Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Hello everyone....I have been
gone, we got back today and it
has messed me up on what day it
is....I kept thinking that it was
Sunday....I will be off a day, all
week.  Anyway, I have another
Boyd's bear to show you....His name
is "James Jodibear" and he is 9-10
inches tall and he is dressed in the cutest
little outfit!  He is one of my favorites,
probably because of his hat, it is made
like the kind that kids used to make
from newspaper.

I love his little striped pants, also.

He sits on his rocking horse all
the time.

Until next time...

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Welcome home Karen. I'm day day off too from the holiday. Awww, James Jodibear is so darling. I love his hat too.


  2. Hi Karen, Thanks for signing up to follow my new blog. I'm just getting started. In fact I just set it up just before the holiday and then went out of town. So I know what you mean about being messed up on what day it is. If my husband hadn't gone back to work today I sure wouldn't have a clue. Wherebouts in Texas did you live? Hot wasn't it? I may be calling on you for your help. Slowly getting there. Dry Creek Primitive Peddler
    Y'all take care, Linda

  3. Hi, me again. I was going to mention Chumlee. I love kitties. I had a kitty that looked like your Chumlee. She passed away a couple of months ago. Was just like another person. Miss her a lot. Linda

  4. Hi there Karen and Welcome Back!

    Thankyou so much for all of your lovely comments against my recent blog posts and I must apologise for not having visited your blog for a while, mind I haven't visited many of my blogging friends for a while having been so busy with jobs at home.

    I am so pleased you liked the pics and once again thankyou, thankyou for your kind words, have yourself a wonderful day,

  5. As usual Karen, he's adorable!

    You have wayyyyyyyyy too many cute ones! LOL



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