Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quilt Show


Welcome to my quilt show!

I have a few quilts that I thought
I would show you all and I need
some advice on cleaning them...
Three out of four of these were my
Mom's...Do any of you know what
the design is called on this one? What
is the best way to clean them?  Some
one told me I could put them in a big
spin washer at the laundry mat, but
I am afraid to try that....Anybody have
any suggestions?

A closer view of the edges...I love the
zig zag on the sides of this one.

This one really needs a good
cleaning, you can see along the
front of the chair where there is
a dirty streak from being
displayed the same way for way to

More of the same quilt with my
little helper with his new collar on,
and believe me he didn't like getting
it put on!


I am not sure, but I think I bought
this one at a garage sale....

This one above and below is my all time
favorite....I will tell ya why.....It was made
in "1936" and my Mom worked a block
on this one when she was 15 years old,
with some family and friends of the family. 

This one was made and signed by a
lady named Edna Mae Sauer,
who was one of my grandpa's sisters...

This one above, was done by my grandma,
Bertha Spradling...

This one was done with the same cloth,
but done opposite, it looks like and was
done by my Mom, Frances Spradling.

And here it is spread out on the table.
I noticed that my mom's and a couple
other's blocks were put in side ways,
while the ones on the left were put in
the same as the center ones.....Like I
said, she worked on this when she was
15 years old and they surprised her and
gave it to her for her 16th birthday!  I
do wish that I had talked to her more
about this quilt, to find out just who all
the others, who's names I didn't know,
were.   I can just imagine all of them
sitting around, talking and sewing on
this quilt, way back when...I am not sure
if my Mom was living in the country in
Missouri then, or not.....I assume she
was....She married my Dad when she 19,
I believe and they got married while he
was stationed at Ft. Leonardwood, before
he went to England during WWII....It
sounds like a long, long time ago, but
when you think about it, our lives are
really short in time, like a second in time,
compared to how long earth has been
here...I used to think that 50 years seemed
like a long time, but when you think about
your own life and how fast it has gone, it
really seems like it has gone by so fast!  Life
goes on, first you are the youngest and then
before you know it, you are the next
generation to die.....So, go do all you can,
see all you can see, because TIME waits
for no one!

Well, I hope I haven't depressed anyone!
Like the Mama's and Papa's song...
You gotta go, go where you wanna go,
do what you wanna do, baby wherever
you are.....Or something like that!

I didn't get my hutch painted, because
rained....Then I can't paint out on the
patio, when my hubby is mowing, so I
hope I can get it done, tomorrow...I got
a neat chair at a yard sale this weekend
that they said was made when Oklahoma
was still Indian territory, by the post
master of Eagletown.  I should go take a
picture of a trail marker that marks the
Trail of Tears, it came close to here.

I hope you all had a great weekend..

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Hi Karen!

    Those quilts are wonderful and to have treasures like these belonging to your family is xtra special! (Sorry I can't help with cleaning of them)

    But you are right about how fast our lives evaporate and i often think of the old Amish saying, 'Only one life, it will soon be passed and only what's done for Jesus will last'. Makes you stop and and take stock.

    Enjoy each moment

  2. Hi Karen
    What a beautiful quilt collection you have!! What a great heirloom you have of the quilt that was blocked by your Father's sister, your grandmother and your mom. That truly is special!
    If I were cleaning them, I might consider dry cleaning. I'd be afraid of them falling apart in a washer.

  3. love the quilts and love the one that says 1936...that is a treasure..not sure how to clean a google search on the your little helper..;) we have one cat that refuses a collar..screams like a banshee..;)

  4. Love your quilts! Your Mother's is very special. I've washed several quilts. They just need to be in decent shape, making sure any rips or open seams are stitched up. I usually put them in my washer in cold water and just let them soak. No agitation except my hands. Then I spin them and dry them flat outside on top of a clean sheet. Email me at if you'd like some links and further info.
    Thanks for sharing your collection!

  5. Good Morning Karen,
    LOVED LOVED LOVED all your old quilts and what a fantastic heirloom, to have one with work done by your own mother's hand, that surely is one to treasure. As for cleaning, I think I would be inclinded to have them professionally dry cleaned, I consider the quilt with your mum's stitching in to be priceless and I would be frightened off putting it into a washing machine.

    As for time flying by, where does it go? In my head I am still in my early 20's, it's a shame the face and body give away the fact I am in my early 40's! But like you say, we should make every minute count as we say here in Derbyshire that "you only get one go at life so make it a good one"

    Have a fabulous week and sending you luck with the bonnet, bag and surprise giveaway draw.

    Warm Blessings,


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