy who built it, put caulking,
or adhesive around it and it was stuck...

I am going to be on the lookout for some
mesh, with big holes, or some chicken wire
to put in the box, under the light....I think
it will make it look country.  I am sure that
I will be changing things around, but this
is the way it is for now....I have more
kitchen gadgets packed up around here,
some place.

We also got this old wooden box put up for
some of my spice tins. Someone, my hubby
works with, was throwing it away and my
DH just knew that I would want it...And he
was right!  We took down a Pepsi sign and
put it up, in it's place....I have more spice
tins packed with the kitchen gadgets, so I
will hunt for them, one of these days...

This is the scale I got the other day, I
cleaned it up and I put the strawberries
on it, that I got from Gina, which I had
on the mustard colored scale....I like
them on this one better, because of the
red around the face of it. One of these days
I will post a picture of this area, it was
open to the living room.... I put up some
material on spring rods, between the
tree posts, to close it off, because we put a
big piece of furniture on the other side and
I didn't want to see the back of it... I have
a hard time keeping Chum out of middle of
the material, he is always messing it up!  I
might have to shorten the material and just
make double sided curtains for it.
We have a lot of tall furniture and and
there isn't enough wall space in this house
for it all....We have lots of windows, or
doors in the way.

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Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Oh I love that light box looks so goooooodd with your ladder..and I love this scale better with those strawberries..and I love your little spice rack..:)

  2. Love the red light ladder!!
    (say that real fast ten times)
    I've been debating on swapping the lights in my kitchen..... You have inspired me!
    Psst....My little punk looks so good on your side bar!..thanks!

  3. The ladder turned ut great and I think painting the light box was a good idea. It looks nice like that. I especially love the little wood box with your spice tins on it. So cute!

  4. I like the ladder.
    We have a similar thing in the cottage to hang ourselves with. I mean hang things up.....
    Really couldn't do with out it now, everything is to hand, saves time sorting things out in a draw :-) x x x

  5. You need to sort out our attic :-) x x x

  6. Just found your blog, and enjoyed getting to know
    you~~ What a great hubby, to grab that old wooden box for you! I love it!!!
    I, too, have a daughter and her hub & 3 grandbabies that are toooooo far away!
    You made me laugh, reading about you~~we have much in common. I love searching for just the right collectible, well knowing that I have no room for more!!!
    Stop by my page when you get a chance! {I can't imagine where you find the time! 170 followers!!! ~~ I've barely begun!!}

  7. Karen, you had me wondering then :-)
    It was my attic, not yours :-) x x x
    The offer is always there :-)

  8. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for stopping by. Have been reading your blog but just don't take time to leave a comment. I do love the way the hutch turned out and the ladder as well. I'm soooo looking forward to the decorating part in my "new" house. Also, I hadn't realized that you were in Oklahoma. Where we are living now isn't all that far from the Ok line. Also just found out that the Rusty Thimble is in Ok too. Wish we all lived close enough for a big PowWow.
    Have a great holiday weekend.
    Y'all take care, Linda
    Dry Creek Primitive Peddler

  9. Hi Karen,
    I love your decorating style, I just can't resist those thing that people throw away!
    thanks for coming to join me and enter for my giveaway.
    You can check out my junk at 'mouse house tales'.
    Hugs, Angela.


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