Monday, August 2, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Good Evening Bear Lovers,
tonight I have two little Boyd's bears
to show you.  They are Dottie B. Bug
Lady B. Bug....

Dottie is the smaller one. They
are dressed in lady bug outfits with
wings on the back.  I didn't
measure them, but I would say that
they are 8" and 12" tall.

I took this picture of them from the
back so you can see their wings. I
don't know why I got these, I am not
a lady bug collector, I guess I just
their suits.  Kinda like they are dressed
up to go out for Halloween.  It just came
to me, a friend bought me the small one
and I got the larger one to go with it.  I
wish I had put tags on them telling me
who got them for me and for what
reason....If you make the first picture
larger,  you will  be able to see that they
have green eyes! Their fur has gray or
silver mixed in with the black, which gives
them their sparkle.

We have been rounding up things to do
the projects that we want to do....

We made the ladder to hang under the
light in the kitchen, I just need to paint
it, we got some beadboard for the hutch,
so I need to get the paint for it.  They
mixed some for me Friday and it was
the wrong sheen, then the wrong color.
I will get some tomorrow or the next
day....I also found the light kit for the
tin punch lamp I want to make....I was
looking for it, whenever we went to the
other house, and it was here.....I forgot
that I brought it a long time ago....duh....
It doesn't have all the parts that I need,
so I need to get what else I need...It has
been so hot, I don't want to go outside to
water, let alone do any painting.  I called
time and temp late this afternoon and
it said that it was 107 degrees....Gonna be
hot all week, too....

I got my real expensive $6 exercise bike
 painted and I even rode it tonight, now if
I can make myself ride it morning and
night, I will be doing good!

I saw a quilt, that a friend posted, on
the forum and I thought about showing
some of my quilts, so I will do that on my
next post.

Well, that is all for tonight....
Thanks for stopping by and take care
when you are out in the heat!

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. I love bears, look my weblog!
    Kind regards,

    Beertje Zonn

  2. Those little ladybird bears are so cute Karen! You both sound busy.I hope you're going to take piccies of everything to show.:) Hugs.

  3. Good morning Karen~ 107? come to Idaho and you will cool off at around 90 and the nights are awesome. 56-61 degrees with NO air conditioning!
    I've never seen these cute little lady bug bears. They are so different and darling.
    Hope you get to work on your projects in cool weather.

  4. I just got done painting the bathroom..don't know why I put it off for so long..can't wait to get it all back in order and primmed up.:)

  5. Karen,
    Those two are so cute! They look really 'summery' and good w/that watermelon in the background!

    I know what you mean by HOT!!! Ours has been here too! I think we should all move in w/Sheila for the rest of the summer! LOL


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