Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet a Bear Monday

Hello Bear Lovers...

I am going to try to set up my bear
posts on Sunday nights, so it will
post on Monday mornings, instead
of posting late on Monday, like I have
been doing.  Also, a couple other ladies
have expressed that they would like to
join in on it, so you will be able to go
to their blogs to see what bear they have
decided to share with you all!  My bear
for you tonight is Lil' Miss Muffin....

She is a Boyd's bear, she is 8" tall
and she has two toned hair (what us gals
call highlighted)....Must be she went to
the beauty shop!
She is wearing her little muslin dress
with red/cream checked trim...On the 
top of her dress, under her chin, it says
"What's Cookin'?  She is already in the
kitchen, she has her hair pulled back with
a hair band sporting a bow, to match
her dress and she has her oven mitt on
her paw to get those cookies out of the 
oven as soon as the timer dings!  She says
to come on over for some milk and
chocolate chip cookies!  Sorry Amie Soto,
we are chocolate lovers, in this house, you
will have to settle for a bowl of ice cream,
vanilla, of course, for you....
If you would like to see Carol's bear, click
here  to go to her blog....
Chocolate, Crafts and Bears, Oh My
and Carolyn of Primitive~Devotion,
is going to get in on the fun, also....
I don't know if she is posting today,
or not, but you can check to see, by
clicking here to go to her blog.  I
think it is great that others
want to get in on the "Meet a Bear

We got the ladder up, it is the same color
as the hutch....I will show that in a few days.
I think I want to paint the box around the
light, the same color as the hutch....Also, I
want to get some more cup hooks for
hanging more things....I just hope it doesn't
come crashing down!  I got my chain
painted black for it, and for the tin punch
lamp, I want to hang up over the sink, so
they will be on the
list for next weekend's projects....I got my
back, back in place, after hubby rubbed it....
I am a tough cookie, I have a bruise on the
back of my arm, but that is all....If I hadn't
put that basket there, to take out and hose
down, I probably wouldn't have fallen into
the crock shelf, I think I would have caught
my balance, after I came off the stool. I want
to thank you all for your concern, I 
appreciate it so much!
That is why the painting is going to be done
on the weekend, hubby
doesn't want me up on a ladder, when he
isn't home.  I think that is probably a good
idea!  I need to hunt around and find some
more treasures to put on the ladder....I have
pictures of the goodies, I have gotten the last
two weekends, to share with you all, as well.

Until next time~

Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. Karen-Miss Muffin is just adorable. You better watch out for the chocolate chip cookie monster here...I will eat all those Great little bear today...I love kitchen bears...what am I talking about...I LOVE any bear!!! lol

    Bear Hugs,
    Carol :O}

  2. Hi Karen! Muffin is so cute!
    Please forgive me for being late with my entry. I explained on my blog why I forgot. I have been so sick since the end of last week. I don't get sick too often, and this just knocked me off my feet! I'll try to do better next time.
    Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this.

  3. Came over from Carolyn's blog. Had to find out more about this Meet a Bear Monday thingy. Great idea. Love your bear and others that I met while browsing your blog. Your header picture is cute too. Love it! I have a collection of bears. I keep forgetting how many I have. :-) The name I use to comment is because of the bears. LOL!

    ~Linnea(my actual name)


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