Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hello Blogging Buddies....
I hope you all are staying cool
in this awful heat!  I wanted to
show you all this little hutch I got
the other day.  It is kinda pink or
rose, over white with flowers
painted on it.  We put it here, as
you come in the door, from the
left.  I hurriedly put some things
on it before we left for TX.  It
looks to have luan on the back,
which I want to take off, I think
it will look better with beadboard
on it.  I have been to Walmart 3
times to get paint for it.

I picked out a reddish brown color,
called "Red Fox" for it after thinking
I would paint it black, with red over
top.  I had two reds that I liked, but
after seeing them in good light, one
 was too light and the other was too
maroon. Anyway, there have been
different reasons why they couldn't
 mix the quart.  So, I will have to have
it mixed in a gallon and I don't want
to buy that much, for just the
hutch....I might decide to do
some of the walls in the house, that
color....My niece did that to her
home, some walls are "Muted Gold"
and others are "Fire Fox" and it
really looks good. My walls are a
lighter color, than her's
but it will still look good, I think.

Well, I think I better Chumlee out
of the things, he is into, and get some
crafting done for the "Christmas
in July" swap on Prim Pals forum.

Hope you all are having a great week!

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. can't wait to see it all painted up..:)

  2. That is an awesome hutch! It has great potential! I think it would look great with beadboard behind it. I saw some at a garage sale the other day, I should have picked it up. Darn! You never know when you might need just a little bit.


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