Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Haven't Fallen Off The Map!

 Hey everyone, I know it has been a 
couple weeks since I posted, but I 
have been having problems with my
internet. They had to adjust it for 
the extreme heat and then they had
to come back the next week to adjust 
it, again.  I didn't want them to have
to come every week, and I knew it 
was gonna cool off eventually! It has
cooled off this week, but it is going 
to be back to almost 100, next
week.....The internet would work 
about a half hour a day, so I wasn't
able to blog much, 
which can be a good thing, if you
are wanting to get things done. 

I am taking advantage of the cooler
temps and I am working on my 
kitchen make over.....Here are some
pictures of what it looked like when 
I started....

Beautiful wavy trim...NOT! Hubby
banged it up, trying to see if we could
get the facing off and it just didn't 
want to come off.....Had to go to 
plan B...We would have to take a
lot of the front of the cabinets off,
to get rid of all the places, that it
has been routered....We had two 
other ideas for the cabinets....

 I am not too fond of the routered 
design on the doors...

 Or this beautiful formica.....he he...

Getting started, getting the OLD 
stove out....This was the pits to 
cook on.....It didn't work too well 
and it only had one large burner. 

This is the dining room side, you
can see that we have taken the trim 
off the top, already....That is bead
board at the back of the stove....
I am trying to decide whether or 
not I want to paint the cabinets
a different color....I am not good
at making decisions on things like
this, it takes me forever....I wanted
to get new counter tops, then the 
lumber yard didn't get the ones 
that are already miter cut, so I had
decided to paint them black with 
Caromal Colours paint, then I 
thought I might like to tile them 
and I priced the tile....Then I went
back to painting them....THEN, 
we went to another town and they
have the miter cut counter tops 
and I found one that I just love,
so.....I am going to get them and
we will go pick them up on 
Saturday....I can't wait to get it
done!  When we bought this house,
we planned on selling our house
in Texas, but changed our mind.
I was going to get all new 
cabinets, when we sold it....So, 
that is out....Anyway, I think
I will like it when we get it all

More to come!

Thanks for stopping by....

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen


  1. How exciting!I am glad that you found the counter tops you wanted.Can't wait to see the finished project.Hugs,Jen

  2. Wow! I can't wait to see more pictures of your progress! I have a feeling that is is going to be amazing. :)

  3. Hi Karen!
    It's such a huge chore to re-do a kitchen especially when you have to continue to live around it while making the changes. Making decisions that will be long term like that is overwhelming. 15 years ago when we went from very dark run of the mill cabinets to painting them white I thought it was the best idea and it was back then. Really made big difference in our little kitchen area, but my BIG mistake was not going with a neutral counter top and I am living and (hating it) by the way, with "country blue!" WHAT was I thinking back then! I want to get rid of it but hubby says there's nothing wrong with it! YUCK! I keep trying to do something to the counter top but the stuff is indestructible! One day I'll catch him at a weak moment. ;-)
    Can't wait to see the changes you make.
    Have a wonderful day.

  4. Hey Karen, looks like you have a big job on your hands but it will be great when you are done. Waiting to see more pics.


  5. Love what your doing with the kitchen it's
    project I been dreaming about for sometime
    painting old cupboards is huge chore but
    in the end its all worth it..
    Looking forward too more photos...
    Enjoy the Day..

  6. Hey Karen, you have your work cut out!! I can't wait to see the finished job. It will be a lot of work but so worth it in the end!!

  7. Karen, I wish you lots of luck with your kitchen re-do. I'm sure it will look great and you will be so happy to have it done. I wish I could get motivated to do mine. LOL!

  8. glad to see you are still with us..and I can't wait to see that newly redone kitchen..wish I could be there to help you so you can git er done.;)

  9. Karen, at least your stove was white and not AQUA like mine, lol. Mine didn't work right for YEARS.
    I actually like your cabinets. Looking forward to seeing your makeover!!! :D

    prim hugs

  10. Hello there from a fellow Oklahoman! :) I saw your post at A Primitive Place. I am so glad it has cooled down, and am really hoping we get some rain. I cant wait to see how your kitchen redo turns out!


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